The Atlantic: Why Ukraine’s Interests Are America’s

I beg to differ.

Yes, it is terrible what is happening in Ukraine (we’ve always said war is terrible), but it is imperial expansionists like George Packer who caused the conflict by recklessly expanding NATO to Russia’s borders. Americans are about to suffer the consequences of Joe Biden’s foolish foreign policy.

The Atlantic:

“In the short six months between the fall of Kabul and the invasion of Ukraine, the triumph of one idea was eclipsed by the appearance of another. The wars that followed 9/11 ended for Americans on August 31, 2021. They ended with relief and bitterness and the sense that the United States would now have to learn restraint—that we lacked the ability, the will, and the means to involve ourselves in the affairs of other countries. Pax Americana was over, and so was the 20 Years’ War, and now it was time to turn inward and address our own considerable problems. After all, who were we, with our political rot, our social conflicts, and our COVID disaster, to act as a leader of anything to anyone?

This view was widespread across the political firmament. The progressive version leaned pacifist, the reactionary version was nationalist, and in the center a new “realism”—a hungover awareness of limits—prevailed. This realism reminded bruised, exhausted Americans that our national interests should be narrowly defined, and that other great powers, including Russia, have interests of their own that need to be respected.

The Biden administration embraced this realism before America had finished withdrawing from Afghanistan. It seemed to believe that the U.S. would leave nothing behind there except the debris of two decades of failure—and so it neglected to ensure that the Afghans who’d allied themselves with the American project in their country would have any kind of future anywhere. The relatively open, outward-looking society that had grown up during the American war among younger Afghans in the cities, with its lively press and civic activism and new freedoms for women and girls, was abandoned with barely a second thought.

The failure in Kabul showed that the new realists didn’t understand what our national interests actually were. It took Vladimir Putin to explain them. …”

Don’t be fooled by cable television.

This view IS STILL widespread across the political firmament.

Nothing has changed here except that the political establishment has started yet another war in yet another far flung part of Eurasia in a place where the stakes are higher than ever because of Russia’s vital interest in halting NATO expansion into Ukraine. This is far more serious than the previous adventures of our neoliberal overlords in Iraq, Syria, Libya, Afghanistan, Vietnam, Serbia and so on. This conflict in Ukraine is rapidly spiraling toward a place we haven’t been in since the World Wars.


  1. FoxNews has that silly colored woman Harris Faulkner analyzing military events. The fact that the Russians have Kiev/Kyiv surrounded has finally sunk into the skulls of the FoxNews team.

    Will FoxNews start showing Zelensky in his bunker.

  2. You’re doin a good job striking the balance here I think.

    We can be totally against whats happening in Ukraine, what revanchist Russia is doing and what Zog has done to bring it about after Russia botched their management of Ukraine as one of their satellites, and still be totally opposed to our further involvement.

    Our elites aren’t governing with our consent, just like they never really have in Russia.

    We don’t owe them our mindless obeisance to their bullshit adventurism, and sure as hell don’t owe them our blood and treasure for foreign wars.

  3. You’re such a wimp, Wallace. The Russians aren’t ever going to be Our Guy. Has Putin promised you and Anglin a nice little dacha on the Black Sea?

    • You seem to be on the wrong website.

      I’m not cheering on Russia’s invasion of Ukraine like Anglin and Fuentes. I’m not taking Ukraine’s side either like Richard Spencer.

      • Spencer is a homosexual…or maybe his f….g Elsbeth Reeve…

        Hunter…you should be cheering the Russian Invasion of Ukraine….The Slavic Man Vladimir Putin has put an end to the Democratic Party=Black Lives Matter Party Policy of slaughtering young pregnant Orthodox Christian Women in the Ukraine….

        God Bless Vladimir Putin!!!

        God Bless Slavic Russia!!!!

    • Thank you for enlisting yourself and your children to fight at Stalingrad, Christop1970. Glad you believe your lives are worth laying down Washington’s geopolitical game.

  4. Here is a report of ISIS (hired by the U.S. but remember what “ISIS” really stands for: “I.sis I.S. I.srael”) proxy forces assisting the Khazar-krainian militias (and remember also the U.S. used Black (African) mercenaries to proxy-fight Russia in the Caucasus) and a report on thermobaric bomb destruction of four or more U.S. biological weapons labs, in this very good update from accurate and believable sources – a “regular American guy” expat and a German fraulein living near the front line in Donetsk city:

    • I appreciate your usage of “Khazar-krainian militias”. More accurate than what they are usually called.

  5. Steve Jobs has a lot to answer for. The warmongering lunatics would not have jobs if he had not left his fortune to his skank wife, Laurene Powell.

  6. “Why Ukraine’s Interests Are America’s”

    What they mean is this: “The American Empire expands or contracts with Ukraine”

    They are correct. This is a pivotal moment in world history. When Ukraine falls to Russia it signals the decline of Judeo-American power. Liberalism is losing territory and that’s a good thing.

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