Poll Watch: Joe Biden Slides Below 40% Approval

Normies are reacting to gas prices going back up. They aren’t paying close attention to the war between Russia and Ukraine.

Note: The most recent Washington Post poll also had Joe down to 37%.


  1. Joey Shitpants doesn’t care if he even knows of the numbers (assuming they are not just made up). He’s a barely sentient puppet. It does not matter if 99% of the populace hates him. The D-jerseys will only suffer minimal losses in the fall and Globo-Pedo will continue to do whatever they like. The R-jerseys have done a great job under Christie in keeping the D-jersey gerrymander in place. Now they’re busy pretending to pass voting reform laws which will all be overturned by blackrobe decree. The R-jerseys are so fake it wouldn’t even make a difference if they won massive majorities in both house and senate. They’ll still vote to approve Joey Shitpants’ blackrobes and and fund wars demanded by Jew overlords. Just look at the lineup advocating to fight a war for Globo-Pedo halfway around the world.

    As usual, 100% predictable. The “liberal democracy”, like the Holy Roman Empire, is neither liberal nor a democracy. As some anarchist observed long ago: If voting actually changed anything it would not be permitted. The only thing voting does is to give a fig-leaf of legitimacy to an utterly illegitimate government which needs to be destroyed.

  2. There is going to be so much losing, you’re going to get tired of all the losing.

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