• For now. But the Euro could supplant it – as could the Yuan if the Chinese removed the dollar peg (although of course that would hurt their exports).

  1. Well why the “sigh” because that is the truth, Washington have always worked through provocation

    as some one here remarked Ft Sumter was propbably the first page in a huge and extensive playbook

    These people are and have always been scum and as a Southern Nationalist you surely know this

  2. It does seem too be escalating, in spite of what the media is reporting, I think mr.putin has the capacity, too get a lot tougher, if he chooses too, a country I think we should keep a close eye on, is turkey, they have provided the ukrainian’s with their drones, among other weaponry, I think mr.putins desire, is too recapture Constantinople, turkey is right their on the black sea also, from the strategic view point of the Russians, what’s on the other side of turkey? Syria, mr.putin has a rondevue with destiny, whether he likes or not, I refer you too Ezekiel chapter 37 and 38 , continue too monitor and be ready for anything southern soldiers……….

      • You would think a “prophecy” would also be able to give the contemporary name of “Magog” when this epic battle takes place.

        • Those prophecies only “work” because they are manipulated. “Magog” could be Belgium, for example. God isn’t going to come back here, because the distance is in light years.

      • But but Ronnie Reagan believed it, so it must be true! (He also believed in astrology, lol.) If he wasn’t so damn busy selling Hawk and TOW missiles to Iran in order to throw some moolah at the Contras, and also pay actual Nazis like Klaus “the Butcher of Lyon” to train the next generation of torturers and murderers amongst the junta down in South America. They also used cocaine sales- our intelligence community protected shipments of that as it entered US cities. When that was discovered, there were some big riots.

        The French discovered that Barbie was in U.S. hands, and having sentenced him to death in absentia for war crimes, made a plea to John J. McCloy, U.S. High Commissioner for Germany, to hand him over for execution, but McCloy allegedly refused. Instead, the CIC helped him flee to Bolivia assisted by “ratlines” organized by U.S. intelligence services, and by Croatian Roman Catholic clergy, including Krunoslav Draganovi?.

        Oh yeah, the premise is correct. Pearl Harbor was caused by US sanctions rather directly. In fact, the word amongst the more honest military brass is that we were tracking their forces.

  3. Grampaw [USMC] told me that decades ago with the oil and rubber embargos.
    I’ll put his dog tags on when the cleansing time comes.
    Schwab and the globalists want WWIII in order for the global soviet dictatorship of the dullard proletariat to commence.

  4. I really would like to see the jews, homos and shitlibs vaporized in an atomic holocaust, but I don’t want to go down to Sheol with them.

  5. Seems China is going all in with Russia. Western sanctions will be greatly mitigated because of this support from the world’s largest economy. American incompetence has driven their two major competitors into firm alliance. That’s what happens when your foreign policy experts get their ideas about the world from superhero movies and netflix series. It’s really amazing.

  6. The Yankee Empire is the most wicked nation that has ever existed. They destroyed the South 160 years ago just to make our land conquered territories so they could profit off of us. They have since pounded us with charges of betrayal, slavery, racism and every other negative attribute they can think of to throw at us.

    Putin would do the South a big favor if he along with China would wipe out this godless Yankee war machine forever — I mean treat them as the world treated the Nazis after WWII — make their names dirt forever. These people love war — they make billions and billions of dollars off of it. Then maybe the South could become an independent nation to get way from these Communist self-righteous Yankee warmongering South-haters.

    Indeed, distinguished military historian B. H. Liddell observed that the code of civilized warfare which had ruled Europe for over two hundred years was first broken by Lincoln’s policy of directing the destruction of civilian life in the South. On this matter, Liddell wrote “This policy was in many ways the prototype of modern total war.”

    Neither was Lincoln ignorant of his armies’ atrocities. In his memoirs Sherman wrote that at a meeting with Lincoln after his March, the President was eager to hear the stories of how thousands of Southern civilians, mostly women, children, old men and slaves, were plundered, tortured, raped, murdered and rendered homeless. According to Sherman, the President laughed almost uncontrollably at these narratives. Sherman’s biographer Lee Kennett, concluded that had the Confederates won the war, they would have been:

    “justified in stringing up President Lincoln and the entire Union high command for violations of the laws of war, specifically for waging war against noncombatants.”

    It had always been Lincoln’s strategy not only to defeat the South but to destroy both the culture and the will of the people by targeting civilians. Under the concept of “military necessity,” Lincoln’s new code of war allowed him to do whatever was required to achieve that end and his commanders followed suit. Even General Halleck author of General Order 12, abandoned his concern for civilization. Ulysses Grant decided after the Battle of Shiloh in April of 1862, that the only strategy possible was to annihilate the South. Writing to Sheridan and Sherman, Grant stated,

    “We are not only fighting hostile armies, but a hostile people and we must make old and young, rich and poor feel the hard hand of war.”
    — Abbeville Institute,”Lincoln’s Total War”, Valerie Protopapas, 09/28/2021.

    • Banned For Life,

      The part where Lincoln would laugh at atrocities makes him a monster. Since it was verified by Sherman and his biographer and therefore coming from the Federals it would appear to be true.

    • “Neither was Lincoln ignorant of his armies’ atrocities. In his memoirs Sherman wrote that at a meeting with Lincoln after his March, the President was eager to hear the stories of how thousands of Southern civilians, mostly women, children, old men and slaves, were plundered, tortured, raped, murdered and rendered homeless. According to Sherman, the President laughed almost uncontrollably at these narratives.” — Abbeville Institute,”Lincoln’s Total War”, Valerie Protopapas, 09/28/2021

      Evidently, Sherman’s memoirs to which Ms. Protopapas alludes are an edition different from the one that may be read at https://www.gutenberg.org/files/4361/4361-h/4361-h.htm

      From Chapter 24 thereat, headed and subheaded “End of the War—From Goldsboro’ to Raleigh and Washington–April and May, 1865,” comes the following:

      “[On the afternoon of March 27, 1865, at City Point, Virginia,] I found General Grant, with his family and staff, occupying a pretty group of huts on the bank of James River, overlooking the harbor, which was full of vessels of all classes, both war and merchant, with wharves and warehouses on an extensive scale. The general received me most heartily, and we talked over matters very fully. After I had been with him an hour or so, he remarked that the President, Mr. Lincoln, was then on board the steamer River Queen, lying at the wharf, and he proposed that we should call and see him. We walked down to the wharf, went on board, and found Mr. Lincoln alone, in the after-cabin. He remembered me perfectly, and at once engaged in a most interesting conversation. He was full of curiosity about the many incidents of our great march, which had reached him officially and through the newspapers, and seemed to enjoy very much the more ludicrous parts-about the ‘bummers,’ and their devices to collect food and forage when the outside world supposed us to be starving; but at the same time he expressed a good deal of anxiety lest some accident might happen to the army in North Carolina during my absence. I explained to him that that army was snug and comfortable, in good camps, at Goldsboro’; that it would require some days to collect forage and food for another march; and that General Schofield was fully competent to command it in my absence. Having made a good, long, social visit, we took our leave and returned to General Grant’s quarters, where Mrs. Grant had provided tea.

      “[The next day,] the River Queen was at anchor out in the river, abreast of the wharf, and we again started to visit Mr. and Mrs. Lincoln. Admiral Porter accompanied us. We took a small, tug at the wharf, which conveyed us on board, where we were again received most courteously by the President, who conducted us to the after-cabin. …

      “Both General Grant and myself supposed that one or the other of us would have to fight one more bloody battle, and that it would be the last. Mr. Lincoln exclaimed, more than once, that there had been blood enough shed, and asked us if another battle could not be avoided. I remember well to have said that we could not control that event; that this necessarily rested with our enemy; and I inferred that both Jeff. Davis and General Lee would be forced to fight one more desperate and bloody battle. …

      “I know, when I left [President Lincoln], that I was more than ever impressed by his kindly nature, his deep and earnest sympathy with the afflictions of the whole people, resulting from the war, and by the march of hostile armies through the South; and that his earnest desire seemed to be to end the war speedily, without more bloodshed or devastation, and to restore all the men of both sections to their homes. … We parted at the gangway of the River Queen, about noon of March 28th, and I never saw him again.”

      In Chapter 21, headed and subheaded “The March to the Sea from Atlanta to Savannah – November and December, 1864),” Sherman says, with respect to the carrying out of his general order that his marching army “forage liberally on the country,” the following:

      “Although this foraging was attended with great danger and hard work, there seemed to be a charm about it that attracted the soldiers, and it was a privilege to be detailed on such a party. Daily they returned mounted on all sorts of beasts, which were at once taken from them and appropriated to the general use; but the next day they would start out again on foot, only to repeat the experience of the day before. No doubt, many acts of pillage, robbery, and violence, were committed by these parties of foragers, usually called “bummers;” for I have since heard of jewelry taken from women, and the plunder of articles that never reached the commissary; but these acts were exceptional and incidental. I never heard of any cases of murder or rape; and no army could have carried along sufficient food and forage for a march of three hundred miles; so that foraging in some shape was necessary. The country was sparsely settled, with no magistrates or civil authorities who could respond to requisitions, as is done in all the wars of Europe; so that this system of foraging was simply indispensable to our success.”

      It seems quite possible that Ms. Protopapas is insane.

      • John Bonaccorsi,

        May I assume the expression—That is a bummer came from the Federal nickname for the foragers?

        • I’m afraid I don’t know; it’s a good question. Though you’re not old enough to remember this and might not be aware of it, “bummer” as in “That’s a bummer” was a hippie expression, like—gee, I’m trying to remember—well, “rap,” i.e., to discourse (applied well after the hippie period to the black music that, as far as I’m aware, is still called rap). That, anyway, is how I remember it—as part of hippie jargon—and since https://www.dictionary.com/browse/bummer dates that use of the word “1965-70,” I’m probably right in remembering it that way.

          Whether in those days (the hippie days), the word was a quasi-resurrection of “bummer” as the word was used in Civil War times, I don’t know. Also at that dictionary.com link is the meaning “a person who bums off others,” which sounds like the Civil War meaning and has the following note:

          “An Americanism first recorded in 1850–55; probably from German Bummler, derivative with -er noun suffix … of bummeln ‘to take a stroll, dawdle, loiter’ (expressive verb of uncertain origin)”

          Well—here, I’ll mention another slang term that was resurrected, I think: slacker. When it appeared as the title of a 1990 indie film, I’d not heard it. Eventually, I learned that it had been popular circa World War I, when it meant something like draft-avoider. In just now checking Wikipedia, I’ve learned that it was used in the 1950s sequences in the 1980s movie “Back to the Future”; but when I saw “Back to the Future,” at the time of its release, I didn’t catch it. Maybe that’s what triggered its resurrection, in the title of the 1990 film.

          So—that’s my best guess: Maybe its use by the hippies was retro, so to speak. In hippie culture, there was a bit of retro, e.g., the old-time comic-book style of R. Crumb:

          At amazon.com is “The Perfect Scout: A Soldier’s Memoir of the Great March to the Sea and the Campaign of the Carolinas,” in whose introduction is the following:

          “At several points [the memoirist] describes ‘bummers’—soldiers stealing food and property beyond organized efforts—in less than complimentary terms.”

          If that’s an accurate statement of what’s in the memoir (which I haven’t read), then the memoirist isn’t using the term quite the way it was used by Sherman, who seems to have applied it even to the foragers who were acting in accordance with orders.

          • Mr. Bonaccorsi,

            I have never heard the expression in real life but I remember hearing it here and there in American movies.. I thought it was a strange statement.

            You are to be congratulated for spending so much time and research on my question. That is impressive and much appreciated.

            Thank you.

          • You’re welcome. I’m not surprised to learn you’d not heard “bummer” in real life, as you say. I’d wondered whether it’s any longer in use. Probably, it arose in the hippie days and survived for a few decades.

            “Busted” meaning arrested by the police is another word that, in my memory, at least, was originally a hippie-ism. That might still be in use—I don’t know—but if it isn’t, it survived quite some time (with its meaning extended to things like, I don’t know, “exposed as a hypocrite”).

            Both “bummer” and “busted” seem—again: in my memory—to have been drug-related originally. A “bummer” was “the unpleasant aftermath of taking narcotic drugs, especially frightening hallucinations or unpleasant physical sensations,” as you’ll also find at the dictionary.com link in my previous post. “Busted” meant being caught, by the police, with illegal drugs.

            Sometime in the 1990s, maybe, I came across an old Time magazine article—from the hippie days—in which hippie-isms had been explained. If I’m remembering this correctly, the article explained why discourse had come to be called, by the hippies, “rap.” (“So he went into this rap about [some subject or other].” Unfortunately, I can’t remember what was the explanation.

            An odd bit of evidence that “rap” originated in the hippie days is “The Rapper,” a pop song at the link below. It’s from 1970—which is to say from the hippie days and long before the rise of what is now called rap music—but through this song, we see that the term had already spread to non-hippies. Hippies probably used “rapping” to mean something like discoursing intellectually; but the rather conventional personalities who’ve produced this song have adopted it to mean sexual approach via smooth-talking. (The song also tritely uses the phrase “coffee, tea, or me,” which had been the title of a purported memoir about stewardesses — https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Coffee,_Tea_or_Me%3F — so it’s second-hand all around.)

          • John Bonaccorsi,

            I have heard the term “busted” in the context of someone trying to pull something over someone and getting caught. I did not know that bummer and busted had drug connections.

            The origins of the word “rap” is interesting as well. I thought it originated with black musicians but I see that it originated with the hippies. Watching old TV shows on American television or out of curiosity on the Internet like Kojak, Streets of San Francisco etc. features a lot of hippies.

            Looks like the hippies have contributed to mainstream culture. Maybe they should have a history month.

            Well I thank you once again on your research.

          • John Bonaccorsi,

            Interesting how as recently as 1970 the band was well dressed. Historically recently anyway since more than 50 years ago is a long time in my mind. Also I have heard worse songs than The Rapper make it big like—-the majority of modern mainstream music. I could at least understand the words.

            The song was big selling over a million copies and placing number two behind the huge hit/album “Bridge Over Troubled Water”.

            I decided to do a little research myself.

          • “Maybe they should have a history month.” That made me chuckle, CRA.

            Yes, I think I’m right that “busted” originally was connected to the drug scene, because you still hear the term “drug bust,” I think, when law enforcement intercepts a big drug shipment or the like. Your characterization of the extended meaning—“trying to pull something over someone and getting caught”—does seem to get it right. At https://www.dictionary.com/browse/busted is “informal: caught out doing something wrong and therefore in trouble —‘you are so busted,'” which matches what you said.

            When I was in high school (1967-71), many of my classmates listened to R&B, not rock; and if they were on, say, the prom committee, then they probably hired a musical group that dressed the way the Jaggerz look in that photograph. When I see that photograph, I almost feel as if I’m looking at a prom photograph from one of my yearbooks. (I’m half-guessing and half-misremembering, because I wasn’t the prom-going type myself.) That ties in with the sound of that record, which is R&B-ish. It does have a great groove, I guess a musician might say, and a strong R&B-ish lead vocal. My negative remarks about the lyrics were unfair.

            It’s funny—well, I’ve mentioned this here, at Occidental Dissent, more than once maybe—you can’t imagine what it was like to be passing through high school at the same time that the country was passing through the hippie days. I think Wikipedia says that that record, “The Rapper,” was released in January 1970, which is to say just a few weeks after Charles Manson and company were arrested for their notorious murders. So,yes, there we see the white-tuxedoed Jaggerz, who are on the radio just a few months after the hippie spectacle of Woodstock. It was all happening at once. Probably, many yearbook photographs of female high-school seniors of that time, or not long thereafter, exhibited a hippie influence, i.e., the girl would be posed out-of-doors, beside a tree or something similarly nature-ish, but she wasn’t a hippie.

          • “Rap session”–That’s right, November, I’d forgotten that phrase, which is another manifestation of the hippie-ish use of “rap,” well before the rise of rap music.

            Okay, I’m going to go out on a limb here and say–before I consult Wikipedia–that that Blondie record came out after the first black rap records and was an indication that rap was having an impact, i.e., a white rock group was having a go at it.

            Okay—I’ll now go consult Wikipedia. Give me a minute.

            Here we go. Re the Blondie record, Wikipedia says the following:

            “It was the first number-one single in the United States to feature rap vocals.”

            “[Blondie’s singer] Debbie Harry and guitarist Chris Stein were friends with Brooklyn- and Bronx-based hip-hop artists such as ‘Fab 5 Freddy’ Brathwaite in the late 1970s. Freddy took Debbie and Chris to a rap event in the Bronx one night in 1978, and they were both impressed by the skill and excitement as MCs rhymed lyrics over the beats of spinning records and people lined up for a chance to take the microphone and freestyle rap. Debbie and Chris went to a few more such events, before deciding to write a rap song of their own in late 1979.”

            When I searched for “Rap music” at Wikipedia, I was redirected to the “Hip hop music” entry, whose opening sentence is the following:

            “Hip hop music or hip-hop music, also known as rap music, is a genre of popular music developed in the United States by inner-city African Americans, Latino Americans and Caribbean Americans in the Bronx borough of New York City in the 1970s. It consists of a stylized rhythmic music that commonly accompanies rapping, a rhythmic and rhyming speech that is chanted.”

            Later in that entry is the following:

            “The earliest hip hop music was performed live, at house parties and block party events, and it was not recorded. … The first hip hop record is widely regarded to be The Sugarhill Gang’s ‘Rapper’s Delight,’ from 1979. It was the first hip hop record to gain widespread popularity in the mainstream and was where hip hop music got its name from (from the opening bar). However, much controversy surrounds this assertion as some regard the March 1979 single ‘King Tim III (Personality Jock)’ by The Fatback Band, as a rap record. There are various other claimants for the title of first hip hop record.”

            Given all that, I’d say my informal sense of the genre’s history—a sense based solely on what I remember from magazine articles and radio airplay of the time—is probably right, i.e., that the Blondie record was a follow-on, not the origin; but I guess you’re right to have regarded that record as quite significant in the emergence of the genre. I personally never really thought Debbie Harry caught the unusual rhythm of rap in that record, but it was quite a success, so what do I know.

          • November,

            Rap session not tap. I have had ballet classes but I cannot tap dance. Of course I know it was a typo. Friendly correction.

            I am just about finished with loose threads and then….

  7. Back in the 1980’s I was in grad school and one of my courses was on Soviet Russia and China. I had av very intelligent and thoughtful professor who’d lived in Russia several years. Back then, when China and the USSR were at loggerheads, he predicted that Russia would eventually get rid of communism and try to join the West, but it wouldn’t work because Russian culture was too different and the Russians, having won WWII, would not take to being subordinated to the USA and corporate capitalism. America, my professor said, always seeks to dominate.
    They would eventually go back to ally themselves with China, and seek better opportunities there.
    Not bad for saying this in 1982.

  8. We must stay out of this matter. But it seems clear that the majority of our rulers – the same people selling our jobs to China and India, trying to turn our kids queer, and unleashing BLM criminals onto our cities – are hell-bent on war with Russia. STOCK UP – IF YOU HAVEN’T BEEN ALREADY.

  9. Kadyrov the commander of Russia’s Chechen forces says the tactics being used by Russia against the U.S.’s Khazar-krainian proxies are “too slluggish.” He says the U.S.’s Khazar-krainian proxies have been armed to the teeth by the U.S. with all the latest weaponry. Because they are so fully equipped and fully supported, they won’t be discouraged and surrender quickly until CHECHEN METHODS of fighting are applied. 10,000 or more Chechen fighters will be arriving soon.

  10. If Japan is Russia, China is Ukraine, and the USA is the USA… yeah, we are headed for some dark times.

    But the one glimmer of hope is that Russia has China for economic assistance. I don’t think Putin would chance a global war if he sees a brighter economic future turning towards Asia.

    I can’t say the same about ZOG though. Jews didn’t mind millions of dead goyim the Second time around. Why would they a Third?

  11. It makes me think all these astroturfed events were set into place to prevent people for speaking out against this war. sigh. 1/6 and the ‘Freedom Truckers’ all happened for a reason to make sure anyone who descents against the powers that be will be labeled a traitor.

    This… all could have been prevented. Sigh. Either way the West picked a fight with Russia and deserves to get its shit pushed in hard. And considering the state of The West it doesn’t seem hard to do. The church woke and shit living conditions here will make things interesting.

  12. All Putin had to do was send in unarmed invaders with brown painted skin……….the most successful type of invasion in history. Seems to work in the West!

  13. Hunter,
    Don’t approve my last cooment. I don’ want to trigger someone and start WW3.

    I just watched Alex Jones and he explained that the US government has been shipping billions of dollars worth of arms into Ukraine, and Slavs have been killing each other for centuries.

    Now they are saying the Russians have their nuclear missles ready to launch and they are sending death squads to kill Zelenksy and his government. So I guess that means peace talks won’t be happening.


    • Nobody really knows what the hell is going on on the ground there. It’s not irrelevant, but it’s ultimately a distraction. The Russian government is extremely tight-lipped and issues only perfunctory statements periodically. Your best bet for reliable info are Moon of Alabama and Saker.

      The “free” press in the west are all gaslight media controlled by Jews, who lie each time they open their mouths (hardly a surprise for the literal spawn of Satan). The EUSSR and NATO are taking actions – sending in more military hardware – and likely troops, along with NATO member Turkey making noises about closing off the Dardanelles strait to Russia (another act of war). Even non-NATO states like Sweden are sending weaponry to Country 404, even Switzerland has abandoned its famous neutrality. Globo-Pedo wants a big war to distract from what they’ve been doing with bio-weapons and imposing a mark-of-the-beast style vax passport. Some 21 states in the USSA have signed onto this – including ones whose statehouses and legislatures are controlled by the fake-opposition Repuke party.

    • Head of Wagner mercs:

      “Prigozhin was born in Leningrad (now Saint Petersburg) June 1, 1961,[11] to Violetta Prigozhina (Russian: ???????? ?????????).[1][12][13] He graduated from an athletics boarding school in 1977 and was engaged in cross-country skiing.[1] His father and stepfather were of Russian-Jewish descent, while his mother is of ethnic Russian descent.”


      Still, here’s hoping they’re successful.

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