Sen. Lindsey Graham Calls For Vladimir Putin’s Assassination

I would love to see what Russian intelligence knows about Lady G.


  1. Nothing new. The U.S. has tried to assassinate Putin before. Remember that bizarre fatal car crash, but Putin was not in his limo. However Fidel Castro still holds the record for number of failed CIA assassination attempts. The death of Hugo Chavez was suspicious.

    Graham is bloodthirsty, as is the other very important Palmetto State Republican, Nimrata Randhawa Haley, who is always calling for war.

  2. Perhaps, a member of the Rothschilds family is willing to foot that assassin’s fee.

    “Thousands of years from now there is going to be a Jewish holiday centered on the exploits of Zelensky, and while the details will be fuzzy and/or wrong, the moral will be little Jewish girls and boys can grow up to be the bad ass leader of multicultural democracies.”

    -David Rothschilds

    • These jews sure do like to preach multiculturalism for some reason. Except for Israel, of course.

      • Because they know it works to destroy other nations. Convince white nations that they NEED nonwhites, and have them come in, in droves, and get the taxpayers to support them, propped up on trillions of dollars, while their roads and bridges decay, and taxpayers slip from middle to lower class.

  3. Let’s hope the war ends soon, so the Ukrainian people can get back to the hilarity of jokes that the Russians probably didn’t find very funny …
    (“Satirical video of President Zelensky receiving a call from Angela Merkel inviting him to join the EU before realising she meant to ring Montenegro resurfaces on social media”)

  4. In Europe, there are also many calls to kill Putin. So now we have Putin Derangement Syndrome.

    This means that Putin in winning big. Just like Trump, he is destroying something, what Jews and communist consider valuable and what they can not restore.

    Putin is also slow in attack. Instead on bombing their way to Kiev, Russian Army works very slowly and methodically.

    The Russian People May Be Starting to Think Putin Is Insane
    ‘Is Putin insane – or ill?’ Cambridge emergency debate on Ukraine asks
    The ‘Shared Psychosis’ of Donald Trump and His Loyalists
    Insane Clown President

    • There is little doubt that the Russian forces have won significantly. If they were really losing, Lady G wouldn’t have the vapors and be in such desperate need of her smellin’ salts. Saker is correct that the Russians failed to even engage in the information war. The endless screeching and hysteria (not to mention several mountain-ranges of lies) and the western public’s willingness to swallow such brazen gaslighting is the most revealing thing. Putin is not St. George and he is not here to save America or Europe – the people of whom must take whatever steps are needed to overthrow the foreign occupation regimes who rule them. It must be said that there are not really any on our side who are actually making this claim.

      Vox Day, who is more pro-Putin than almost all here, doesn’t even make this claim:

      Russia has already won the first battle of the Global Crusade, as the outcome of the Ukro-Russian war is no longer in any doubt, but the war between The Empire That Never Ended and the free nations of the world is very, very far from over.

      Nothing to disagree with here. They key takeaway is that this is only one opening battle. Globo-Pedo still owns the west, and all of Eastern Europe save Russia and (soon) Ukraine. Even here, a couple of questions remain: 1) What will replace the puppet-regime in Kiev? 2) Will the parts with majority Russian populations break off and join Russia?, or can they convince the more sensible ones in the western sections that the only path to a genuine free and independent Ukraine is to stay the hell out of the EUSSR and NATO, both of whom are completely evil.

  5. This nut wants to start a nuclear war. Is there anybody on the American side calling for an immediate ceasefire and peace talks? Why not? Is it not in Americas “vital national interests” to seek peace?

    • No. There is not a single person in Wokeundumb high office who wants the war to stop. On the contrary,, they all want to expand it. To this you can add that there is likewise not a single doing one anything to thwart an ongoing invasion across the southern border of the country they allegedly owe loyalty to. What can you infer from this? The answer is the reason why.

  6. He only want the Ukraine as a holliday casino where he and his friends from capitol hill can go and pick up underaged boys that they will later “Disapear”

    WTH is wrong with SC when you look at the politician stock over there? “First to secede” have transformed into “first to cuck and bend over”

  7. Julian Assange who the U.S. also planned to assassinate is NOT in the mainstream news today, because while the attention of the U.S. population is focused on “Hitler” (Putin) and the Russian “invasion” the U.S. has a chance to slip Julian Assange out of Belmarsh torture prison into a U.S. homeland torture prison with hardly anyone noticing. If the British Supreme Court rejects Assange’s final appeal then Priti Patel gets to make the final decision and you know what that will be.

    • Priti Patel, a real woman of England. Almost as British as Jimmy Saville, or Robert Maxwell.

      Meanwhile, I read somewhere the British royals have been living high on the hog, so to speak. Guess they had to donate to the Prince Andrew Defense Fund.

  8. This reminds me of a line spoken by the king in Becket: “Who will rid me of this troublesome priest?” How did this psychopath ever get elected in South Carolina of all places?

    • The very same way they are “elected” everywhere else.

      Koba the Dread knew how “democracy” works. He won every single election he ran in. “Our Democracy” is far more technologically advanced, but the “election” process “works” in exactly the same way. Those who count the votes now have the advantage of switching out the “winner” from time to time, so the suckers will keep walking into the roach hotel every cycle, thinking that they’re doing something other than nothing.

  9. Will Ms. Graham be censured by the Senate for such reckless talk? What would happen if a prominent Russian politician posted a tweet calling for the assassination of Ms. Graham?

    • Contrast this with how quickly Congressman Steve King got thrown under the bus by his own party after making very mild, non-Anti-White remarks about Whites.

  10. The principle is sound, but the application is misdirected. Has this Senatorial faggot spoken against his own life? The Russians can play that game, and often do.

  11. It wouldn’t be the 1st time the US used assassination to take out one of their so called enemies. Iran’s Soleimani ring a bell?

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