Huge Explosion Seen In Ukraine


Did Russia just use a thermobaric bomb?


  1. The Anabasis was when the Macedonians understood the Persians has rotted from within.

    The physical defeat of The Enemy on our own land is now on the table.

  2. The encirclement of the Neonazis is almost complete. It will be closed within hours. But it is a very big circle with lots of holes. The Neonazis will not surrender because they know Russians will not take them prisoner, they will be tortured then killed.

    So the Nazis will spend the next few days trying to break out. Some will make it, others will wish they had never been born. None of this will get on Twitter.

    Someone please tell Anglin that just because the battles are not showing up on his Twitter doesn’t mean the war is fake. There remains to this day a distinction between the screen and real life.

    There are fierce battles around Kharkov, with heavy losses both sides. Kiev is completely surrounded. Russia has air supremacy.

    Kiev confirmed that their heroes of Snake Island actually meekly surrendered. Which was the only reasonable choice.

    What is happening on the coast, from Odessa West? News blackout, both sides.

    (((Z))) has lost his marbles. I honestly think he is afraid to die. He had a billion dollars tucked away, and now, everything is lost.

    Hyperbaric bombs. Moabs, Foabs, whatever it was, that one rocked. Ivan showing ZOG what it has. Awesome.


    • It seems almost impossible to get accurate information of what is happening on the ground. It might be better on non-English internet, but English language internet is just flooded with so much fake nonsense it’s impossible to sort the signal from the noise. Russia is keeping very tight-lipped from their end.

      It is funny seeing all of the pictures of Africans trying to flee Ukraine to the west, though. This is what the “Ukraine nationalists” are wishing for by hoping to join the west. Infinity Africans courtesy of the American empire.

    • (((Z))) has lost his marbles. I honestly think he is afraid to die. He had a billion dollars tucked away, and now, everything is lost.

      Most of them keep bug out bags and one way El Al Tickets handy.

  3. The Russians need to take the gloves off and go full Red Army as it works now it´s using the retarded kid glove method of hearts and minds!, just push on the pedal and smash it

    as of now no massed artillery and CAS have only been limited

    you can protect civilians but there no reason to show mercy to combatants, they chose to follow NATO and keep the pride parade rolling

  4. Mushroom clouds are actually a common feature in chemical explosions, they are seen when Chinese factories blow up for example. Aside from thermobaric weapons, they could have hit an ammo dump or industrial site.

    Or maybe one of the mutliple Ukraine bio-weapons-type laboratories on which millions have been spent by the USA and related governments, Ukraine and the nation of Georgia both being infamous for them. Destroying those labs is apparently a Russian agenda item in this war.

    Because chemical-blast mushroom clouds were rarely seen by common citizens before 1945, they were perfect as an image used to frighten people with the ‘nuclear weapons’ story. Many have argued persuasively that Hiroshima and Nagasaki were chemically firebombed – Tokyo actually hit much worse – and that much of ‘nuclear terror’ is fabricated, and maybe ‘nuclear bombs’ have never existed.

    • Bingo. The nuclear bombs might have been real but one never knows for sure in light of how the regime in the District of Corruption lies habitually. It’s true more were killed in Tokyo than in Hiroshima and Nagasaki.

    • How would you explain the massive H bomb detonations in the Pacific after WWII? Or the A bomb explosions that could be seen in Las Vegas, 90 miles from where they were set off?

  5. Is it true that Zelensky is known for playing the piano with his penis?

    The Russians do have some sort of a flame thrower that will fry an area to a crisp.

  6. The explosion seemed eerily similar, to the one that exploded in the beirut harbor area, a little while back, same properties, controlled micro device, small, tactical, like a bunker buster perhaps……………

  7. Putin (Rasputin) and Karl Ruprecht-Krönen (SS) were working to free Shub-Niggurath from the crystal prison behind the sun?

  8. It was one of those legendary “Babushka Bombs.” The power of their detonation is in relation to how a Slavic woman goes from hot to not. From the looks of that blast, she must have gone to sleep a “9,” and woke up a “2.”

  9. Those Slavic languages certainly aren’t easy on the ears. It always sounds like they have a mouthful of mashed potatoes. Definitely not one of the “romantic ” languages of Europe.

  10. Putin expected the Ukrainians to surrender quickly but it appears they have more backbone than he first though. I think the plan wasn’t for any devastating urban fighting that would cause a lot of civilian casualties because of the bad optics. It’s probably going to evolve into a siege of Kiev with the hopes the Ukrainians give up without having to go into 1945 style warfare. Funny thing is Biden too is falling in the polls from this, his weakness is seen as the reason all these international crisis rightly of wrongly. But it looks pretty pathetic for Psaki to respond by saying this justifies even more overpriced, ineffective solar panels and windmills.

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