1. Russia is already making deals with Pakistan, India, and China to buy their gas and oil. And through China, everywhere else. Oil is very hard to sanction because it’s fungible. All that happens is the oil is passed through a middleman, like China. American and European elites will learn the hard way that they are not the center of the world anymore.

      • Dear God, bring the f*cking Jews to their knees! Destroy thine Enemy, o Lord. SMITE THE KIKE in every nation! DESTROY THEM. Let their name perish off the face of the earth. Let their children die in agony. Restore Christendom and the Lands of the White Adamic.

        In nomine Jesu Christi. Amen.

  2. Sunday message: Zio-evangelical “Christians” stand firmly with Israel, and are firmly opposed to Putin and Russia. They are praying “for the Christians in Ukraine.” NO prayers for Russians, and no prayers for Putin except “for God to change his mind.” No prayers either for Palestinian Christians suffering and dying in the world’s largest open-air concentration camp (Gaza) and the rest of the Zionist-occupied nation of Palestine. No prayers for the Yemeni people being genocided or any other victims of U.S. imperialism.

    Of course it is not only the evangelicals who are ignorant. The entire U.S. population remains ignorant of the truth, thanks to the power of capitalist “news” media, which includes Rupert Murdoch’s Sky News and FOX News.

    Regarding Russia and China: We know they are both infected with the disease of Usury (capitalism) – China a little less infected than Russia, and Russia a little less than the very sick U.S. We know that a possible future multi-polar world dominated by two or three capitalist economic giants instead of just one (the present uni-polar world of total U.S. Dollar hegemony) would still be a capitalist world where natural, organic racial and ethnic genetic and cultural distinctions continue to disappear and the masses remain exploited and a little populist reform here and there never changes the overall direction and reality.

    • It’s jewish media, not capitalist. Tell the truth. A paranoid, neurotic, supremacist tribe who constantly work towards the weakening of every other group of people on Earth.

    • American evangelicals have always been the biggest dupes in the USA. They never met a conservative grift they didn’t love. Bircherism, Reaganism, war on terror, Qanon, covid trutherism. Just last week, all of them were hopped up on Klaus Schwab WEF covid conspiracy theories. This week, all of them are siding with the WEF and with the same Western leaders they claim are satanists conspiring to genocide the entire western population with vaccines.

      “Sure, the western leaders may be satanists trying to murder me and everyone in my country for vague or unexplained reasons, but at least they arent RUSSKIES like Putler.”

      • American conservatives are living by the scripture of a deserter an adulter and a criminal swindler a man who first deserted the Confederacy and also his wife, Cyrus Schofield a complete asshole and liar

    • @anonymous – “Of course it is not only the evangelicals who are ignorant. The entire U.S. population remains ignorant of the truth, thanks to the power of capitalist “news” media, which includes Rupert Murdoch’s Sky News and FOX News.”

      ^^ The entire U.S. population remains ignorant…. but not you, right? You pose every statement of opinion as if you are the one single human being alive who is smart enough to really “get it”. You are, admittedly, a well-informed person; but your opinions are distorted through an especially distorted lens. Being well-informed does make you the supreme authority on reality. You lack any of the wisdom that I read from numerous more down-to-earth and less polished posters on this site.

      By the way, the choir you are posting this to for the most part does not listen to, nor believe, the lying Jewish media.

    • “Sunday message: Zio-evangelical “Christians” stand firmly with Israel, and are firmly opposed to Putin and Russia”

      That’s ok. God does not hear the prayers of heretics. Anathema sit.

  3. I disagree that the expansion of NATO takes all the blame for the hostilities with Russia.
    Even if the possibility of NATO membership had been excluded, and instead Ukraine would have become a member of the EU (so comparable to the position of Austria), then that still would have been unacceptable to Putin I believe. As head of a corrupt and anti-democratic state, he simply cannot allow Ukraine to become a counter example in the Slavic world. In the same way North Korea does not want it’s people to know about daily life in South Korea.

    • I think you stumbled onto the wrong website if you think that anyone here views the EU as a counter-example to corruption lol

  4. Ah, yes. Noted White Liberal PMCs Benjamin Wittes and Richard N. Haass. The corporate media-memed anti-woke backlash will surely put these shrill yankees puritans in their place.

  5. To his credit Richard Spencer opposed American foreign policy in the Middle East his whole life. Now that same exact policy has been brought to Eastern Europe (which is why Biden left Afghanistan) and his response? We should now support Israel!!!!

    Pathetic. Spencer has drowned to death in resentment.

    • Spencer took a hard turn towards Macronism in the past two years. His new position is that neoliberalism, wokeness, and globalism are all good because they’re implicitly White or something. You need to die for Wall Street because high finance is part of “the west” and is implicitly White. He has basically adopted the popular viewpoint that Europeans are “people of liberalism,” thus he has become a liberal as a show of racial loyalty. Or maybe he just turned against Russia because he’s still salty over the divorce from his Georgian wife.

      It’s funny because Spencer chose to jump on board the “America led international order” ship the moment before it smashed into an iceberg. Now it’s capsizing and he is in denial, refusing to leave his cabin.

      • Richard Spencer being fake and gay is nothing new. That become glaringly obvious by the time of the Charlottesville debacle. It was already evident when he invited Jewsmedia and Jews larping as nazis to attend his celebration of Trump’s 2016 victory. Nobody who works at The Atlantic or any other gaslight media organ will ever be your friend.

    • There is nothing wrong with hating those who persecute and torment the weak and the innocent. Why did you kill Christ kyke? And don’t tell me you are not a Jew Christ killer, you stick out like a sore thump.

      • The Romans killed Jesus for revolutionary activities, probably occupying the temple. The Hebrews of the 1st century were nothing at all like today’s New York Jews. Their messianism and rigid culture was almost Proto Islamic. Whoever they are today occurred sometime over the past 1000 years when they moved into northern Europe, took on some new DNA, and suffered a serious culture clash with the locals due to this mismatched marriage.

        • Jews were exactly the same 2000 years ago. All of their stories and holidays make this very clear. They have always been a race of dishonorable scum.

    • Hating what the jew controlled antiwhite US gov is and has been doing has no similarity to hatred of America. Explaining the harm that the warmongering and antiwhite US gov is doing, which is plainly wrong and evil, cannot help show who are the bad guys among nations.

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