1. And we hate them right back tenfold.
    The Praetorian guards have no love for them and their inner circle is a den of treachery with sharp daggers hidden behind backs.
    After useful idiots of the Long March serve their political purpose they are first against the wall or under the blade and the nomenklatura apparatchik positions won’t ever be happening.

  2. Eltie white people who have no natural loyalties or concern for anything except their status and economic interests. What might we call them? I suggest “rich white trash.”

    • One thing that’s both a gift & curse for white people is that we have a more expansive imagination than most other races. I haven’t seen any data to suggest that’s biologically but I don’t know if such a study has ever been attempted.

      Whether it’s cultural, or genetically driven isn’t that interesting to me as the phenomenon itself.

      European willingness to be imaginative has obvious benefits eg inventions etc however it’s also one of our biggest weaknesses.

      Many whites (even pre-modern era) were very frustrated with the restraints the physical world imposed on them. And obviously they were more based/accepted more hard realities than today but that’s largely (not all) because of technological issue. Rich whites hate being told there’s certain things that have to be accepted. As soon as they find a work around they’re taking it

  3. Scumbags like that Trudeau in Canada exemplify the elite. Using this covid crap to empower themselves to torment the citizens like a nasty nanny. They never want this to end. I’m guessing that this trucker thing in Canada is going to result in the elites doubling down on this so-called “self driving cars” crackpottery. I remember back when we were 13-14-15 years old in school the excitement was building amongst nearly all the kids about being able to drive cars very very soon. Driving was and is quite a fun, enjoyable, fulfilling activity. Complete empowerment and freedom. About ten years ago I then started to notice all these strange liberals coming on TV talking about driving your as the equivalent of having your teeth extracted at the dentist. Short of “C3PO” what kind of artificial intelligence would be capable of all the variables of driving your car around town? Just dealing with avoiding snow drifts on one side of the road in my cul de sac last week lest the tires get stuck in 15 inches of snow is yet another example of how stupid this liberal pet project is. Yet they will double down on it because they absolutely HATE the kind of people who drive trucks, and absolutely HATE your freedom acquired through private automobile ownership. Silicon Valley is clearly part of the NYC DC Hollywood Axis of Evil threatening the entire globe with hostile lunacy.

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