Politico: Behind The Push To Freeze Moscow’s Foreign Cash


Fresh off cancelling the Freedom Convoy, it is Canada’s Finance Minister Chrystia Freeland who is behind the international campaign to cancel Russia.


“MONTREAL, Que. — As Russian forces readied to steamroll into Ukraine, Canada’s finance minister began drumming up support for a move that could be devastating for Russia’s economy.

Chrystia Freeland, who also serves as the deputy prime minister, spent much of last week “pushing the idea of sanctioning the central bank,” said a senior Canadian official who spoke on the condition of anonymity.

The finance minister began floating the idea Tuesday, as speculation over whether President Vladimir Putin’s military build-up was a bluff. As his intention became clear, and the invasion began in earnest, Freeland began working on “building some momentum” behind targeting the central bank in Moscow and cutting off the Putin regime from billions in foreign currency reserves. …

“The response by Canada and our allies will be swift and it will bite,” Freeland swore after Putin’s forces crossed the border. “This barbaric attack cannot and will not be allowed to succeed.” Freeland was born in Canada to Ukrainian parents — her mother helped draft Ukraine’s constitution. …”

Maybe World War III will discredit the idea that emotional women are incapable of starting wars? We are virtue signaling our way there.

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  1. Ah, yes, let some jewish heritage B*tch do to Russia what they have done to Canada:

    “What’s happening in Canada should be a sobering wakeup call for the whole world. Governments intend to control dissent through financial blackmail, which is why they’re also pushing for programmable central bank digital currencies (CBDCs)
    Programmable currency is digital cash programmed to ensure it can only be spent on essentials or goods that an employer or government deems to be sensible. In other words, the issuer of the money would have complete control over how you spend your own money, and could punish you for undesirable opinions or behavior by restricting your purchasing ability or seizing your funds altogether.”


    • Freeland is actually descended from an SS Untersturmfuhrer. I’ll bet he’s rolling in his grave watching that disgusting whore cape for jews.

  2. At least where not hearing anything out the truckers since the media in now obsessed with the conflict in Ukraine.

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