Whose Side Are You On?

Whose side are you on?

I haven’t changed my views on this subject in twenty years. I have been consistent across half a dozen of these conflicts. There is nothing new about this conflict in Ukraine.

I’m opposed to the American Empire. I dislike war and imperialism. I particularly object to its constant expansion into new areas thereby triggering new foreign conflicts. The benefits of those conflicts accrue to the military-industrial complex, foreigners and neoliberal elites. The costs of those conflicts fall on the White working class who are called upon to “sacrifice” out of idealism and patriotism.

It is best to think of the American Empire as consisting of four layers. There is the “Homeland” as it is called by the imperial military which is the territory of the United States where most of us live and naively assume is our country rather than the home base of a global neoliberal empire. There is the inner empire which is the Western hemisphere and our Pacific possessions. There is the middle empire which is everything that was added as a result of World War II which includes Japan and South Korea in East Asia, Western Europe, Australia and New Zealand, Israel, Saudi Arabia and the Gulf States in the Middle East. Finally, there is the outer empire which are all of these contested places on the frontier which the foreign policy establishment has meddled with and have pushed us into over the past several decades.

I’m sure you can recite all of the familiar disasters where hot wars erupted as a result of the expansion of the outer empire. There was Vietnam which ended in defeat which engulfed most of Southeast Asia. There was Afghanistan which dragged on for twenty years before it ended in defeat last year. There was Iraq and Syria which were devastated and unleashed ISIS. There was Libya which imploded and where slavery has been restored. In all of these conflicts, we were allegedly the do gooders protecting human rights and fostering liberal democracy. In Vietnam, LBJ was building a “Great Society on the Mekong.”

Since the end of the Cold War, the outer empire has expanded the most though in central and eastern Europe into Russia’s traditional sphere of influence, which is the reason why we have such an adversarial relationship with Russia. Russia watched as we dismembered and bombed Serbia in the name of protecting human rights and liberal democracy. We expanded NATO into the Baltic states which used to be part of the USSR. We have steadily added Poland, the Czech Republic, Slovakia, Hungary, Romania and Bulgaria which used to be Warsaw Pact members as well as Slovenia, Croatia, Macedonia and Montenegro which used be part of Yugoslavia. We have moved NATO military assets further east into Poland and Romania.

Ukraine is the final straw for Russia. This is a country which by definition is a vital interest for Russia because of the Volgograd Gap which exposes Russia to a land invasion from the west, access to the Black Sea and because NATO missiles placed in Ukraine are in much closer proximity to Moscow which is less than 500 miles from Kyiv. Russia can no more tolerate this situation than we could tolerate Russian missiles being placed in Canada, Mexico or Cuba. The foreign policy establishment in Washington knows this, but has blithely continued to expand the Empire into Ukraine anyway by overthrowing the Ukrainian government in a color revolution in 2014, flooding the country with weapons and inviting Ukraine to join NATO and the European Union and recklessly sticking to that point heedless of the consequences.

These people insist that NATO was never really going to expand into Ukraine even though Americans were already on the ground there training the Ukrainian military. They also say that they weren’t really trying to encircle and destroy Russia. These are just paranoid Russian delusions. And yet, the last 48 hours have illustrated that this was indeed the goal all along. They are openly attempting to cancel Russia and financially destroy Russia. Germany, Sweden, the European Union and the U.S. Congress are flooding Ukraine with weapons. Macron’s France has threatened Russia with nuclear weapons. The head of the Council on Foreign Relations is on Twitter calling for regime change in Russia.

The Empire is swiftly moving from passive aggression over Ukraine into open and explicit aggression against Russia. The Biden administration is openly and explicitly attempting to plunge us all into World War III over this foolish attempt to transform Ukraine into a NATO satellite. We are being assured by the Biden administration that American involvement in this conflict in Ukraine will be limited and that we are not on the precipice of descending into open war with Russia even as the foreign policy establishment goes down the exact same road that led to the Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor.

Whose side are they are on? I know whose side I am on. I am taking our own side, not Russia’s side or Ukraine’s side or NATO’s side. I speak for the folks who want nothing to do with this. I am on the side of people who HAVE ALWAYS been opposed to the dumb, reckless expansion of the American Empire whether it was in Southeast Asia or Central Asia or the Middle East or Eastern Europe. I am on the side of people who aren’t emoting over this tragedy and rushing into it. I’m on the side of people who are not living vicariously through devastating proxy wars with other global powers.

This is a key distinction. I’m not anti-Russia or anti-Ukraine. I’m not anti-China or anti-Taiwan. I like Hungary and the Baltic states, but I don’t like NATO. If the American Empire absolutely has to exist, then the most that I am comfortable with would be with the inner empire (the Western hemisphere and our Pacific possessions) and the inclusion of the Anglosphere. I am completely opposed to any sort of military alliance with continental Europe, East Asia, Israel and the rest of the Middle East. I am not a “Russian stooge” or “Chinese stooge.” Unlike the CIA, Pentagon and the State Department, I don’t see any reason to be in conflict with these countries because I am ideologically opposed to dominating Eurasia.

Yes, it is tragic what is happening in Ukraine, but the best thing we could have done for the Ukrainians is not to have meddled in their internal affairs in the first place and provoked Russia into starting this war. We shouldn’t be running Ukraine out of the State Department. We should be minding our own business. We have more than enough problems in this country that need to be dealt with that are far more important for Americans than starting World War III with Russia over Donbas.

This is what we have always wanted: an end to the neverending expansion of the American Empire, its frontier wars in Eurasia and to retrench to North America and focus on the long neglected domestic issues which are more important to us. The political establishment and the military-industrial complex, however, is a beast that is never satisfied and would rather rekindle the Cold War and even provoke World War III and gamble everything over a country which is of no strategic importance to the United States. They are willing to fight this war with Russia to the last redneck and the last Ukrainian too.

How much are you willing to sacrifice over this? Is it worth what these terrible foreign policy decisions is going to cost us? What happens to global energy prices when Russia retaliates against the West? What happens to the supply chain when China goes into Taiwan? What happens to global food prices when Russia controls Ukrainian ports? What is the cost to the world of a destabilized Russia? What happens to the dollar’s status as the world’s reserve currency? What happens if this spirals into World War III?

Racist internet shitlords are asking these important questions. Cable television is nothing but CIA propaganda. The political establishment represents the belligerent and hawkish element of American society which is ready to gamble and virtue signal their way into World War III over Ukraine.

Note: I am Jim Acosta’s political enemy. I’m not on his side. It is people like Acosta and Richard Haas who are the problem in this country.

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  1. They are saying the Ruble is crashing, and there is a run on the banks. I’ve got a bad feeling.

    I’m on the people’s side. I don’t like any of the governments involved in this conflict. I would like to see the big governments and countries of the world break up, so they are too small to bother each other.

    • People “think” this is about Russia just taking the Ukraine, like it’s just stupid bullying. It’s pretty obvious that the “world bankers” do NOT want Putin’s Nord Stream pipeline to be successful.

  2. I don’t at all disagree with with your distaste for the American Empire.

    I would remind you, however, that ours is not the only empire or nation with imperial or revanchist ambitions. Russia, like China has suffered terrible humiliation in their eyes from the collapse of the soviet union and the “century of humiliation” in the case of China.

    When people in the American Right talk about Russia, its with rose tinted glasses, thinking about White girls in Wheat fields and muh Orthodox Christianity, ignoring all of that recent history and Putins declared wish to restore the former prestige of what was the USSR when he was coming of age in the 80’s as a soviet intelligence agent.

    Right now, an ostensibly White nation in Ukraine is being gleefully invaded by Belarussian and Russian soldiers and soon to be Chechens as well. This is a White on White war, and it wasn’t necessary.

    Giving broad political cover for naked aggression by Russia because we hate what ZOG has tried to do there since 2014 ignores the recent history of Ukraine and its mismanagement as an imperial asset of USSR, the Holodomor before that, and the many and varied mistakes Russia made leading up to Ukraines independence in the early 90’s, which wasn’t done by ZOG, but was done by Ukrainians themselves.

    The ballfanning by the Putin fanclub is myopic and without historical justification.

    Average Russians are not unlike your average Americans. Just along for the ride in the wake of powers beyond their control.

    Don’t conflate the Russian elite with the Russian people. They have shitty oligarchs calling the shots there just like here. Putin isn’t coming to save us.

    I’ve got more sympathy for the average Ukrainian, whose had no hand in any of this. Had Russia been more diligent in managing their puppet autocrats in Ukraine, 2014 would never have happened. ZOG is an opportunist beast, and Russia shares blame for whats happening, through their own incompetent management of what they are now calling their historical territory.

    Ukraine was independent as much as it could, and it should be allowed to be again.

    • Russia has always been an autocratic multicultural empire throughout all of history. I’m comfortable with that. It is not my country. The question is whether we want to be like that. Do we want to be a global neoliberal empire dominated by oligarchs like Soros and Bloomberg and fighting wars in distant places like the old British Empire or a republic?

      • No I don’t want to be an empire.

        The little guy always gets the shaft, but faux solidarity with the little guy from other countries isn’t natural. I don’t bear responsibility for the little guy in Ukraine, and they sure as shit don’t care about me and mine.

        I can feel bad watching them get fed through a wood chipper without holding their hand all the way through it myself.

        As you’ve said, we have our own stuff to worry about here, and that should be our focus.

        That it isn’t the sole focus of our increasingly inept imperial government is the problem. They care about Ukrainian borders, but don’t care about ours.

      • Do we want to be a global neoliberal empire dominated by oligarchs like Soros and Bloomberg and fighting wars in distant places like the old British Empire or a republic?

        I don’t want to be an empire either. Nevertheless that’s what we already are (and have been for some time). Don’t sign up for their “patriotic” bullshit. Note that while all of the usual suspects are now waving the Murikan flag, our Southern border remains wide open with invaders crossing every day and being flown by the US military to different places in the hinterland – an act of treason. Siding with Globo-Pedo is treason to your people. Oh, and the invaders don’t have to be vaxxed (in contrast to the hapless fools in uniform). Let them put Murikan uniforms on the invaders and send them into Putin’s or Xi’s massed firepower. They deserve every bullet.

    • Russia turned the other cheek for 20, 30 years & allowed all their previous Soviet Republics which split away to have their own “freedom” & “independence”. And what happened? American stooges & other EU apparatchiks on the banking/corporate/NATO side of globalism moved in & started laying the usual groundwork for their takeover of those lands (looting their resources & turning their populations against Russia as well, often with B.S. fake rainbow revolutions as well, like the Ukraine in 2014).

      Hunter Wallace is right about Russia being forever a multikulti Empire, but they are defending their Russophone sphere of influence, I can absolutely see what their grievances are (we’ve endured the same globalist lies, agenda & humiliations for a century ourselves) & in this timeline, it’s the west who’re the borderless neo-Bolsheviks who want everyone under the exact same umbrella in a cosmopolitan debt based construct with woke-ism & all the rest of their homo anti-white projects.

      So-called independent eastern states are all just pawns for Nato anyway (they cannot claim to have freedom or control over their fate considering who’s backing them), so the angry Russian bear is an interesting shift in the geopolitical balance.

        • You’re correct, but very few outside of Russia have even a glimmer of how this works. It’s kind of like civic nationalism, except more to the nationalist side. The formal title of the Tsars from Peter I forward was “Emperor and Autocrat of All the Russias”. The other nations brought under the imperium became another ‘Russia’, with the original Russia being first among the Russias. This was overturned in the Lenin-Trotsky era, but Stalin kind of turned it back in that direction (for his own glorification and cult of personality).

        • I agree, Pilot, i.e. in Europe & America, multiculturalism is a lie in & of itself: what we have here is a methodical deconstruction of the indigenous white populations of these nations (in America’s case, its founding stock) & our literal replacement by an imported non-white population who’re bound together with woke culture (& hatred of us). The entire system is at war with us.

          And in a terrible ironic twist of fate, it’s the west who’re now the Soviets (internationalist, rootless Empire who want global domination of their ideology) whilst Russia defends the sovereign, cultural & national identity of its Russophone sphere.

        • The racial groups in Russia are native to those areas, unlike blacks being brought in.
          Most of the groups in Russia are Asiatic (Oriental).
          Mexicans/Central Americans are essentially Native Americans, but lost to the US due to wars and accepting money for land purchases, and they still have their own countries, even if they don’t act like it.

          Ethnic white Russians

  3. I´m on the side of anyone who fight the United States of America because as a Christian i oppose Satan, even the Ukrainians are a victim of Washington as are all the world

    America is the destroyer of culture and the end of western civilized society!, as someone here remarked it is the most evil country to ever exist on this planet

    I would be more on the side of Russia if it finaly realized that America and it´s vassals are not “partners” but a mortal enemy to Christ and Humanity and comit to war against the demons as they see fit

    Russia still clinging somewhat to globalism is the reason i´m not fully in their camp, Russia must drop all illusions

  4. I think that the history of Russia and Ukraine over the past few centuries is quite complex, and that America should remain neutral in this conflict. Murica/Nato seem to have pushed Putin into a corner. Not good.
    I would add that when Hunter stated “The benefits of those conflicts accrue to the military-industrial complex, foreigners and neoliberal elites” he forgot to mention the Jewish bankers.

  5. “Russia watched as we dismembered and bombed Serbia”:

    Russia was too weak then to help Serbia. Russia had just been partially dismembered, almost destroyed by traitors like Gorbachev within, and could only watch as its Slavic and Orthodox brethren were being slaughtered and dispossessed of much of their ancestral land. The Empire’s war on Serbia like most of its other wars was based on lies, and so far there has been no international war crime investigation. The U.S. “homeland” population lives for the moment and does not know history, has not learned the lesson of history that In the long run every evil empire falls without exception. There is no “exceptional empire” that is an exception to this rule. Jesus said the meek shall inherit the earth.

  6. It’s crazy how the partisan theater dropped when Russia invaded Ukraine. Two weeks ago, Mitt Romney was Bull Connor trying to restore Jim Crow. Now CNN is praising him for being a Russia hawk his entire life.

  7. I stand with Russia. Whatever it’s faults it still remains a million times better than the evil American empire. The retreat of ZOG USA from the world stage is an objectively good thing. Hostilities between the west and Russia ensure it will never succumb to the disease of Jewish-liberalism. From international bankers to Reddit – everyone we hate is trying to cancel Putin. Taking a side has never been easier.

    And to those who think Putin is kosher because Trump, Tucker and the grift right is supporting him: have you forgotten 2015? These people are perfectly happy to lie to your face about what they stand for. Their job is to catch you before you find White Nationalism. They are neocons pretending to be right wing populists.

    • To this day in all honesty Putin have done nothing to help international financial jewry in fact his intervention in Syria alone set them back 15 yrs and that includes israel

      I don´t care what TRS and Jazzhands may say there is always a greater and lesser evil in this world!, i stand with Russia because of decency only and the fact that every European deserve safdty in their own home

      The fault in the end is not on the Ukrainians but as always on the US and the horrid bottomless Godless evil that is in Washington

      • Kyke, are you or are you not down with the totality of the total awesomeness of the Moshiach and all his wondrous girthy goodness? Stupid question right kyke? You love him, you need him and you must have him and we all must go to hell to make you happy, right Christ killer?

      • The US Empire stands only for worship of blacks and browns, enabling of mentally ill sex-confused freaks, and ethnic cleansing/replacement of Whites. Are you down with that?

  8. When the globalist scum try to draft our sons (and probably daughters too) to fight their imperial wars, we should recycle the hippie ant-war slogan of the Sixties: Hell no, we won’t go.

      • Yep. I appreciated your pic of the 1914 Christmas truce. I hate brother wars and I hate wars for the evil empire. War is sometimes a necessary evil and there is such a thing as a just war. The place known by the false name of USA has not been in a truly legitimate war since 1815, apart from those in the southern states who resisted a lawless invasion from 1861 to 1865. That turned out to be quite the white-on-white slaughter as well. Keep the picture up as a reminder.

    • Go join one of the Ukrainian paramilitaries then! Or send your kids. I’m sure Azov would be delighted to have you.

      As De La Rey famously remarked at the outset of the Boer War, “Those shouting loudest for war will be the first to raise their hands in surrender.”

    • Come on kyke, I am begging you for Pete Sake just tell us all how much you love Moshiach and how would do anything to please him, including killings Gods only son. Tells us kyke, tell us until it is ringing in our ears you Goddamned Christ killer.

    • @christop70,

      There’s only one Bolshevik in the comments section, and that anonymous.
      Btw, rumor has it that you’re Bill Kristol, Lyndsey Graham, and Jonah Goldberg’s”Twink” Karl Rove must’ve tossed you aside for Ali Alexander, eh?

  9. You want to know another one of Putin’s mistakes? Remember the CNN shitbag on the Country 404 border as Russian tanks were driving past? If he were truly on the border “reporting”, Russian military should have immediately killed him and his crew and torched their carcasses. It’s literally a no-brainer military decision. Enemy combatants who are there giving your position away to Globo-Pedo forces sent to kill you. Ideally such “reporters” should have been liquidated long before anything was in their sight. The “report” was very likely more bullshit spewed by gaslight media. For all we know, this could have been footage taken 3 years ago in Syria with voice-over and a green screen. It’s CNN so don’t expect it to be anything resembling factual.

  10. I was and am still hoping for a (relatively) quick, clean decisive Russian victory, and a total surrender of Ukraine gov’t and military forces. Whether that eventually results in a bifurcated Ukraine, or a Ukranian “puppet” regime of Russia’s liking it does not matter. Russia is not going to back down off of this and let it go, and it’s understandable as to why.

    Meanwhile, jew Zelinskiy is handing out AK-47s to untrained civvies and releasing criminal gangsters from prison hoping that they’ll fight in a guerilla war, and likely get slaughtered. Makes for nice atrocity pornography that will realty get the juices flowing and blood pumping.

    I can imagine the only alternatives to my preferred outcome as being exponentially worse for us – /our side/ – and much of everyone else for that matter as well.

    • Meanwhile, jew Zelinskiy is handing out AK-47s to untrained civvies and releasing criminal gangsters from prison hoping that they’ll fight in a guerilla war, and likely get slaughtered. Makes for nice atrocity pornography that will realty get the juices flowing and blood pumping.

      Funny how the same folks who want to disarm white folks from defending themselves against dindus and foreign gang-bangers are all excited about Jew-Klown handing out real AK-47 assault rifles to civilians and criminals (you can’t get such a rifle in the USSA unless it was made before 1986, you’re in the right state and have passed the ATF procto-exam and paid the tax – not to mention the 3-4 grand for the old AK-47 itself). It’s almost certainly a trap of course. Gaslight media doesn’t have enough real corpses to show so the Ukro-“nazis” and western mercs will simply slaughter those with free guns and the gaslight-journos will show the bodies and gravely state the Russians slaughtered innocent civilians. All the stupid women (of whatever gender) on Twatter and Faceberg will of course cry and scream for Joey Shitpants to send in the marines right away.

      Those Ukies genuinely interested in fighting Globo-Pedo had best head for the Russian lines. If your enemy is handing you a weapon, it’s not for your good or for your defense. Would you take a gun from Castro’s little bastard?

    • Oh yeah, they can’t wait to release images of shot-through female Ukrainian civilian volunteers.

  11. Brad has a solid take here. We’re just spectators.

    Putin is the Russian equivalent of a neoconservative. And Ukrainian freedumb won’t mean Ukrainian nationalism, but its suppression. A Ukraine integrated into the EU would turn Kiev into Marseilles, which is now an African city. If Europe was by Europeans and for Europeans I’d support the EU 100% but that’s not the world we live in. And don’t get me started on Burgerland’s kosher mystery-meat dildo empire.

    Retarded Americans, who love Puritanical battles between Good and Evil, are reading hopes into this that just aren’t there. Nick Fuentes and Lauren Witzke believe something trad is going on among dismal degenerate Russians, while Spencer feels Europe is becoming a racially conscious civilizational state. This is as goofy as Spencer’s claim that Tom Brady is an Aryan racial avatar. No.

    War has its place and I’m not anti-war; there is just nothing at stake for us here. Let “Europeans” fight their own battles.

  12. I’m not on either side because it Whites against Whites as the jews want. Hopefully, it ends soon and negotiations between the two win out over more war.

  13. Putin is no white nationalist who’s going to save Western Christian civilization. But ZOG hates him because he’s the only one who stands in their way of taking over Eastern Europe and the Near East. And that is good enough of a reason for me to side with him.

  14. Did not the Chinese embassy put out a lost claiming America has been at war more than any nation in history, indeed for much of its existence? Look up a You Tune video entitled “Why is Ukraine the West’s Fault? by a professor at the University of Chicago. It was made in 2014 but it is still spot on for what is going on now.

  15. You bet they did. It’s spot on too. Winnie might not be the friendliest bear in the woods, but even a broken watch tells the truth twice a day: Wars started by Rotten Banana Empire (Globo-Pedo). Damned few Jews died in all these wars and the tribe made tons of money off the carnage. Christ named them as the Synagogue of Satan. Behold their fruit. Reminds me of an old civil-war aftermath photo called “The Laughter of Mars”.

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