1. A semi-disabled woman protester was among several trampled by Police on horseback. She was hospitalized and later, pronounced dead of her injuries.

    • I’m in no way defending the scumbag Canadian government goon squad but I’m pretty sure that woman is still alive.

  2. The ZOG cops are using different tactics on the truckers than they did on Antifa and BLM. They are using horses to trample the protestors and are physically beating people that are not resisting. The people better change their tactic also or it won’t last much longer. Take a page out of our enemies handbook, it is the only thing the govt understands.

    Trying to remedy govt violence with passiveness is generally called “Surrender”.

  3. @ the common canadian people are a decent and very nice people and I hate too see their law enforcement, handling the Truckers, the way they are, but I say this too the canadian people, your kin too the south, we have been fighting against this very same tyranny, since 1776, hopefully you will understand us a little better, now that your rights, have been trampled on, hopefully you can understand the defiance, that is interwoven into the very fabric of our being, america is watching and we are with you, the testing you now face, is a great testimony, hang in their, don’t give up………..

  4. The police must be warn down. We must wear them down. I keep thinking of going into stores and buying Snapple drinks because there usually made of glass and can be used against the police. We have to wear them down. Let them bring on there authoritative world. They will lose because we are well aware and organizing now.

  5. There is only one response to the likes of scum Trudeau & the pig thugs, and it’s the polar opposite of “Blue Lives Matter!”

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