Politico Playbook: Democrats Try Course Correction In California


Ronald Brownstein was just arguing this morning that this crap is somehow inevitable. And yet, we hear in the Playbook that Democrats are retreating from it because it is too toxic for San Francisco.

Politico Playbook:


  1. Funny? It is going to be the Democrats who are going to put all their queers back in the closet. We have reached peak queer. The filth is too much to take for all but the blind.

  2. “Newsom is lifting mask mandates”

    “I’ve seen the truck rebellion in Ottawa and I’m scared it could happen here.”

    Finger in the wind, sentiment is blowing against libtardism.

    • What use to be a wonderful and beautiful state,
      where ppl came to get a fresh start, without class distinctions and good jobs.
      It was known as “the WHITE state”, in the 1920’s.

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