1. Your description of Acosta as a humorless little creep with a big stick up his ass, is a good description of the main stream media in general . They all seem to believe that everyone is just like they are, and nobody has a right another opinion.

  2. If the GOP really want to win hearts and minds, they have to go radically to the right. The same centrist crap isn’t going to cut it and it’s why most are tired on their milquetoast ideas

  3. I was going to say he needs the smellin’ salts along with the fainting couch. Lamon’s ad was amusing in a Roy Rogers kind of way. Can you imagine Acosta’s reaction if he were to witness something like the actual events near the O.K. Corral? Bullets flying everywhere and a drunk blasting away with a shotgun? He would be dead of apoplexy. As an aside, “Doc” Holliday was more of a doctor than Tony Fauci will ever be – and even killed fewer people.

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