National Review: Putin Is No Model For American Conservatives

Who is modeling themselves on Vladimir Putin?

I’m a Southern Anglo. All I want is to live among my own kin in peace with the rest of the world. I have no desire whatsoever to dominate, micromanage and get involved in conflicts between East Slavs. Similarly, I have no desire to send Southerners to fight the Taliban for the cause of women’s rights in Afghanistan. What goes on in these far flung places is none of our concern or business.

Russia has always been an autocratic multicultural empire. Ukraine was a vital part of the Russian empire from George Washington’s presidency through Bill Clinton’s presidency. The argument here is between those of us who accept Russia as it has always existed and who are fine with it and who have no desire to change it and who try to understand it and those who believe the entire world including Russia must be remade by force in the image of America. It is the latter blinkered worldview which plunged us into Iraq and Afghanistan for twenty years and which now has turned Ukraine into a war zone.

We continue to relitigate the same argument in different countries. Those of us who had no desire to transform Iraq into a Western liberal democracy and who thought it was a fool’s errand which was detrimental to our interests see no reason to meddle in Russia’s backyard in a doomed attempt to pry away Ukraine from its sphere of influence. It has predictably ended in another devastating war.

National Review:

“The Russian invasion of Ukraine will likely be one of the most important events of the relatively young 21st century, upending decades of relative stability between European states. While its effects on geopolitics, markets, and elections remain to be seen, the invasion will also likely continue to widen the growing divide on the American right. A small but increasingly visible and potentially influential faction of American conservatives sees a friend and model in Vladimir Putin. They are wrong to do so, however. Putin is not our friend. Nor is his Russia an example for American conservatism. Conservatives should know the reality of Russia’s social situation, how many of our national interests are incompatible, and how Putin’s governance is not a fit for America. …

American grand strategy dictates that we not only deny our hemisphere to a great power but also ensure no single power could dominate the Eurasian landmass. …”

So, that’s our grand strategy?

In pursuit of this grand strategy, we have succeeded in firmly uniting Russia, China and Iran against us. Along the way, we have managed to leave Iraq, Syria, Afghanistan and Ukraine in ruins with little to show for it while exporting much of our industrial base to China and Taiwan. We have other enemies there like North Korea and Pakistan. By cancelling Russia, we have also destabilized the world order.

At the moment, you could say we have “united” Europe and NATO. There has been a lot of emotional virtue signaling by European liberals. Reality hasn’t set in yet though in the form of skyrocketing prices, refugees and instability. Are Europeans really going to rise up and join the military now?


  1. Putin is the model Christian though. A Christ protects and defends the weak and the innocent. Why was the Jew Zelensky bombing innocent Russians in eastern Ukraine?

    You know the American right is being setup for some future Jew orchestrated attack don’t you? It is who the Jews are and always will be, predators who prey upon the weak and the innocent and damned by the hand of God until the end of time.

    Was that an Irishmen who wrote that column attacking whites on behalf of his Jew masters?


    It is amazing, isn’t it?

    • “Why was the Jew Zelensky bombing innocent Russians in eastern Ukraine?”

      Because they don’t want to live under a USZOG installed puppet government. Especially one that makes it against the law for them to exist, simply because they’re Russians.

      Fortunately, USZOG won’t last long enough to make being Southern, or even a Westerner, dejure illegal. But they’re sure trying real hard to erase non Yankee “America®.”

    • Putin sending in an army of Muslim Chechens to kill Slav Christians is not exactly good Christian optics

      Putin indeed had a right to defend Russian co-ethnics, stop all violent attacks on them, and ensure their ability to live, e.g., by restoring the waterway to Crimea

      But otherwise his response should have been proportional … Conquering a whole other country, a large part of which is a rival ethnicity even tho ‘related’, killing thousands of other white people, is too extreme, just fuelling the cycle of hate … even tho we can see how Russia was baited and driven into this by the neo-con manipulators

      Russia’s over-reaction is perhaps partly guilt over letting this fester for 8 years … why didn’t Putin act in 2014 when all those Russians were murdered in Odessa etc? … with Russians being killed ever since then?

      Or maybe Putin’s war on Ukraine, is because Putin is working for the neocons too, to wreak havoc across the West

    • Nothing says “protecting and defending the weak and innocent” like laying waste to cities, towns and villages and forcing hundreds of thousands of women and children into becoming refugees you fucking nitwit.

      • Where was all this concern about protecting the weak and innocent from you and other Globo-Pedo shills when Ukraine started shelling Dombass and Lugansk in 2015, with aid and assistance from the Rotten Banana Empire and Muirkan mercs? 14,000 mostly civilian dead since then and not a peep from the likes of you.

        Putin’s error here was in not immediately recognizing the breakaway republics and sending in Russian army to protect them. Of course he was tied up in doing this for the Russian population of Crimea at the time – larger and more strategically important. Still, it’s been a long 8 bloody years since then. Also, yet another stain on the Magatard hero Zion Don. For his entire term, military aid, “advisors” (including FL National Guard) and mercs continued to flow into Country 404, and civilians continued to die from the shelling of the Ukro-nazis and the ZOG-provided mercs with Chiquitaland-supplied weapons.

        Oh, and the Chechen units are chiefly to be deployed against the Azov battalion and similar Ukro-nazis who receive their funding and orders from the Synagogue of Satan, not regular Country 404 army units (many of whom have surrendered already). Azov’s are not unlike the kind of “Patriotic Murikans” you no doubt admire – who hold up their Scofield Bibles while worshipping the Judeo-Christ – as they fellate Schlomo at every demand.

      • @Christop1970—-Why did you kill Christ kyke? Is it because you are a civilized human being who cares about innocent woman and children? Is that the line of crap you are trying to sell, Christ killer?

  2. All of this is simply the poisonous fruit of the Yankees’ foul victory in 1865. The New England Moral-Political Paradigm dominates the U.S. government. Jeffersonian republicanism and the country founded in Virginia, have been crushed under the feet of the Dictatorship of Massachusetts.

    End Reconstruction. End the War.

    Sidenote; The Neo-Yankee trolls on Twitter are continuing in their unceasing attacks on the Southern People, along with their constant calls for an actual war of genocide, by the Northern States, which they mistakenly call “America,” against the Southern States. They barely mention what is going on in the Ukraine, at all. But of course, they were the same way, during the world wars.

    Get rid of the northern states, all sixteen of them.

  3. Don’t worry about it…its all a scripted Zionist-Communist production. Putin, Zelensky, Johnson, Biden, Lukashenko are all Chabad-Lubavitch agents on the same yarmulke wearing team–deceiving, dividing & manipulating the moronic white gentiles into conflict/war–as they advance their anti-white geopolitical demographic designs upon Europe/N.America/Oceania…The whites, unable to recognize the Jewish set-up, will further decimate their own race, while millions of Afro-Asian apes & mongrels continue pouring into the West…figure it out if you can..

    Both sides calling the other “nazis”, both sides made “anti-semitism” illegal … can anyone not see through this garbage?

    Jewish theater to sink Europe. Ukraine is the breadbasket and Russia is the European gas

    • You do raise a serious point here. Andrew Joyce has done some homework on Putin’s own oligarch problem – see here. If Putin were anything resembling the bloodthirsty autocrat he’s portrayed as, he would have simply seized all the assets of the Jewlogarchs, butchered them and their entire families, hangers-on, etc. and announced all Jews were to be expelled from Russia and sent to Israel. He’s certainly done nothing of the sort, has he? Koba the Dread sure and hell wasn’t afraid to kill members of the tribe. Plenty of the Satan’s spawn were sent to the eternal rewards in the run-up to their leader Trotsky getting an ice-axe deployed to his skull in Mexico City (1940) by Stalin’s man Mercador.

      Despite these obvious shortcomings as a bad-ass, Putin isn’t quite the obsequious groveling, schlong-sucking utterly worthless POS Donald Trump or any other western politician is. Schlomo’s coterie of schlong-sucking boy-toys in the western world are all shrieking like the punkass bitches they are at both Putin and Xi. Seems to be a bit more than the usual kabuki-theatre, but you can never know for sure.

  4. Re: “Ukraine was a part of the Russian empire from George Washington’s presidency through Bill Clinton’s presidency”:

    Through most of that time, most of what is now called “Ukraine” was not called Ukraine, because it was not Ukraine, and not Ukrainian. Through most of that time, most of today’s “Ukraine” was Russian territories, including Malorossiya, Novorossiya, Crimea, etc. and the only “Ukraina” (which means “borderland” in Russian) was the far western quarter of what is now called Ukraine. It was also called Galicia and Ruthenia. Ukraine proper, also known as Galicia or Ruthenia, was under Polish rule and influence much longer than it was under rule of the Tsarist empire. In 1920’s the Bolsheviks created an expanded Ukraine, adding to it most of Malorossiya and Novorossiya. Stalin even arranged for Ukraine, and Belarus, to be seated at the United Nations as independent states, thus gaining two more votes for Russia at the U.N. In the 1950s Khruschev added Russian Crimea and other Russian territory to “Ukraine.” Russia is paying dearly for those mistakes today. Even today real Ukrainians are the majority only in the west, and Great Russians are the majority everywhere else. Modern Ukraine is not organic but artificial, a kind of proposition nation. PAPISM (medieval Poland and Galicia were frontline Catholic Crusader states aimed at Orthodox Russia) is also a root cause of conflict among Slavs in “Ukraine” in the twenty-first century. Finally, the plan to create an alternate Jewish homeland (like Israel) in beautiful Crimea, that was frustrated by the return of Crimea to Russia, is an overlooked cause of the present conflict.

  5. “Why was the Jew Zelensky bombing innocent Russians in eastern Ukraine?”:

    How about one hundred Russian protesters burned alive by the Khazar-krainian “patriot” militias in Odessa? Atrocities have been committed not just in Donbass but all over Khazar-kraine for many years.

  6. Russia has always been an autocratic multicultural empire. Ukraine was a vital part of the Russian empire from George Washington’s presidency through Bill Clinton’s presidency. The argument here is between those of us who accept Russia as it has always existed and who are fine with it and who have no desire to change it and who try to understand it

    I couldn’t agree more. The same sentiment applies to every other country on Earth. I’m no Puritan Yankee, or Jew, with a historical mission to reform the world. It ain’t broke, and don’t need fixin. If it is, that’s for the locals to decide. Nobody else.

    End Reconstruction. End the War.

    Sidenote: No matter what anybody says, it’s still a North vs South struggle. Each iteration of America has its own culture, history, and origins. From such things, politics spring. People who share a common culture, tend to vote alike. That’s why the two Americas will never agree, or vote alike. They don’t share a common culture, and not much history, either. Joe Biden would never become President in a Union that excluded the sixteen Northern States. Nor would the ideas that he represents, exist, or dominate the polity.

    • Wilson, Johnson, Carter, and Clinton were all Southern boys. Also some of the worst Presidents this country has ever had. Get a clue.

  7. Lisping Lindsay Graham is much better role model for young Working Class White Men..

    David French….defender of the rights of Satanic Tranny Freaks with Satan horns reading to two year children in US Public Libraries…is great role model for young Conservative White Men….

  8. Pokeeston was a land grab after Gandhi kicked globopedo out of India. Shlomo occupied territory even if the 80 IQ natives don’t realize it.

  9. The argument here is between those of us who accept Russia as it has always existed and who are fine with it and who have no desire to change it and who try to understand it and those who believe the entire world including Russia must be remade by force in the image of America. It is the latter blinkered worldview which plunged us into Iraq and Afghanistan for twenty years and which now has turned Ukraine into a war zone.

    This is they key point. NR says: Putin is no model for Murikan Concervatives. This is a distraction from the fact that everything advocated by NR as being a model for conservatism in America has failed. What is said by anyone working for NR is irrelevant to the discussion. They failed. Completely. As someone pointed out back in 2015 or so: Conservatives have conserved absolutely nothing – not even the Ladies’ room. Putin is no St. George, but NR and its owners are the enemy – far worse than Xi or Putin are. They are in distant China and Russia. NR is here in our neighborhood, helping Joey Shitpant and shitlibs to keep our own border open to an ongoing invasion. That used to be called treason, and it still is in reality, NR, its owners and supporters are guilty thereof.

  10. Conservatives who want Putin defeated are ensuring that globohomo will put a tranny story hour in every Russian classroom.

    • I have far more respect for hardcore Bolsheviks and Mensheviks than I do for those milquetoast conservatives. A fig for their beliefs, sir!

  11. “All I want is to live among my own kin in peace with the rest of the world. I have no desire whatsoever to dominate, ”

    The world doesn’t work that way. Either you dominate or submit.
    Any intermediate point is unstable and will quickly toggle to one or the other.

    You can dominate without being oppressive.
    You can dominate and be beneficial, which requires a high degree of civility .

    • I don’t see why Whites can’t be dominant from a self-defense position. The problem with “domination” is that it implies going on the offensive into foreign territories and forcefully subduing others. This is only justified morally within the content of a pre-emptive strike: Attacking them before they can attack you (for example, Operation Barbarossa).

      I unironically think Ronald Reagan’s model of national defense is the best one: We can have the most powerful military in the world, capable of crushing all invaders. A military that dares would be attackers to fuck around and find out. But no, we shouldn’t go around conquering and colonizing others if thats what you mean by “dominate.”

      Mexico and Central America are the only places I’d support invading and colonizing, since that would make the American Southwest truly safe, and would complete a project the Spanish should have done all along. We should be in total control of North America, Europe, and the temperate zones of the Global South, which includes Australia and the southern parts of South America.

      We don’t need to be in control of Africa, Asia, or the lands in the equatorial zone. We should control key ports and passageways in those areas, or otherwise work out an agreement with the locals on common usage, but British and French colonialism were unnecessary and counterproductive. Global trade between mutual partners keeps products cheap, and colonialism also gives other races the perfect excuse to hate us and demonize us, which makes our place in the world less secure.

      We only need to “dominate” in the sense that we must be hegemonic within our homelands. Self-defense and colonialism are two different things.

  12. ” I have no desire whatsoever to dominate”

    That is the very mistake Jeff Davis made.

    When Beauregard was ready to take Washington DC, Davis ordered him to stop.
    In consequence, we all know the tragic outcome.

    Also , Hitler made the same mistake. When the Luftwaffe was in the process of leveling London, Hitler issued an immediate stop order

    • I never understood why the Rebels didn’t try to take Washington DC. And Hitler’s soft spot for the British was a sentimental leftover from the chivalry of the First World War.

      • He saw them as racial brethren and felt the British should maintain their role in the world. He foolishly though they would accept Germany’s natural role on the Continent.

    • Commander Rockwell was 50 years ahead of his time. America was still too white and complacent in the 1960s to accept his message. I was thinking Montgomery or Birmingham might be suitable locations for the capital of our future North American Reich? Needless to say it will be named in honor of GLR.

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