National Justice Party: Statement on the Crisis in Ukraine

Very good article.

This is identical to my view.

It is always a tragedy when Whites go to war like this. The West never psychologically recovered from the trauma of the World Wars. No one can credibly accuse us of being warmongers. We have consistently opposed these conflicts whether it is in Iraq, Syria, Afghanistan or now Ukraine.


“On Feb 23, 2022 Russian President Vladimir Putin announced a “special military operation” in Ukraine. There have been reports of missile strikes at military sites inside of Ukraine and fighting between Russian and Ukrainian troops has been reported outside a major Kiev airport.

The Ukrainian government has responded by declaring unrestricted martial law in the country and has put unspecified restrictions on social media use and the spread of “destabilizing” information by Ukrainian citizens. It is not clear if the Ukrainian military is willing or able to mount a coordinated or effective opposition to Russia at this point.

The National Justice Party hopes that the situation can be resolved with as little bloodshed as possible on all sides and considers the spilling of any Russian or Ukrainian blood a tragedy. We reject the false and childish narratives about the conflict that are being promoted in Western media and place the lion’s share of blame for the escalation on the shoulders of the US and NATO, who have instigated this crisis from the beginning and cynically lied to their own citizens. …

The current crisis in Ukraine is the result of several years of provocations and political black ops using Ukraine as a staging ground. The narratives that are unanimously repeated by Western media about the crisis and the “democratic” nature of the Ukrainian state are all completely false.

The current situation can be traced back to 2013 when Victor Yanukovich, the pro-Russian President of Ukraine refused to sign a political association and free trade agreement with the European Union. In response US-backed protesters staged months long violent demonstrations that killed at least 130 people and culminated with rioters taking control of Ukraine’s capital building and staging a coup against Yanukovich. The US government, who condemns the January 6th protesters as violent terrorists, openly praised these “masked militants” and declared their action a victory for freedom and democracy. …”

This is “authoritarianism” and “fascism,” Mike.

“The National Justice Party opposes any further escalation of the conflict in Ukraine, demands that the US stop blustering on the world stage, destabilizing countries, using economic hardship as a weapon and and putting innocent people in danger. We stand for a foreign policy of peace and respectful engagement between nations.”

Peace, respectful engagement between nations, diplomacy, opposition to imperialism and support for civil liberties and human rights of the Palestinians are all signs of “fascism.”


  1. Tulsi Gabbard=WEF bot.
    All just a big distraction as the Pax Americana comes to an abrupt end.
    Enjoy third world status and at least we can all be equal…in misery and poverty.
    The precious indispensable egalitarian equality at last.
    Forward! Yes we can.

    • @Cristina,

      This conflict was forced by the same Western (((All-lies))) as WWII, and the not so hidden talmudic hands.

      The images of dead Ukrainians and Russians, and bombing of cities is horrific.

      • November,

        I like yours and Di Butler but still Russia had no right to attack Ukraine or foment rebellion by those communist republics and to steal Crimea.

        I thought I was on a southern nationalist website not a damn russian website. My dear November what do you think Putin and the Russians think of you and your views?

        As far as I am concerned i loathe white nationalism and all of my family and friends agree with me. Our vote in school yesterday was unanimous. Russia and Putin are to be condemned. So I say to hell with Russia and all those who support her.

        • Mestizos ought to refrain from having opinions on issues they are incapable of understanding and that have nothing to do with them.

          • Dart,

            yawn. That was lame but I will print it out and show it to classmates and family as representative of a white nationalist site. The State where my family comes from is 52%white and 48% mestizo.

            I also make the best grades in school–better than any anglo girl.

            You seem retarded to me. Perhaps i will pray for you to get a brain like the strawman in the Wizard of Oz.

          • Cristina, having “good grades” in an American school means less than nothing, since the curricula across the country have been dumbed down to accommodate low IQ mestizos like you and your family. Anglos typically don’t feel like putting in effort on piss easy make-work. The standard American curriculum may keep your mind engaged at a high level, but Anglos only find it tedious and a waste of their time.

          • Dart,

            I go to a private school like I have most of my life not a government school. Making good grades is always desirable.

            No need for you to make excuses for anglos. Because I make excellent grades better than any anglo girl is not reflective of the average at my school. The Anglo girls more than hold their own overall. There are some males at our school as well. An Anglo boy even asked me out.

            My father said that tuition at our school is around $15,000 a year and there are several of us at this school. So our education is way above average. I have even had ballet classes which is good exercise.

        • Christina,

          This is “deja vu” all over again or should be for the Slavs of Ukraine whose motto seems to be, “Never forgive, never forget, never learn.” Poland could have negotiated an advantageous arrangement with Germany in exchange for returning German territory and nationals they acquired after WWI, like German assistance and support against Russia should she invade Poland.

          Instead Poland relief on the dubious assurances of France and Great Britain who were too far away to mobilize any immediate defense of Poland. The Katyn Massacre was perpetrated by the Soviets in April 1940 after they duly declared war against Germany on September 1, 1939.

          Then to add insult to injury, France and Britain and the USA consigned Poland to Soviet control behind the Iron Curtain after they won the war. That was a steep price for Poland to pay for being the Allies’ useful idiot.

          Even now, Poland and Hungary are being badgered, bullied and blackmailed to take In military age Muslim make refugees or else. As someone whose maternal line is Polish, I believe that Poland and the other former Warsaw Pact countries would have been better off declaring neutrality and just do business with either the EU of Russia depending on their own national interests at any given time.

          As Poland demonstrated, there is a terrible price for its nationals to pay when the policy of its leadership is to cut off the country’s nose to spite it’s own face. Illustrating that old saying, “Better the devil you know than the devil you don’t.”

          Ukraine is better off out of NATO and the EU. The only way to truly guarantee Ukraine’s sovereign integrity is as a militantly neutral country.

          • clytemnestra57,

            You wrote a long and serious comment which deserves a thoughtful response on my part.

            Your first paragraph is excellent and I agree. I liked that particular saying.

            Your second paragraph mentioned the Katyn massacre. I know the Soviets tried to blame Germany for that massacre.

            Yes, it is true that Poland was thrown to the wolves by their allies. Polish leadership should have been friendlier to Germany while keeping an eye on the Soviets.

            I also agree that Poland being in the EU which I consider as evil in general is an organization to avoid if possible. An independent policy would be better. A Russian invasion would be devastating and due to treaties etc. it becomes harder to resist Moslem invasion as well.

            I also agree with your last paragraph. Because I am against the actions of Russia does not make me a lover of the UN, the EU, or the policies of the USA.

            Outside of November and Jack Ryan it is seldom that I agree completely with a long comment but you have succeeded.

            Thank you for writing me with a calm and intelligent comment. I am intelligent most of the time and I am sometimes even calm.

        • Christina Habsburg: I’m sure you would like to see a restoration of the Romanov monarchy, would you not? On that issue we are in full agreement.

      • November,

        My dear November you have disappointed me greatly. Please do not address me again. Russia and Putin are obviously evil. You do realize what Putin thinks of people like you?



        • @Cristina,

          You are reacting like Russian teenage figure skater who won the silver medal at the Beijing Winter Olympics.

          You are also projecting that I am a supporter of Putin and Russia. I am not, but it is unquestionable that NATO and jewish NGOs are supporting the jewish installed “president of Ukraine.”

          I know that most ignorant Russians would disagree with my political ideology, and that Putin would put me in a gulag, if I were in his country being an NS activist, but that doesn’t change who is to blame for this conflict.

          Btw, (((zelensky))) wants Israel to mediate a ceasefire and peace treaty. George Soros is on team Ukraine. Is that the company you and your school mates favor, godspeed.

          • November,

            Wrong is wrong no matter who is on each side. You are now acting like those who say a person is a Nazi unless they automatically take the opposite position of everything Hitler and the NS’s believed in.

            I thank you for the godspeed comment (of course I know it was sarcasm).

          • November,

            For moral reasons I will take back saying those who support Russia and Putin can go to hell. It is a saying rather than a literal wish but still it was wrong and said in the heat of the moment.

        • Oh yeah, by the way, antifa, the global lgbtq+, and (((msm))) support the Jewish government of Ukraine.

          The Ukrainian embassy in Israel is recruiting jewish mercenaries to fight the Russians.

          Ukraine under the (((zelensky))) regime passed the stiffest penalties for “anti-semitism” in Europe.

          So while I don’t support Putin either, Russia was in the right in this unnecessary conflict.

          You can take it, or leave it.

          • November,

            I leave it. Is not so called anti semitism against the law in Russia as well?

            Because some groups are against the invasion does not make the invasion right. No one or group is going to be always wrong.

          • November,

            Well this is exhausting mentally. An internet debate/conflict etc. is more tiring than a catfight with another girl would have been. Especially since I am thin and able to run fast.

            This is like my baptism on Occidental Dissent when I was taking on all comers on the Mexican American War.

            I stand by my views but I withdraw all sarcasm from some of my recent posts to you. I am entrenched on this and you and others are as well. At this point the argument is almost religious and no one is going to change their minds by debate or argument.

            We have not clashed since the animal rights issue last year. It is not pleasant to clash.

            So I will just follow the course of the war and hope and pray it ends soon.

      • November,

        Well enjoy your Russia. When they kill thousands I suppose you will blame anyone but the Russians. I have quit this website before due to racial/religious/sexual insults to me but I find the OD commentators nauseating on this issue.

        Is there anything Russia would do where you would actually blame Russia? They threatened to attack Sweden and Finland if they think of joining NATO–something I would do if I were them.

        I bet you would find excuses for Russia if they attacked those countries and so would the creeps on this website. The owner of this site is not bad but the people on here? Disgusting.

        I might stick around to read your response but that is it.

        With your world views you would be arrested in Russia. Well I plan on Monday to tell of my experiences in class about this website and their demented views and I will now do anything to condemn white nationalists american style. I have tried not to be an enemy but let’s face it you are closer to comrade anonymous than to me on the issues.

        So I put it bluntly—once again to hell with Putin and Russia and to hell with those who support Russia.

        • Your not wrong in the slightest, I would just say many are riding high on watching a very corrupt federal government get it’s comeuppance for it’s extremely misguided adventurism. Putin had the FSB false flag a bombing that led to a crackdown on muslim Chechnya, very much in the same vein of 9/11. I can go on, on Putin but I’ll just leave it there. These scumbag politicians play with peoples lives like a videogame.

          • Black Label,

            I thank you for your comment. The non-trolls on this website will come to their senses on Russia. I just hope it is sooner rather than later.

        • I highly suggest that you research the US coup in Ukraine in 2014 by jews, especially Victoria Nuland. in the state department alongside George Soros.

          • November,

            None of that can justify taking Crimea from a sovereign country, fomenting communist rebellion in Ukraine (them being ethnic Russians makes no difference morally). Nor does it justify an invasion. Putin should never have militarily helped the rebels in the first place.

            If the conflict turns really nasty and expands will you and this website justify Russia?

        • Christina,

          Such a well-educated “high school girl” like yourself should be aware that the United States declared war on Germany after intercepting the Zimmerman Telegram, a secret diplomatic communication from the German Foreign Office which proposed a military alliance between Germany and Mexico in the event the USA allied with France and Britain during WWI.

          The only way such an alliance would be effective is it German troops and weapons were deployed to the parts of Mexico bordering the United States.

          How is NATO stationing troops and weaponry any less of a provocation to Russia than what the Zimmerman Telegram was to the USA?

          • clytemnestra57,

            I would have been against the USA declaring war on Germany for that reason. You cannot kill people for who they wish to ally themselves with. So my position is consistent.

          • clytemnestra,

            I might add that the alliance only goes into effect if the USA is already at war with Germany. Therefore the USA automatically declaring war on Germany because they would ally with Mexico if the USA declares war on Germany is the United States causing the conflict and is quite bizarre on the USA’s side.

    • Yep. Tightly sums up my feelings on this on-going clusterfark. The citizens of Ukraine are forced to suffer due to our neverending meddling and puppet mastery in state department controlled areas of the world. Just disgusting and demotivating.

  2. Western media just will not discuss the history leading up to this. Our promise to Russia not to expand NATO broken by Clinton. The coup we staged in 2014 to oust a democratically elected neutral leader and to prop up a pro Western leader.

    • The old Czarist hymn was far more overt in asking Almighty God to bless Russia.

      This (per) version merely praises (via ancestor worship, and an ‘unnamed god’?) the Russian People… as if it were God.

      Putin is engaging in finkelthink just like all the rest. Their Orthodoxy has been specious since the ‘discovery of the Romanov relics. Warren Balogh and Jazzhands talked at length about this on their podcast, here:

      Sorry to be a downer, but that’s just what my gut is telling me. I no longer wish to be a Xenos in a land that is just as duplicitous as our own. At least here, I know who my Enemy is, and can speak in the language of the Country.

  3. Notice that tiny ethnic region on the map in the far west bordering Hungary and Slovakia. It is the unrecognized homeland of the Russian Orthodox Carpatho-Russians, cut off and surrounded by the Roman Catholic and Uniate Galician anti-Russian (anti-Orthodox) Crusaders.

    The National Justice Party statement does not mention the Papacy that created this deadly division in the Slav ethnicity.

    • It gets worse. Under the empire, the Ecumenical Orthodox Patriarch recognized a separate Ukranian Orthodox Church which will be more easily ruled by Globo-Pedo. Busy work of the State Dept, CIA, et al.

  4. What about Moshiach Mike? Does the NJP have any thing to say about Moshiach?
    Does he or does he not have a right to exist? Mike, we want to know where you come down on the Moshiach question?

  5. The NJP is irrelevant until candidates seek office.

    Its a good statement by Mike (where he’s clearly minimizing the antisemitic autism to maintain the legitimacy of his arguments for normie consumption….6 years too late), but like I said in the TAC article, with no desire to organize for White interests, the Dissident Right is wasting energy, as nobody is listening.

    The babe in Texas riding the oil rig topless got more attention in a couple days than anybody in the DR has gotten in the last year.

    There are grifter Conservatives and Rino’s coming out of the woodwork to run for office this year. We can only hope some shitlords get in there too.

    I say we can only hope, because there’s been no organized effort to do anything else besides planting our thumbs in our butts. Guess all the e-celebrities are licking their wounds over the Cville trial, which will hopefully push these idiots into the dustbin so we never have to see another tikitorch march. They should have been in jail instead of Cantwell.

    • Hunter said It is always a tragedy when Whites go to war like this. The West never psychologically recovered from the trauma of the World Wars.

      This is well trodden ground, but the point does bear periodically repeating. The slaughter of the Great War itself set off numerous deleterious sociopolitical trends, but WWII almost single-handedly cemented it for racialism for a hundred years or more. That is the “standard” that anything pro-white is reflexively judged against. It’s an enormous hurdle.

      which will hopefully push these idiots into the dustbin so we never have to see another tikitorch march.

      But if the hurdle of WWII was not enough, WN ineptitude also helped bury any prospects of a serious pro-white politics. There was absolutely nothing new about the idiocy of Cville. (The whole world’s watching, and what do these geniuses come up with? “Jews will not replace us.” You have to laugh in order to not cry.) This same stupidity has reigned for decades. Even in Hitler’s time, the SA were mostly the same deranged lunatics that the typical hardcore WN is today.

    • “antisemitic autism.” Your Jew worship is showing.

      The YIDS are not Semites, we’ve known that for a decade at least via DNA.

      It is now neither ‘autistic’ NOR ‘antisemitic.’
      It is also Orthodox.
      “I for my part maintain that to hate the enemies of God is lawful, and that such a hatred pleases the Master. By enemies I mean those who in every way deny the glory of the Master, whether the Jews or those who are manifestly idolaters or those who thought Arius’ teaching make an idol of the creature, and so take up again the Jewish Error. “ – St. Gregory of Nyssa, Letters, #3.8

      This view is more than valid: Science, History, and FAITH now conjoin to damn the God-damned KIKE to hell for all eternity… and all those who would deny it. So let it be written, so let it be done.

  6. Like Moike can’t say ever a big fan of Striker. That said, can’t disagree even a word this statement.
    Ukraine controlled by ZOG same as ClowneorldUSA; so no surprise young white men in another shooting war, that favors the interests of, “our closest ally” whichever side, “wins..”

  7. How can these people glorify Lincoln yet condemn Putin for the exact same thing? Holding together an Empire by force? If Ukrainian Independence is so sacred they why did Lincoln have a right to force the South back into the Union?

    • May I add that if only the south had been so lucky as to have had the world’s preeminent power providing them with money and weapons the way the DNC run state department did for Zelensky. With a well secured border with Dixie, Detroit might still be a nice place. That “City of New Orleans” train they glorify in songs would have not have brought hordes of homo africanus criminalus to tear Chicago to pieces.

      • Well, the South were certainly hoping for such help from Britain and/or France. A significant victory (e.g. if the South had won at Gettysburg) might have swung the balance towards official recognition.

        • @JBon: This ^^^.
          The Feds gained the high ground day 1. Hey stuff happens.
          Longstreet realizing that day 2, counselled going round their right (south) & attacking from there.

          Would it have worked? Obviously we’ll never know, b/c Lee’d made up his mind already.
          Would the Brits & France come in, Gettysburg a Confed win? Again, we’ll never know … sadly.

          No moar brother woars. Burn in Hell ZOG.

          PS – Always a kick at yer nametag Bongstreet.
          Regardless of Longstreet’s (Lee’s “old warhorse’s) actions after the war, I’m persuaded his alternative tragically unheeded.

          Lee’s Tarnished Lieutanant (sp?) by W. Piston an interesting read …

          • I don’t think a Confederate victory at Gettysburg would have had the same impact on foreign assistance as the US victory at Saratoga during the American Revolution. Economically, Britain was interested in the South for its cotton supplies. The Brits were already in the process of shifting cotton source to India which also kept more of the trade in the empire. I doubt even loans would have helped much, given the blockade and that ignores the Confederacy’s deteriorating credit. A Confederate victory at Gettysburg could have set the stage for preventing Lincoln’s re-election and his replacement by a more conciliatory candidate.

  8. National Justice Party. Never heard of them. They do remind me of this Irish Roman Catholic guy named O’Rielly, who started a Party for the “Liberation of O’Rielly”. You could start one too, only with a Waspish spin, something like the Republican Democrat Conservative Liberal Party for the Liberation of Eufaula, Alabama.

  9. The Ukraine situation is straight out of the Washington regime’s historic playbook: Provoke a country so that it lashes back and then label it the aggressor. Consider: Fort Sumter, Pearl Harbor, and Tonkin Gulf.

  10. Hopefully the White casualties on both sides stay low and it ends before it really escalates. The jews would love for it to last months if not years. Just another way of depleting the White race.

  11. Doesn’t anyone else find it insane that the leader of the Ukrainian government is from the same tribe responsible for the Holodomor that killed/murdered millions of Kukaks?

    • There is much insanity going on. Many things are not very comprehensible even to those who have some knowledge of the region’s history. The so-called “nationalists” and “nazis” are a good example. In the Neo-klown colony called Ukraine, both “nationalists” and “nazis” support Globo-Pedo EUSSR and NATO, can’t wait to sign over their sovereignty to unaccountable organizations and at the same time are heavily funded by both Jew oligarchs and Globo-Pedo NGOs. These “nationalists” and “nazis” obviously are fake – chiefly grifters and CIA plants. They do really kill people, but not invaders like negroes. They apparently prefer to kill other whites (like Russians). They act more like Jews (quelle surprise).

      One person posting on another site who lives amongst Ukrainian expats explained that the followers of Bandera (the “nazis” ) were taking revenge on all Russians for the actions of the NKVD in the 1930s famine, who included some Russians but whose entire command were Jews. Apparently unable to distinguish between Russians and (((Russians))) and the Russian toadies. Just kind of a mindless blood revenge so they literally signed up with the SS and slaughtered many Russian civilians. One word for this is blood-lust. It’s a good example of why the scriptural warning about revenge is there.

      There’s also massive historical ignorance. Crimea is a fine example of this. It was never part of Ukraine historically. Purchased by Catherine the Great from the Ottomans in the 1760s. Population over 90% Russian. They voted to return to Russia after 2014 GloboPedo led coup which installed Banderists (aka “nazis”) in Kiev. Any Ukrainian claim to Crimea is pure bullshit. Krushchev awarded it to Ukrainian SSR in 1954 as political favor for supporting his securing top of USSR greased pole that year.

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