Jen Psaki: “We Are Not Going To Have a Military War With Russia”

You can take that to the bank.

We’re not going to spiral our way into World War III over this. This is nothing like how FDR maneuvered us into World War II by crushing Japan’s economy.


      • That is quite true, and not just in Syria but in Ukraine as well. Putin seems to have waited too long. He should have taken out the NATO-puppet state in 2015 or the year after. His patience allowed Globo-Pedo to move in large amounts of advanced gear and numerous troops serving as mercs and “advisors”. Meanwhile the Ukro-nazis, mercs, et al shelled Dombass region and cities endlessly for 8 years, leaving 14,000 dead there (mostly civilians). That’s just arm-chair generalship on my part and should be taken for what it is (my knowledge of situation is limited of course). There may well be reasons Putin could not have done this until now of which I am quite unaware. Trumpkins please note than your boy did zero to stop the arming of the Globo-Pedo regime, mercs, etc. because he was too bust fellating Jews at every opportunity.

    • Yes. Giving only one side weapons certainly is war. Just like Bullshit War 1 and Bullshit War 2.

  1. Well you red haired whore it´s way past your decision now!, you poked and poked and you are about to get what you asked for

    There is nothing stopping this train now, it may delay it a yr or two but the US will never get off Russias back until it´s too late

    Personally i look forward to this even if it costs me my own life there must be some justice in the world,

  2. Good news: Russia reports that a safe-passage corridor has been opened for civilians to leave Kiev. “All civilians in the city can freely leave the capital along the Kiev-Vasilkov highway. This direction is open and safe. The armed forces of the Russian Federation strike only at military targets. Nothing threatens the civilian population.” Russian forces have also crossed the Dneiper in the direction of Odessa, and two cities midway between Kiev and Crimea have been liberated, as a noose begins to form around the Khazar-krainian militias still in place bombarding Donbass and holding out in Mariupol, Belorussian forces have just crossed the border and beginning to advance in the north. Four more U.S. Department of “Defense” biological “research” labs have been completely incinerated with thermobaric bombs, and another nuclear power plant was made safe today under Russian control. This is all happening extremely fast, especially considering the extreme care that is being taken not to harm civilians or damage any civilian infrastructure while Khazar-kraine is being de-militarized. It is amazing that electricity, internet and other public utilities are continuing to function almost everywhere. Remember it took Hitler’s blitzkreig forces almost a month to advance as far as Kiev, with no such care being taken for the safety of civilians. Speaking of Germany:

    • The Germans did not blitzkreig into Poland and Ukraine in Barbarossa, anon. The time of the blitzkreig was over. They were so slow to reach Kiev because they were slowed by the horses.

      Yes, the horses. Horses still pulled their artillery and other heavy equipment in 1941. As General Guderion explained in his memoirs, he and Rommell and others Generals pleaded with Hitler to fully motorize the armoured units, but the eternal corporal refused. Hitler sided with certain older Generals who just liked horses, so they kept them.

      And that is why they did not take Moscow. Every day they were slowed by the horses, who were still pulling artillery because of that Horse’s Ass in Berlin.

      In 2022 the Russians are having problems with the mud. The dumbass waited too long, till the Olympics were over, and now his armoured units are hindered by the mud. For the most part they just have to stay on the roads. Progress continues, but slowly.


      • The Wehrmacht were too far ahead of their supply lines. Having completely motorized artillery wouldn’t change that fact.

        Have you spoken irl to German soldiers that fought on the Eastern Front? I have, and they said that fuel trucks were sabotaged with water somewhere between Ukraine and the front lines often.

        Hitler’s three biggest mistakes was being too humanitarian, being an Anglophile, and not using the nerve gas that Germany had developed.

        • Hitler got out from under the world banking system, and had the fastest growing economy the world has ever seen.
          Which is far more than any of these Republican or Democrat pols you guys like.
          Hitler knew what was wrong, and didn’t talk circles around it.
          In 1944, he said the US was too far gone because of the “negrification” and “judification” here.
          Just because people admire what Hitler did, doesn’t make them a cultist.
          It’s the concept of seeing the application of good philosophies and politics.

          • Oh if he could see the level of “negrification” and “judification” now. A true prophet. Too bad he wasn’t a better strategist.

      • Barbarossa was an incredibly stupid idea. That’s why I’m not a Hitler cultist.

        I know horses were widely used by the German (and Red) army, but that was because they just didn’t have enough motorized vehicles available for the Eastern Front. And probably not enough petrol for them either.

      • He had to in order to get Xi to back him up. The real prize has to be the Kiev government, getting in there and getting hold of the documents, computers, individuals and finding out the exact details of how they were CIA puppets. They probably also want to close down the flow of weapons into the country.

  3. I pray that the innocent be spared. And that means the US, Canada, Ukraine AND Russia.
    The Jews have unleashed the whirlwind. Why we didn’t do what they said we did in WWII, I’ll never know….

  4. The one thing you can always count on with regime mouthpieces is that they lie whenever you see their lips move.

  5. No pretty pink world conquering tour for the fabulous 69th rainbow rump rangers?
    Who will make the world safe for woke globohomo?

  6. Everything the US govt is going from sanctions and banning Russian goods such as Vodka is man act of war or aggression.

  7. ZOG has been trying to demonize and marginalize Putin ever since he replaced that drunken buffoon Boris Yeltsin over 20 years ago.

    • They thought Putin was safe. He assured the U.S. that “nothing will change” (that they could go on raping Russia like they did under Yeltsin) but Putin either changed his mind afterward or he wasn’t telling the U.S. the truth.

      U.S. intelligence got three traitors in a row right: Andropov, Gorbachev and Yeltsin. The U.S.’s choice of Yeltsin (installed by the U.S.) was perfect, but installing Putin was a mistake.

  8. After the Cold War ended the West could have enjoyed 50 or maybe even 100 years of peace. But that’s not what ZOG wanted. No sooner did the USSR dissolve then the US began to engage in unrestrained military aggression against Iraq, Iran, Afghanistan, Syria, Serbia, Libya and now Russia. For the sake of world peace the USA and Israel must be destroyed.

  9. I don’t think Europe will be the impetus for a major war. China taking Taiwan could be, though. Last year I did not believe China would take Taiwan. I believed they would just wait a few years and it would become a fait accompli. I believed that economic factors and the American empire declining and becoming more unhinged would drive Taiwan to the Chinese sphere without the need for military pressure. They would simply have more to gain siding with China than with the USA.

    But China may now be watching the situation in Ukraine and they may determine that acting sooner rather than later is in their best interest.

  10. I heard Wesley Clark, former NATO general under Clintton, demand a no fly zone over Ukraine enforced by the United States Air Force. This is the same person what stated there was no place for ethnically homogenous nations in Europe during the Balkan wars.

  11. Furries in the us military are chomping at the bit to sashay into Ukraine.

    Don’t break their spirit Jen.

  12. Maybe an atomic war wouldn’t be such a bad thing. We need a Great Cleansing to get rid of all the stupid, useless weaklings and parasites.

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