Breaking Points: Russiagaters, Neocons Pushing World War III With Russia

Dwight Eisenhower wasn’t willing to risk World War III with the Soviet Union over Hungary, but these clowns are ready to emote and virtue signal their way there over Ukraine.


  1. There are some on here who like talking about the Moshiach – the Jewish Messiah – the great Jewish war leader awaited by religious Jews whose ancestors rejected Christ.

    Well, if he survives or even emerges victorious from this, and especially if he ends up assuming a powerful position at the head of the EU…watch out for Zelensky. I am sure the thought is occurring to many other Jews (if not directly spelled out):

  2. Congrats you basically declared war on Russia right now!

    There will be hell to pay and i hope they remember who done it and who was against it

    • Nuclear explosions don’t give a damn who you are. War between the West and Russia will be the death blow for Whites. Pray it doesn’t happen.

  3. I’m not going to give that “financial panic” video you posted one more view by opening it. It may be a propaganda piece created by Western “journalists” or by the anti-Russian Fifth Column in Russia which is extremely active now, trying to make it appear that Russians are frightened, suffering, and disagree with Putin. In reality, common Russian people, who are the vast majority (except for a very small Westernized minority living in the biggest cities) are willing to make sacrifices because they know what’s really going on. They know what has to be done. They are fully supportive of the very precisely-targeted police action (de-militarisation) that is taking place in U.S.-created Khazar-kraine. The Ruble fell 30% but Russian interest rate increased 10% so there is no danger of inflation in Russia. “Americans” (the imperial “homeland” population) are the ones who are going to suffer inflation (even higher inflation) and essentially NO bank interest on savings, if they still have any savings.

    • Theres been essentially no interest on savings for a long time now. But yeah, most people don’t have any, anyway.

  4. The phony illusion of partisan divide has completely evaporated over the last week. Democrats have joined forces with Jim Eagle and Bull Connor to fight against the real enemy of Our Democracy, the USSR and Putler’s Asiatic horde.

    • You sound like the typical conservative. Says nothing when the US was invading sovereign countries for the last decade or so but believes every lie the media is telling you about the war in Ukraine. Fake news until it’s something you believe in than it’s real honest news. Hypocrite much?

    • You are putting out for the Moshiach, aren’t you Christ killer? You love you Big Mo and you need him so so bad, don’t you funboy?

    • What are you even talking about? Russia is opposed to faggotry, while it’s a sacred value in the USA. Anyone who is sane hates America.

      • Nigger worship, sexual deviant worship, and White eradication. These are now America’s primary values and what it pushes on the rest of the world.

    • Go join the Azov brigade. Zelensky and Globo-Pedo need there you to protect “liberal democracy” and maybe even the “Holy Roman Empire”. The Judeo-Christ beckons with his personal engraved copy of the Scofield Bible. Why are you sitting on your worthless ass here complaining to us? Get a plane ticket to Kyiv today. I read Zelensky’s man are handing out free AK-47s with several hundred rounds of ammo. Go right away.

    • Christop,

      Did the Log Cabin Retardicans send you here to shill for globohomo before the midterms.

      I hope they have you a ‘reach around’ when they bent you over.

  5. There is a thoughtful consensus building that this is a ‘kosher sandwich’ war, with Putin himself either badly advised or accepting to be the ‘bad guy’ and take the fall:

    The purpose of Putin’s extreme and rather clumsy actions, being firstly to bring down white nationalism and trad culture in Russia, by impoverishing Russian people so badly, they will accept a Soros-approved replacement for Putin after the war wrecks their society, the new regime much more LGBT etc

    And then the EU can outlaw trad cultures in Poland, Hungary etc … forcing them to go LGBT and pro-migrant … with the new theme that ‘right-wing nationalists’ are intrinsically ‘aggressors’, and the only permitted government is no-borders, migrant-inviting LGBT Trotskyism protected by vicious censorship

    Soros and globalist billionaires are highly linked to both Putin and Zelensky via the Chabad rabbis, essentially Mossad, and you will notice these powerful Jewish groups did nothing to prevent the invasion, they didn’t stop Zelensky from shelling and killing Russians, and did not stop Putin from mobilising a giant occupying force

    Putin should have limited himself to rolling into the actually ‘Russian’ East Ukraine, stopping any attacks on these Russians, and freeing up the Crimea waterway (which he should have done 8 years ago actually)

    But instead Putin is doing a ham-handed full-scale imperialist take-over, intrinsically bound to end badly … as dumb as when Adolf rolled into Prague in March 1939, sparking the panic leading to WW2 six months later … both using the same excuse ‘I have to occupy next door country X because it could be used as a base against me’

    • Re: “this is a kosher sandwich war (…) the Chabad rabbis, essentially Mossad, and you will notice these powerful Jewish groups did nothing to prevent the invasion, they didn’t stop Zelensky from shelling and killing Russians, and did not stop Putin from mobilising a giant occupying force”:

      @balticus: If Putin is Jewish, Hitler was Jewish, and every bad leader and every “good” leader is Jewish, every government is Jewish, every political and social movement is Jewish, and even China and Korea are Jewish, everything is Jewish. Is that what you believe? Reductio ad absurdum

  6. I truly hope China reclaims their renegade island of China no latter than the Ides of March.

    To hell with the G.A.Z.E. Empire. Knowing ZOG, they probably are turned on by humiliation kink.

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