Tucker Carlson: War in Ukraine

If there is any lesson we can derive from the 20th century, it is that nothing but evil and mischief comes out of war between Europeans. It is probably the worst thing that can happen for a variety of reasons. This insight has always been the bedrock of my views on foreign policy.

I’m not cheering on the Russian invasion. I’m not cheering against the Ukrainians who are defending their homes. It is a tragic situation and we should be asking ourselves how it could have been avoided.

Note: It is not surprising given the crowd who controls of our foreign policy and who would love to see Ukraine become another Syria, Iraq, Libya or Afghanistan with millions dead and the country in rubble.


  1. Mr. Wallace,

    An excellent statement by you. I also am not justifying or cheering the Russian invasion. It could have been avoided if both sides would have acted with more restraint. It appears to me that there are factions on both sides that desired war.

    You wave the magic wand and I am Queen Cristina of Ukraine. Well I continue the treaty with Russia on naval base in Sevastopol. I curry friendship with Russia, limit foreign influence in Ukraine etc. I spurn NATO and the European Union. If that happens then I think things work out okay.

    That does not mean that it is okay to take Crimea, foment communist rebellion in Ukraine, or invade but it does eliminate the danger of invasion. When countries like people feel threatened they will react.

    As usual just when I see a good article I have to rush to school. Weather is better now in Texas. We will be voting on the war. It actually is a done deal on who is wrong by Catholic standards on what constitutes a just war. I plan on giving a speech in class. I do that a lot.

    • You suggest a Monarchy (a Catholic Queen) to rule the artificial “nation” called “Ukraine”? Catholic standards indeed! You know that Orthodox Russia has been “dedicated” to the “immaculate” heart of God’s mother, and that Papist (Uniate and Roman Catholic) Galicia, Poland and Lithuania are really Crusader states turning Slavs against Slavs.

      • Sorry, but Russian Mariology is totally unlike Romanist perversions of same. In Catholic-schism, you ‘cut up’ the Deity and the Theotokos, and act as though each part had a specific ‘charm’ like some sort of pagan Talisman. The Immaculate Heart, the Five Wounds, etc.

        Orthodoxy sees both Jesus Christ and the BVM as incarnate, WHOLE, DIVINIZED BEINGS, that show forth what ALL the Elect will appear as, at the Resurrection. It’s neither the pagan Greek idea of disembodied spirits in the elysian Fields, nor the negation of the Flesh, but its’ conjoining in one psycho-spiritual union, forever. Which is why the Ethnicity of the Son of God not only matters, but is THE ULTIMATE CLUE which race is the “Israel of God.” Christ is the Last Adam, Adam was ‘fair, ruddy, able to blush’ (i.e, White) and NO OTHER RACIAL ADMIXTURE IS TO BE COUNTED AS PART OF CHRIST’S Greater Incarnate Body, the Church. For He came to save ‘His People’ from THEIR sins, and no one else’s. [Matt. 1:21] CI may have their faults, but on this, they are spot on.

        Europe is God’s Israel, and God’s Adam is White Man. End of story. Deo Gratias.

          • They are Calvinistic-like thoughts (heresy not orthodoxy) of a Limited Atonement in this case limited mostly to Caucasians. Also reminiscent of British Israelitism, expanded to “Europe is God’s Israel.”

  2. Tucker is lying, Russia did not start this fight. Ukraine has been bombing Russian ethnic people is Donbass and would not stop. “Russians do not start wars, Russians finish wars”.

    • This is correct. 14,000 dead in the Donbass region since 2014, when Israeli snipers were brought in to fire up the Maidan demonstrations in Kiev – killing people on both sides as a prelude to the coup. I agree with HW that brother wars should be avoided if at all possible. I suspect Putin had no choice since there has been massive placement of NATO war material – possibly including nukes – since 2014. Not to mention the multiple bio-warfare labs on Russia’s border. The good news is that whole units of the Ukranian army are laying down their weapons and surrendering. It will likely be over in a week or less.

      If you’ve seen some of the white PMCs in this country and their rabid hatred of other whites, you will understand that some are lost forever. They will either be killed or they’ll kill you and yours. How is it that we’ve forgotten the utterly lawless behavior of white Canadian police against unarmed civilians just a week ago?

  3. Wave the red flag in front of the bull until he charges and blame it all on the bull when he does. Tucker seems to be singing a different tune now. I hope and pray Putin isn’t as big of a dummy or psychopath as our so called “leaders” are.

  4. Putin was provoked into doing something about the Ukraine. Of course he knows that ZOG is trying to portray him as the aggressor but the people pointing an accusing finger at him have no credibility whatsoever ( eg, daughter molesting Biden, Crooked Cunt Hillary, Jonah Jewberg). The overwhelming majority of people in the eastern Ukraine want the protection of Russia against the CIA backed jewish gangster regime in Kiev(NOT “Kyiv”, a deliberate attempt by ZOG to de-Russify the names of Ukrainian locations).

  5. I listened up to the point where Carlson says “the main purpose of our foreign policy was to prevent Russia from invading Ukraine.” What a lie. The TRUTH is that main purpose of U.S. foreign policy was to use the artificially-created “nation” of Ukraine, an integral part of Russia, as a weapon to invade, subdue and control Russia. The U.S. also invaded or meddled in and tried to take over Chechnia and Tajikstan, and Belarus and Kazakhstan more recently, to use them for the same purpose.

    In the clip you posted here, Carlson also obfuscates that “Putin started this war.” How can you promote ANY part of the lying Murdoch “news” media? We know it was the global Hegemon (the U.S. itself) that started this war, and that waging endless imperialist war (cold, hot, financial, informational, proxy and hybrid war) is the very nature, the life, of the capitalist beast.

    I didn’t listen to the Gabbard clip at all, but I did read elsewhere some of what she said. Carlson and Gabbard, and Hannity, Ingerham et al, play sweet (I find it nauseous) music that their gullible My Pillow buying target audience wants to hear and remain firmly on the side of the war-making global Hegemon. Faux News is always evil and should never be given any views.

    The Russian people are suffering from the same deadly disease (capitalism) that afflicts the population of the U.S., and Putin is a firm believer in capitalism. The masses of common, working people of Russia and other nations of the world will never be safe, free and at peace until they finally stop worshiping Mammon and shake off and destroy its chains.

    I am also anti-war, including imperialist war, and anti- financial and economic “competition,” and anti- the love of money, which is the root of all evil. “From whence come wars and fightings among you? Come they not hence, even of your lusts that war in your members? Ye lust, and have not: ye kill, and desire to have….”

  6. I disagree with Tucker. Sucking mutilated, bloody baby dicks as a religious practice is worse than war. Not that the Russians will stop this.

  7. This is all – ALL – the fault of the great DC golem itz “Ukrainian” kike puppets like Zelensky. If they hadn’t insisted on Ukraine becoming part of NATO – and so a place for bases with weapons that could hit Moscow within minutes – none of this would be happening. Ukraine would’ve remained independent, as long as they also remained neutral & unmilitarized – but oh no: jewboy Zelensky was riding high, full to the brim with that classic chutzpah. Uncle Shmuel was backing him to the hilt; Asshole Eyes & his junkie son had been well paid off. Russia wouldn’t dare do shit!

    Now he sees the true value of the big deals made with the filthy coward scum in Washington.

    Putin’s measures are the equivalent of those of JFK during the Cuban Missile Crisis. He was forced to act to defend Russia from implacable jewS aggression. Everyone with a brain who isn’t a lying whore for the jews & the MIC knows it.

    That doesn’t make him “one of us” by any means. He’s stated that his top priority will be crushing the “Nazis” (he of course has nothing bad to say about the jews actually running the place against Russian interests). All he is is the lesser of 2 evils. If by his actions he foils Uncle Shmuel and exposes the incompetence & impotence of it and that reeking turd Biden specifically, hastening the end of both, he will have unintentionally done us some real good.

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