MSNBC: Authors Debate Ending All COVID Restrictions

This is the current state of the COVID debate.

Joe Biden and Justin Trudeau have tried to polarize their countries along vaccinated vs. unvaccinated lines for the sole purpose of driving a favorable political wedge. The problem is that the most salient divide on COVID post-Omicron is now between the “vaxxed and done” moderates who are finished with performative COVID restrictions and the hardcore permanent pandemic progressive activists.

Yascha Mounk’s point is that we should accept the reality that COVID is an endemic virus and move on. Containment has failed. It is never going away. It will continue to mutate into endless new variants. There are vaccines and therapeutics available to deal with it. We’re still pretending like Joe Biden is going to defeat COVID when that obviously is not happening. There is no strategic goal linked to these COVID restrictions. Everyone know it has become purely performative act at this point.

Yascha is a moral monster who is aiding and abetting the “far right” by spreading the insidious and evil rightwing narrative that Joe Biden was whipped by COVID.

Note: Remember, the political science of COVID changed this week when that CNN poll dropped which showed that 75% of Americans are burned out with COVID and 51% are ready to live with the virus. While many of this reached this point a year and a half ago, it is only now that the polls are showing a majority of Americans have crossed this threshold.


  1. It’s pointless to keep all this covidian stuff going because even if the miraculous happened and all cases of covid in America went away. As soon as some traveler came back from Botswana or somewhere in the 3rd world it will be back again. Nobody by the way is catching covid from running into the grocery store for a gallon of milk. It’s all petty foolishness from female bureaucrats and unmanly eggheads. The hand sanitizer thing though, keep that around, that was a good idea long before covid came around.

    • Affirmative on the sanitizer. I’ve noticed that a lot of your low-IQ types don’t even wash their hands on the way out of the restroom.

  2. Wearing face diapers around you nose and mouth does nothing but restrict your 02 in take and increase your C02 intake.

  3. 3 non-whites on CNN? Or is it PMSNBC? Dunno don’t care don’t watch either ,,,

    TV free since 2005 .. Pardon the humble brag saw this coming way back before even then.
    The ones who control money/media/politics trying to destroy western civ …

    And for that, may they roast on a spit in Hell for eternity (Revenge is not, “a dish served cold”
    it’s, “some fine bar-b-q” tasty tasty tasty … ;-))

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