Crude Oil Soars Past $110 a Barrel

UPDATE: Tucker covered on his show tonight how gas prices, food prices and the price of fertilizer are going through the roof. Russia is the world’s largest wheat exporter. Ukraine is the world’s fifth largest wheat exporter. None of this matters though to the Twitter Bubble General Staff.

Gas prices have hit $3.59 a gallon here.

I haven’t seen a word about this though on FOX News. The price of a barrel of oil has gone up by about $18 over the past few days because of our foreign policy. This whole situation could have been avoided if all the parties involved could have simply agreed that Ukraine would remain a neutral country.


  1. The US govt has oil reserves last will last over 200 years but they would rather you stave and pay at the pump so they can push their evil coal is causing global warming. The US has more oil than the all the M.E combined.

  2. Maybe we get some non-globopedo oil companies out if this. Small operators especially do really well when prices are high. The big guys can slog through $55/bbl for years.

    • With our foolish USZOG, we will continue to see prices surge and collapse, as they have no foresight in commodity stabilization.

      With national debt greater than GDP, we are going to see catastrophic price swings as the economy becomes increasingly unstable.

      They will resort to the same methods of all failing blundering governments, print more, print more, print more…….to collapse.

      Get ready to be financially raped.

  3. Off Topic:


    What category did you file NWG’s cringe take on Patriot Front?

    A few PF guys in a chat that I am in wanted to read OD’s POV on that subject.

  4. HW, let me know if you ever start using Telegram. There is one private chat that I am in that I believe that you would enjoy.

  5. Woke up this morning to $3.65 per gallon her in northern MN

    Been seeing people posting on Telegram it is way up over $5 per gallon out in California

  6. We’ve been going up about 10 cents per day this past week where I’m at. So tomorrow, gas here should be @ $4.09/gallon for lowest grade regular.

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