Fiona Hill: We’re Already In World War III

We are not in World War III.

The political establishment in Washington is starting World War III.


“For many people, watching the Russian invasion of Ukraine has felt like a series of “He can’t be doing this” moments. Russia’s Vladimir Putin has launched the largest ground war in Europe since the Second World War. It is, quite literally, mind-boggling.

That’s why I reached out to Fiona Hill, one of America’s most clear-eyed Russia experts, someone who has studied Putin for decades, worked in both Republican and Democratic administrations and has a reputation for truth-telling, earned when she testified during impeachment hearings for her former boss, President Donald Trump.

I wanted to know what she’s been thinking as she’s watched the extraordinary footage of Russian tanks rolling across international borders, what she thinks Putin has in mind and what insights she can offer into his motivations and objectives. …

Hill spent many years studying history, and in our conversation, she repeatedly traced how long arcs and trends of European history are converging on Ukraine right now. We are already, she said, in the middle of a third World War, whether we’ve fully grasped it or not. …”

How is that return to normalcy going?

Did anyone think that Joe Biden would be steering us into World War III by March?

Note: The tweet about how the groupthink of the infamous Acela Corridor Twitter Bubble is driving the conflict and driving radical changes in policy hit the target.


    • Did you read all of that Unz article you linked? It claims that Covid is a U.S.-created bioweapon deployed against China. I take the position that it is a naturally-evolved zoonotic disease, although the U.S. definitely does maintain, produces, and has used biological weapons. In the last few days the Empire has lost several biological facilities it operated in Khazar-kraine.

      • Did you read the entire series of articles Unz has written since February 2020? I suggest you do so. The case made by Unz for the bioweapon is quite overwhelming. The connection between Fauci, Kaldec and Big Pharma is there too with the empire’s bio-weapons program in countries worldwide. “Gain of function” is merely a codeword for weaponization. The vaccines were not designed for the virus. The virus was designed for the vaccines. Moderna’s patent preceded the introduction of the virus. The empire’s narrative on the pandemic is basically imploding now with the revelation that the vaccines don’t prevent transmission, don’t reduce severity, and at least 6% of the batches distributed produces lethal side effects in great number. Funeral directors and life insurers have spilled the beans on this massive evil. If enough of the general public gets wind of it they’ll be dragging doctors who promoted this shit into the streets to face machete justice. Many of the docs were threatened with loss of license, etc. Hence the need for a war with Russia.

  1. Brad was wise to be against this. Not that mere citizens have any real influence but our satanic overlords are smarter than they appear. This looks like it was a trap for Putin but we will see.

    • Same here. Looks like Putin fell for it and screwed himself. He had a chance to really make the West look like the liars they are.

  2. What the banksters want, the banksters get in the bankster banana republic Chiquitastan.
    The nomenklatura apparatchiks are too insulated in the bubble of swamp gas to know that now all vassal states know their word is worthless.

      • Why did Nina marry that creepy homosexual?

        Spencer is supporting Hillary Clinton’s war against young pregnant Russian Women in the Donbass…

      • Spencer really flamed out. There are not many left from 2016. Enoch just isn’t trustworthy and most everyone else has quit, flamed out or been deplatformed. Jazzhands still has interesting things to say. I think he understands the real world order better than most.

  3. The US govt has declared war on Whites for decades, why would Russia be any different? Besides, there money to be by war.

  4. Did anyone think that Joe Biden would be steering us into World War III by March?

    Since the COVID narrative is now in full collapse, I suspected some huge distraction would be coming down the pike. I didn’t really suspect it would be Ukraine, but I wasn’t aware until very recently of how much evil bullshit the empire has been engaging in over there until quite recently.

    Here’s what the empire and it’s toadies have been up to in Dombass since 2014. This doesn’t even get into all of the damned bio-warfare labs (at least 11, maybe even 16) set up by the empire in their Ukraine puppet-state. I thought there would be some massive false-flag bullshit over Iran, but it looks like Globo-Pedo has elected to take down Putin’s Russia. Never forget who the greater enemy is. While it’s a mistake to assume either Putin or Xi are friends, neither are they they greater enemy. Mitt Wormney and Lindsay Graham are far worse enemies than either Putin, Xi, or Rocket-man in North Korea will ever be. If you’re siding with Globo-Pedo, you have joined the enemy’s ranks. Failure to understand this basic set of facts on the ground will earn you a Darwin award, at best.

  5. DC desperately needs this war to distract from everything they have done, are doing, and plan to do. They do not care how many people they kill for their owners, the more the better, as long as they get to keep their gilded power. If the war winds down, they will instigate, and/or initiate some other catastrophe. They want their new world order, and if everyone else has to die for it, so be it.

    As of now, there are peace talks going on between Russia and Ukraine. Brussels has declared that Ukraine “is one of them, and belongs with them”. In the background, Denmark has authorized it’s citizens to go to Ukraine to fight the Russians. Several of the old east bloc countries are giving Ukraine a bunch of old Soviet hardware, including 55 Mig-29 fighters. It is only a matter of time before mistakes are made as a result of these and other developing events.

    But wait! I have an idea! Voat Moar Harder!

    • But wait! I have an idea! Voat Moar Harder!

      That was really cruel – and extremely well put. Here’s a better idea (for real): Pray for Christ’s will to be done in Ukraine. I can guarantee you that it this absolutely THE OPPOSITE of what Joe Biden, Lindsay Graham, Pope Nosferatu, Satan Klaus, Bill Gates, George Soros, High-Fellatin’ Franny the Anti-Pope or the entire Globo-Pedo establishment want for Ukranians or anyone else on the planet. Every person on the above list serves another master altogether, whose ministry is to steal, kill and destroy.

  6. Fiona Hill is English. It is the English who President Biden is taking orders from. It was the English behind Russiagate and all the Trump attacks. The attacks on Trump and the State Department instigated Ukraine coup were part of the English plan to WW3 with Russia, with us Americans doing dying and the bleeding.

  7. History repeats itself, about a thousand years later, as the modern Khazars are pushed back from Kiev the ancient capital of Russia. Around 900 AD the Viking Rus chief Oleg, successor to Rurik, expelled the Khazars from Kiev. That was followed by the first Russian golden age (before the Mongol invasion) of Nestor, Saint Olga, Vladimir the First and Yaroslav the Wise who fought against and pushed back the Khazarian Empire:

      • I could also see why a modern jew would want to plant the idea of that as a false history.

        • I wish I could remember (his) name. He did say something like that. That it was a diversion to thwart antisemitism.
          They really are big story tellers. Look at the bible. Their god makes man imperfect and decides gadzillions of people will inherit an “original sin”, so he can have his “son” come and die to appease himself, to save man.

  8. I can remember decades ago Christian evangelists telling us America would not be involved in the end times scenario because some event or catastrophe would take them out. It does look like the American Globalist Empire is terminal.

    • They think they are going to be “raptured” or beamed up to heaven to avoid all of the pain and suffering as a reward for their loyalty.

  9. Thanks for hosting a real NON- echo chamber forum here with room for serious commenters with many different views besides your own view of Southern nationalism.

    Mintpress News just published an excellent biographical expose of the biggest star of Faux “news,” Tucker Carlson: Carlson dependably serves his target audience “neglected truths” that their ears are itching to hear, laced with a few crucial lies. His disinformation about Russian defense against U.S. aggression in Khazar-kraine is very instructive, a little more obvious than usual.

  10. Twitter doesn’t drive policy, twitter reflects policy decisions made by the Jews and women in positions of power and the chorus of loyalty-signalling and one-upmanship is entirely contrived by those people for those people.

  11. Putin needs to win this thing quickly. Asshole Eyes Biden & his kike butt-puppeteers want it to drag out for months as a midterms distraction from their catastrophic shitlibbery.

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