Tucker Carlson: Don’t Fall For Moral Blackmail

I agree.

This is also my impression.

We’re watching a bunch of fools who are steering our foreign policy, especially women and feminized liberal men who are Twitter addicts, living vicariously through the Ukrainians. These people are emoting and virtue signaling their way into World War III. They are making a series of rash, highly emotional decisions without giving much thought to the long term consequences.


“Russia’s invasion of Ukraine is a very big deal and a very bad thing. Permit me to stipulate that, before going on to observe that the event has also triggered the latest outbreak of mass hysteria among the Western ruling class, the severest yet.

Just when sobriety, responsibility, probity, and diplomatic skill are most needful, our pundits and policymakers offer the opposite: trembling emotion, cheap propaganda, wild fantasies, a refusal to dialogue and de-escalate. And the worst part is: It’s all so damned familiar. Once more, we are falling—or rather, being driven—into structural information traps that hamper sound decision-making and force policy choices we might regret dearly when it’s too late. …”

I know enough about this conflict to know that it is complex and that it is really none of our business and we should stay out of it because we have no vital interest at stake.

We’re seeing insane nonsense though like the idea that we can just crush Russia’s currency and economy and flood Ukraine with Western weapons or establish a no-fly zone over Ukraine and shoot down Russia aircraft without unleashing a tit-for-tat that could spiral out of control.

The Scholar’s Stage:

“The Western response to Russian invasion falls hard and fast. The actions of the E.U., the Anglosphere nations, and Japan are both extraordinary and consequential: multiple NATO states have brazenly declared their intent to arm Ukrainian forces with conventional ammunition, precision munitions, and even military aircraft. European airspace is closed to all Russian planes. Western capitals have not only announced sanctions on Kremlin oligarchs, but also restrictions on Russia’s central bank. Russian institutions are being removed from the SWIFT system. The Norwegians— in a maneuver sure to be copied—have dumped all Russian assets in their sovereign wealth fund. Olaf Scholz repudiated the last decade of German defense and energy policy with one speech. And now there is talk of bringing Sweden and Finland into NATO. …

This is a powerful framework for understanding foreign policy crises. Catastrophic misjudgment rests on the convergence of two elements: an emergent sense that there is a moral imperative to act paired with a breakdown in the formal decision-making processes designed to force policy makers to carefully weigh the potential consequences of their decisions. Combined these elements make for a “pattern of misjudgement” that changes the way officials “weigh the costs and benefits” of their decisions, as they shift from an attitude of “analytical nuance” to “morally charged commitment to acting almost regardless of consequence.”

The first element of the diad is inevitable. The demand to “do something” is a certain sequel to the high emotions of danger and outrage—be they emotions prompted by a terrorist attack in the heart of America or an invasion on the marchlands of Europe. The “interagency” system was partially designed with this inevitably in mind. When working properly, it leads officials to confront their own assumptions and emotions. But the system is not infallible. For the Bush administration the default to intuition was the product of a dysfunctional national security team; the bureaucratic acumen and fractious interpersonal conflicts of its leading officials destroyed all procedural guide-rails that might have brought the administration back down to reality. We still suffer the consequences of that procedural implosion. …”

We have opened up Pandora’s Box on a whim.

Steve Cortes:

“Among the cognoscenti of the Western capitals of politics and finance, the chorus screams unanimously for ever-escalating economic sanctions against Russia. Lost amidst the cacophony of those calling for a historic financial bloodletting is a dispassionate and careful analysis of the potential peril of such unprecedented collective actions.

Specifically, for the first time ever, the powers of the Western World align to purposefully and willfully destroy the currency of a major power – and not just any power, but the most armed nuclear force on earth. The decision to essentially de-bank the entire country of Russia, save very key carve-outs (more on those elements in a moment), represents a brash entry into a heretofore uncharted path of the weaponization of money.

After all, even the despicable Nazi regime during WWII did not face this level of monetary attack. In fact, the Germans transacted internationally via the Bank of International Settlements, which remained neutral in a Switzerland which was then committed to that over-arching principle. ….

Even a columnist for the Washington Post recognized the potential massive and dangerous unknowable ramifications of such actions. …”

Joe Biden promised a “return to normalcy.”

The last 48 hours have made the Trump administration look like a walk in the park in summer. Nothing has happened that is remotely this crazy since 1914 or 1939.

Note: It is worth remembering that World War I began in the Balkans and World War II began over Poland. The U.S. entered World War II when Japan struck Pearl Harbor after it was crushed by sanctions.


  1. Fox went full retard this evening with their extremely unfair and unbalanced Putin-bashing. Glad I finally cut the cable so they won’t get any more financial support from me.

    • Why?? Putin is defending the Russian people from the predator. What reason could there be?

      It is our ability to reason that separates us from the animals, is it not Christ killer?

    • Don’t tell all of Alt-Lite Putin-worshipping fags that – they see Putin and Russia as some kind of Crusaders against the GloboHomo Agenda – when, in reality – nobody is coming to save them.

      • Nobody here has said Putin is coming to save them. You need to go over to the Magatards who still think Dumpf and Q are coming to save them. That fantasy is even less likely than Putin or Xi riding in like St. George to slay the Globo-Pedo dragon. If you think fighting Putin is that important, you’ve already been provided the link to go and join the Azov battalion. Be sure to fill out your will and leave everything to the ADL. The Judeo-Christ and Satan Klaus thank you for your service.

  2. HW,

    Are you going to post Richard Spencer’s take on the conflict in Ukraine? He was on JFG’s odysee show tonight.

    I didn’t watch it because it was the dinner hour, and I didn’t want to do involuntary “spit takes.”

  3. Zelensky is a Jew, and he doesn’t get northern European logic, which is don’t make threats you can’t keep.

    The Russians have Kiev/Kyiv surrounded and are slowly, and methodically choking the shit out of Zelensky.

    Will our news media interview Zelensky in his bunker?

  4. I’ve got to hand it to Tucker, Tulsi, and you, Hunter. It takes Lindbergh-level stoicism to be able to keep breathing while doing the American crawl day after day in sea to shining sea lunacy. Granted, the famed aviator-statesman was up against an airtight media monopoly, but its 21st century demise is more than made up for by a vast, slavering mob of virtually unchecked bluechecks hell-bent on retribution. Even that wouldn’t be enough to matter were it not for the fact the majority of those in power not only listen to but also have become rabble rousing enablers of the Twitter mob. Nearly every calm voice of reason has now been, in some form or other, banned.

  5. The Entire Judaic Supremacist World Order must come down. Pogroms are necessary. Starting at home.

    And (while some may think I’m being disingenuous) it appears than an Austrian Painter….was totally right.

  6. Ironic, the same “liberal” crowd that embraced the warnings of the dark comedy Dr. Strangelove are the warmongers now. The psychopathic colonel trying to start WWIII is their hero now. Our “leaders” don’t give a damn about Ukraine, Russia, Europe and least of all, us. They seem to have nothing but an insatiable blood lust. I fear the worst.

  7. I think WI and II began in a smelly, secret board room full of satanic, pedophile bankers.

  8. Re: “Tucker Carlson: Don’t Fall For Moral Blackmail”:

    A better title would be: Don’t Fall For Tucker Carlson! It would be a form of torture, or masochism, to have to watch that evil show! Just as there are no “good pornographers” and no “good prostitutes,” there are also no real journalists in the so-called free press (for-profit, corporate, mainstream news media) only hired, career “presstitutes” who ALL sell their souls for money!

  9. It is not complex…the Azov Brigade was slaughtering young pregnant Russian Women in Donbass with artillery shells….this was the Negro Obama Administrations Policy towards Slavic Russia……Vladimir Putin a decent and honorable Slavic Man put an end to it……..Why do you think the Ukraine War is complicated to understand?

    God Bless Slavic Russia!!!

    God bless Vladimir Putin!!!

    I’m buying Vodka today in East Hampton and South Hampton….Stoli variety….

  10. Re: “it is complex and that it is really none of our business and we should stay out of it”:

    Sounds just like something Tucker Carlson would say.

    But the TRUTH is not complex at all. It is very plain and simple. And it IS our business because it is OUR WAR, that WE have been fighting (by proxy) against Russia for many years. Until now Russia has been too weak and destabilized BY US – actually almost destroyed by us in the 1990s – to really fight back.

    To say that “we should stay out of it” is extremely misleading, because we ARE in it, and we HAVE been in it. It was OUR war from the very beginning. It is WE (the “people” or population of the homeland of the Anglo-Zionist global Empire) who nurtured and stoked the anti-Russian HATE in Galicia, with our taxpayer funded propaganda machine at least since the 1980s. WE are the ones who originally (since the 1990s) trained and supplied, and continue to spend BILLIONS of our tax dollars to supply and support these gangs of drug-addicted psychopathic anti-Russian terrorists (the so-called “Ukrainian patriot” militias) who are persecuting and killing the Great Russian people who constitute the MAJORITY of the population of so-called “Ukraine,” who speak Russian as their first or only language, and write and read Cyrillic and belong to the Russian Orthodox Church.

    It is also our business because WE (the Anglo-Zionist global Empire) did the Maidan colour revolution and coup d’etat, and we engineered the latest puppet presidency (Zelensky). Everyone who dies in this HOT stage of our long war is blood on OUR hands. Everything that is destroyed is our fault. WE have already spent many billions to create this hell. Now we must pay many billions more in reparations to rebuild Russia. WE owe it because we live safe, secure, and content in the belly of the Beast. WE give our consent so we are responsible and we must pay for whatever the Beast does. So we can’t “stay out of it,” because we are in it, and we can’t slip out it now (get out for free).

    • I’m fully aware of this.

      I was stating my own preference. Obviously, I am not running our foreign policy.

    • @anonymous Blaming the citizens of our country, or any country, is worthless. Most people are totally powerless when it comes to national and foreign policies. If you look at what the truckers went through in Canada, and how they wound up arrested, you can see how the masses are simply slaves to the system.

    • “It is also our business because WE (the Anglo-Zionist global Empire) did the Maidan colour revolution and coup d’etat, and we engineered the latest puppet presidency (Zelensky). Everyone who dies in this HOT stage of our long war is blood on OUR hands. Everything that is destroyed is our fault. WE have already spent many billions to create this hell. Now we must pay many billions more in reparations to rebuild Russia. WE owe it because we live safe, secure, and content in the belly of the Beast. WE give our consent so we are responsible and we must pay for whatever the Beast does. So we can’t “stay out of it,” because we are in it, and we can’t slip out it now (get out for free).”

      You might as well stop trying to inject your fake guilt vax into us. I know that I had sure as shit had nothing to do with bringing this goatfuck on. For over 20 years, I’ve done the little I could do as an individual to oppose every war of aggression Uncle Shmuel has engaged in, no matter which One Party figurehead signed off on them. I “gave my consent” to nothing.

      All to no avail of course, since we’re all just fleas along for the ride on the back of this kosher mad dog.

      The kikes, the Cultural Marxist “blue check” scum and the patriotards & MAGA monkeys who fall for every teah-joikah story concocted by the feds & their judenpresse whores to get them to acquiesce to every new aggression have blood on THEIR hairy hands, not us,

      I do acknowledge that as a matter of political reality we will nevertheless be forced to foot the bill, just like always.

    • You obviously know the history, anon. No argument about the basic fact that Wokeunduh and its Globo-Pedo empire have been waging war on Russian for well over two decades. Keep in mind however that that average Murikan can’t locate Ukraine on a map any more than they can locate Syria or Afghanistan. They literally don’t know shit. That’s what you get with decades of Jew-run teacher unions and Jew-controlled federal bureaucrats running public schools. They fall for the voting scam of course and are confused when they notice (rarely) that things are quite unidirectional. Vote moar harder is designed to fail. Even if votes counted for anything, the electorate is so hopelessly stupid they’ll fall for whatever scam is hatched by the next grifter to come along, Trump being the latest very effective example. We all see how well that one worked for us. (It worked fine and dandy for the enemy, for the Kushner crime family, etc.) The Church of Woke grew a lot under the “God-Emperor” who supposedly wanted to “Make America Great Again”. So did the Ukrainian puppet-regime’s inventory of advanced weaponry.

      *Don’t borrow money

      *Don’t send kids to public school

      *Don’t join imperial legions

      *Do what you can to opt out of the system

      *Don’t support the enemy (Disney, Pedowood, etc)

      Some simple steps anyone can take to resist. There are no doubt many more. The regime is hooked on fake-money and the usury racket. If enough stopped borrowing the gears will start to grind. The racket will ultimately collapse and social security and all of the various welfare spigots will go dry. Badge-gang will walk away once Blackrock steals their pensions. They have it coming. The collapse will cause the break up into separate regions.

  11. I guess we’re going to have to hear about the war for the next months or years depending how long it goes on. Never let a good crisis go to waste.

    • Some politoco scumbag doing after-action analysis of the Sate of the Union said it could take 10 to 20 years. Boy, wouldn’t the deep state and MIC really love that.

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