Hannity Calls For Regime Change In Russia

If you tuned out this evening after Tucker Carlson, you missed out on this on the Boomer Power Hour. Even Hillary Clinton wasn’t this emotional and deranged tonight on Rachel Maddow.

Note: This is why I still have no intention of voting in the midterms. We’re not going to get anywhere until these people are forced to retire.


  1. I’m surprised that he takes Trump’s scotum out of his lying mouth to make such inflammatory statements.

      • Smart comment.Amren is an obvious Jew run operation that harps on the symptoms but never ever gets around to why things are so.

        • Thanks. I’m glad others have figured it out. They remove comments and ban anyone who talks about the JQ. Then they say their leader has no opinions on it. They just keep people complaining and whining about Negro crime and low IQs.

  2. The midterms will be a disaster. Both parties accusing the other of being “soft on Russia” and competing over who will nuke Russia harder. I want to say this propaganda won’t take hold in the populace, but that might be too optimistic. Boomers will eat it up as usual, but the younger generations hopefully will not.

    • Pro war propaganda will be the only thing to bolster Biden’s sagging numbers. Ironic and sad.

  3. As if that douchebag boomer Hannity gives a damn about civilian casualties. Palestinian kids are getting massacred by the IDF all the time and I’ve never heard him say one word about it.

    I’m starting to wonder if our castizo Mexican princess is really a freelance ZOG infiltrator working out of his home in Falls Church, VA?

    • I wondered that too, since “she” called me “a racist” on here (!!!) and said I was stalking her, since I replied to her on here. I avoid anyone like that, since they constantly praise HW and are pushy.

    • @Spahnranch,

      Would you care to elaborate on your new found suspension of Cristina?

      Seriously, I’m asking.

      Personally, I believe that she’s what Striker calls a Catholic integralists. He is of what concur with opinion that both the paleoconservatives and Catholic integralists are failing in regards to the conflict in Ukraine.

      • Damn gibberish.

        I meant to write that I concur with Striker on his evaluation of paleoconservative and Catholic integralists.

    • I agree Spahnranch,the beaner lady is most likely just another Tel Aviv noser.She/it tries to create dissension.Who needs non-White allies anyway.

  4. Sean Hannity is a worthless ZioGloboHomo assclown. He’s the typical “conservative” who has made peace with sodomite marriage and is now concerned about high rates of sodomite divorce. And so it goes with every issue. I respect (some) actual liberals more than him.

  5. No politician is forced to retire until he or she is voted out. Hunter, your abstention from voting is counterproductive.

    • Wrong. Voting is utterly useless. Your “choice” of candidates is in fact no different than the “choice” offered to voters in the USSR, who was actually more honest about it. There the “choice” consisted of communist party members. Here the “choice” consists of those who support Globo-Pedo. Some wear the D-jerseys others wear the R-jerseys, but they are on the same team. You are clueless. Trump is no different from Biden. He couldn’t even order the legions out of Trashcanistan (he hight have said he did, but they remained anyway). Your “god-emperor” managed to come out with a list of pardons nearly as odious as those of Bill Clinton (his pal and fellow Epstein customer).

    • Voting Republican gives your consent to be governed by the Democrats if the treasonous Republicans don’t win….This is how it works moron…

  6. This is all the fault of Angela Merkel—the Communist Angela Merkel. Well, I don’t keep these political things straight in my mind the way you do, Mr. W., but I do remember thinking, back in 1990, or whenever it was, after the fall of the Berlin Wall, “Why are we reuniting East and West Germany? The Russians are broke, just let their troops wander back home, if they have enough gasoline to get there. Just let Communism fade away. Don’t bring these Commified persons from long-Communist East Germany into the West.” Well–the reunification took place, and eventually Merkel, one of those East German Communists, became leader of Germany and ruined the West.

    Please don’t ask me to cite evidence, because I’m just going by my gut-memory here. It just always seemed to me that Merkel hated the U.S. and hated the non-Communist West and that she herself hoped, in a way, to restore the Soviet Union. I think that that’s why she favored this Nord Stream pipeline thing, which would have the double effect of revitalizing Russia (at least somewhat) and entangling the NATO countries with Russia. I always had a feeling that that’s what Trump sensed, that that was why he badmouthed NATO. It wasn’t really that he thought NATO had outlived its usefulness; rather, it was that he realized NATO had been hijacked, turned into an anti-capitalist, anti-American alliance, one in which America, with its remnant capitalism, was regarded as philistine.

    When I considered submitting the present comment, I went to Google and searched “Angela Merkel and Nord Stream.” The three following articles, which, to some extent, support what I’m saying, came up:




    I’ve just found the following:


    (“Nord Stream 2: Russia must not use gas pipeline as weapon, says Merkel”–August 2021. It’s a bit late for that, sister.)

    And this:

    (“Biden’s Surrender to Merkel on Nord Stream 2—His support for the pipeline abandoned a bipartisan consensus, got nothing in return, and made the world less secure.”)

    Even the words “The Cold War is over” were always a lie, as a friend of mine pointed out in the first years after they appeared. They were used, as he more or less said, simply to keep the West from continuing to punch Russia when Russia was on the ropes.

  7. I have tried to limit my interactions with all of this mess, but I feel like I’m failing. I thought we were all getting on the “Big Pharma and Big War are bad” train a few yrs ago, but I was obviously deluded with fairy dust and fantasy.

  8. The Irish Roman Catholic blowhards are all blowing hard.

    @Brad There are Ukrainian TV clips of Zelensky playing the piano with his penis, in a piano penis duet, and other clips of Zelensky dancing with other male dancers in drag. I’m sure you have seen them.

  9. Moon of Alabama has good coverage of the war. Recommend. Hannity is a papist. Biden is Knights of Malta. This is at root a religious war, papists and jews (always together) vs orthodox.

  10. Hannity and Pat Robertson. Jewish cucksockers, both of them.

    “Oh, Lord, how long do we have to suffer these fools?”

    DIE ALREADY. Before you commit more lies.

    • I always wondered how Robertson could praise a religion that rejects and mocks their leader, Christ. Belief in Christ as God’s son and Redeemer is the cornerstone of the Christian faith, yet these guys just ignore that and praise the tribe. It’s not even about who killed Christ, either, that was supposed to happen according to their prophecies.

  11. Regime Change? When have we heard that before? It’s the summation of Neocon foreign policy. Do these psychotic idiots think Putin is just another 3rd world strongman without nukes that they can easily topple? The hubris of our “leaders” and pundits has no bounds and is liable to get a lot of us killed. But I guess it’s all worth for our “freedom and democracy” which they are busily dismantling.

    • “Regime change!”: What Hannity moans when forced to pleasure himself, because Mrs. Hannity has a headache or is off with the gardner.

  12. Again I won’t open a Fox video link that you posted. I won’t give even one more view to the Murdoch “news” (propaganda) machine, which INCLUDES Carlson.

    EXPOSE OF CARLSON: https://www.mintpressnews.com/tucker-carlson-biography-nicaragua-cia/279782/

    You can see that Carlson isn’t “being forced by his employer” to tell all those half-truths (lies) about Russia. He really means every word of it.

    Fox News is worse, even more dangerous, than the other channels, and I don’t follow any of them!

    • Yes anon it has some fairly damning evidence that TC is a deep-staat plant, a fairly sophisticated one too. He’s a fake populist, not anything resembling Huey Long. That said, one must take that report with a shaker or two of salt as also it parrots standard Church of Woke lies about Jesse Helms and the Bolshevik Jew-owned shitbag MLK.

  13. In every level of white society Boomers are clinging on to power with a boney, white knuckled death grip. Rather than groom successors and pass the torch they seem to be intent on driving everything into the ground.

    • That’s a problem which goes back much further than boomers. Franco had several decades to build an organization in Spain and failed to do so. Likewise for Pinochet in Chile. Peron in Argentina (who was more to the left-populist side) actually did build something of one there, but it seems to have been washed away by Globo-Pedo now. Putin has no real organization, and he’s not even much of a nationalist. Too many focus on the ‘great man’ notion. There’s only so much a great man can do – even a truly great one.

      Life ends and Globo-Pedo plays the long game. Soros has a sons and a large organization. Gramsci’s long march through the institutions required a century but they have total control now – even the entire western church. RC was infiltrated by Jew-funded pedos starting in the 1920s. Now one is the anti-pope, destroying what’s left after the Vatican II disaster.

      Examples abound. Lothrop Stoddard penned his warning a century ago. Nobody paid attention. Henry Ford and others warned us in the 1930s and 40s. Nobody paid them heed. Warnings continued from writers in the 50s and 60s. Ignored. There are reasons we got to where we are. The boomers are the inevitable result of the fecklessness of their own parent and grandparents – not that this excuses them for we are all without excuse. If you are under some delusion that subsequent generations are less pozzed, take a look at any photo of a BLM march. Not many boomers but plenty of younger whites, especially women.

      • Boomer whites may not be marching in BLM marches, but they partake in other ways. They give plenty of money to “causes” and keep pushing for “equality”. I’d say most of the real liberals I meet are older people.

  14. If Hannity wants regime change in Russia, he should do the following:
    1. Sell his property.
    2. Donate said property to Ukkranian charities.
    3. Join the Ukranian army.
    4. Fight, kill and/or die for his beliefs.
    He can lead by example.

  15. The Republicans always look for an opportunity to bring us into a war. And now the Democrats are following suit.

    I hope that American people continue to say no to World War III. Many more of our White brothers and sisters will be killed in Eastern Europe, which I am sure will make the anti-white bigots in America happy.

  16. Never forget what Hannity did to Roy Moore when all the Commie/liberal “wolves” went after Moore.

    But Hannity and his fellow arrogant Yankee Empire blowhards may just do us a favor by provoking Putin (along and China) into nuking the Yankee Empire off the face of this earth. The Yankee Empire’s sanctions practically starved/nutritionally depleted the South to death 160 years ago. Maybe Putin will fight back against these crippling sanctions and avenge the South at the same time.

    Secede now!

    May God Save the South!

  17. Hannity took a break from his daily routine of fellating (((neocons))) to call for regime change in Russia, that’s what he is paid for at Fox.

  18. Hannity has always been warmongering whore, especially when it comes to defending Israel. He is a self described conservative but he is more a liberal when it comes to race, “legal” immigration and beating the war drums for his jew masters. I’m glad I tuned him out decades ago.

  19. I’ve always hated 4-star Armchair General Handjobbity: the punk-ass bitch never saw a ‘Murcan war he wasn’t 100% gung-ho for OTHERS to go fight & die in.

    As for Slobbertson…Oh, any gravely serious, real-world geopolitical motivations Putin has don’t matter, cuz he just a mindless butt-puppet for Almighty Gawd, playin’ out his role in Bahble proficy so that the world can end ‘n’ JEEEEE-sus can come back ‘n’ vacuum up ol’ Patty ‘n’ the other Saved in the Rupture…never mind that his kind of fool were tongues-babblin’ the same apocalyptic jewsheeit all the way back in the 1st Gulf War.

  20. Agree Hunter Wallace,I’m done voting GOP after decades of no return on my support.Its all rigged anyway.Here we had Nikki(Nimrata Randhawa)Haley as Gov prior to the current fake conservative Mcmaster.Sens are fag Lindsay Graham and White-hating sambo Tim Scott.All but one of the Congressmen are the same Jew puppets as well.Its all fraud and rigged via the process like open primaries and billionaires buying every election.I’m done even fooling with voting.My vote is on the Master Jesus Christ.His fathers plan will bury the Jew Satanists at some point.The victory is already won.

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