1. Why would you trust Tyler Cowen on anything? There’s no evidence wokeness has peaked; the revolution isn’t over.

  2. Plebs not liking wokeness doesn’t imply that it has peaked. It will continue to grow because it’s baked into the civil rights cake. Companies must be more woke than their competitors or risk being sued. Academia must become more and more woke or risk being sued. PMCs who want to work in these companies or academia must become more and more woke if they want to be hired and retain their jobs.

    Wokeness will decline globally, but that will only be because the USA itself will decline globally in economic and cultural power. Wokeness is here to stay in America because there are too many incentives for it. Until a crisis emerges that can be used to repeal of the civil rights act, wokeness can only really increase here, as it has been since the 60s.

  3. Globo Homo Shopping Mall America exports mental illness, corruption, debt and war. And weapons to fight the resulting wars. This is Democracy on the March.

  4. Let this Lysenkoist/Talmuddied religion/ideology die a deserved death. No one is the equal of a FREE WHITE CHRISTIAN MAN; not even a White Christian woman… “For Eve Sinned first…”.

    (Oh, where is Methodist Denise when you need instant corroboration….)

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