ACLU: CIA Is Secretly Conducting Massive Surveillance Programs On American Citizens

Is this illiberalism?

Is this authoritarianism?

It looks this way to me. Is this even constitutional?

Note: As many progressive activists have argued in recent weeks, the Constitution is an antiquated relic of “white supremacy.”


  1. The CIA is only protecting Our Democracy from the forces of extremism. Can’t believe the ACLU has given up on democracy and is spreading this disinformation. Does the ACLU work for Putin?

  2. Funny, the communists in the Soviet Union under the KGB did the same thing to their citizens.

    The entire oligarch system needs to be burned to the ground and rebuilt from the ground up. The alphabet agencies need to be abolished for good. They’re nothing but instruments of tyranny.

  3. What the fuck does the ACLU care about civil liberties? They gave up on that when they went woke at Charlottesville.

    • They were never for civil liberties. Stop believing Jewish myths. They were always (since their 1920 founding by a gang of communists) about the subversion and (ultimately) inversion of law. You see it in full flower now. The non-violent Jan. 6 demonstrators rot in prison while violent murderers are set free to prey upon random victims. That’s what the ACLU is all about – since day one.

  4. Any proposition state cannot do without spies and informers. By proposition logic you cannot defend “our freedom and democracy” without doing away with both.

  5. It’s funny, when J Edgar Hoover ran the FBI, the left hated it. Now that the left controls the FBI the tune has changed.

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