Kamala Harris: NATO Is Being Defended In Ukraine

To recap:

Ukraine has been de facto incorporated into NATO.

Naturally, the “journalists” aren’t interested in reporting or explaining any of this to the public because providing the context of this war shreds the narrative which is being spun around Ukraine. The truth is that the war has been going on for eight years and this is major escalation of it.

The only thing that Americans know is that Russia has invaded Ukraine and people are dying and that is bad. Once again, the public is being manipulated by the media and herded down the road to war with Russia. It is okay to hate and advocate killing Russians on social media now.

Note: BTW, it took Russia a month to conquer Crimea in 2014. This is a much larger, much more ambitious operation that is facing far more resistance.


  1. Didn’t Alfred Mahan consider the occupation of the Ukraine as necessary for a global land power to dominate the world.

  2. In these times, it is important to look back at recent propaganda that was used to get us into a disastrous war. I invite everyone to watch this 9 minute clip of Bush’s “Axis of Evil” speech before congress. Pay close attention to his words, facial expressions, and dramatic pauses. It was masterful and deceitful: a prize specimen of emotional manipulation. BTW, see the guy behind him? That is Congressman Dennis Hastert, who went to prison for raping and sodomizing young boys when he was a kids football coach. He is the highest ranking US official to ever serve time in prison.

    • Jorge W. Busheron, Mahdi of West Texas and Imam al-Duhbya was one of the more outrageously mendacious mouthpieces for the Axis of Kindness of course, famous for Curious Jorge’s misunderestimated Mesopotamian misadventures and his fierce defense of the Pashtuni poppyfields from the evil Taliban who had shut down production. Along with the Sacklers, Jorge thanks the stupid goyim who signed up for the Imperial Rainbow legion for their service. As the Venezuelan President noted when in proximity to the important Islamic Theologian at the UN, the creature “stinks of sulfur”. Still does.

    • Throwing North Korea into that “Axis of Evil” was obviously bizarre to anyone with any independent thought. It was obvious by this point Bush and his handlers were using the 911 attacks to push a geopolitical “wish list” against enemies. Most Americans are too dumb to get the workings of the Islamic world so the whole “Saddam did 911” was fairly widespread among the man on the street. But shoehorning Kim Jong Il who was a bad actor but had no correlation with Bin Laden was so blatantly over the top.

      This whole thing in Ukraine has exposed how stupid the American public still is and how the “Americans no longer trust the mainstream media” was highly exaggerated. These exact same liars who ran pogroms against Derek Chauvin, the McMichaels, and spent 4 years subverting Trump are now completely believed by Joe Sixpack. It’s like they have completely forgotten the number one enemy of Americans is the NYC media Oligarchs, the DC Deep State (just a fancy nominal for “jews in the bureaucracy”) and the whole leftist educational apparatchiks doing their misdeeds in every classroom in the nation. Now suddenly they are eating everything these yellow people are dishing up. It looks like things will have to die down from the “freedom fries phase” we are in now for Americans to take a look around them and see how badly their enemies have further wrecked the economy for their own projects far away that have absolutely no benefit for the American people.

      Maybe in the meanwhile a better project for the right is to increase jew awareness amongst latinos? They must be perplexed at why the gringos have gotten so weak and find the BLM pro crime stuff baffling? Perhaps and explanation as to what really goes on behind the scenes of power in America will give them a clearer understanding and mistrust of the democratic party which pretends to be their allies.

      • If the public were polled on this question: “Was the USSR/Russia on the side of America and Great Britain during WWII or on the side of the Nazi Germany?” the vast majority of the public would guess “Nazi Germany”.

        It’s bad enough not knowing anything but it’s worse when those who know nothing are led around by the nose by The Usual Suspects who nourish the worst instincts in people.

  3. “Filmmaker and former New York Times contributor shot dead in Ukraine”

    Could the entire staff of NYT and CNN go to the Ukraine ? It’s their journalistic duty.

    • Never in a million years, would their be a cackle headed , ding bat, serving as vice president of the Confederate states of America………

      • OK, I’ll bite. Ever in two hundred years, there was a Jewish cotton speculator serving as Secretary of War of the Confederate States of America. You make this so easy.

  4. Maybe Kamala confuses ZOG with NATO. Natural mistake. In other news Iran did an impressive missile strike on ZOG targets in Iraq. I think this was meant as a warning.

  5. “Once again, the public is being manipulated by the media”

    Has been, for over 120 yrs.
    The Spanish American War was a press motivated conflict. ‘Uncle Tom’s cabin’ had a significant part in motivating the Northern invasion of the South.

    The greater populace is an unthinking flock, ready to follow the Judas goat to the slaughter shed.

  6. Krafty: Mahan and Charles Francis Adams, a major intellectual force of U.S. expansion argued it was Shangzi (Manchuria) that would determine the future world power, not Ukraine. “Whoever controls Shangzi province controls the world!” Adams proclaimed. Adams was obsessed with America achieving dominance in Asia, and it would determine who would control the world.
    Mahan also pumped for major coaling stations to expand the range of an American fleet.
    Hence, keeping the Philippines after we “liberated” it from the Spanish, as well as those scattered islands across the pacific. They were always military objectives.

    Adams also wrote that in the twentieth century, America and Russia would be the prime world powers. He believed Germany would try, but it simply didn’t have the resources to overcome the opposition and be a global power.
    Not too shabby prophesy for 1890, eh?

    I am reminded of the Seinfeld episode where Kramer and Newman are playing Risk, and are so obsessed with it that they take their board game on the subway and as Kramer corners Newman on the board, he cackles. “I have the Ukraine. The Ukraine controls everything, and it’s mine.”
    A burly man next to them scowls. “I am from Ukraine. it not belong to you. Ukraine belong to no one! leave Ukraine alone!”
    He then goes after Kramer and Newman, spilling the board and pieces everywhere on the car and he chases them out.
    I keep thinking about that scene every day.

    Martin: I agree. There’s something totally creepy about Bush. And all of it…from endless war to eroding our rights…was spelled out in that speech.

    Friday, Glenn Beck had bill O’Reilly on his show, and they discussed chemical weapons labs in Ukraine. O’Reilly believes the establishment, in that the labs were just clean-up efforts from past radiation spills, and the woman who has been pushing Pentagon claims “is a reliable source.” Beck had his doubts. O’Reilly said “we have to believe her, because if we really had chemical weapons labs in the Ukraine…THAT WOULD BE INSANE!”
    As Beck said when O’Reilly left, he thought Bill was a little too trusting.

  7. I disagree with: “the war has been going on for eight years,” because the U.S. hybrid war on Russia in this southwestern area has been going on MANY years longer than that; and with “Russia invaded Ukraine” because it is not Russia but the U.S. that invaded the area, and Russia’s targeted police action is purely defensive and legal under international law; and with “it took a month for Russia to conquer Crimea” because the Crimean population is Russian and they demanded to be part of Russia so Russia only defended, did not conquer, Crimea; and with “the Russian annexation of Crimea” for the same reason: that Russia did not “invade” but is only defending Russian people. Every word we use makes a difference.

    Also beware of ubiquitous map propaganda, including the selective use of historical maps to support the U.S. war on Russia, that should be avoided not amplified. If a map says “the Russian invasion,” I look for another map to share that doesn’t twist the truth. .

    Finally, other areas besides Donbass and Crimea tried to hold referendums to secede but were brutally put down by the Khazar-krainans. The Odessa and Black Sea coast area, that was called Novorossiya not “Ukraine” since it was conquered by Peter the Great until less than a century ago, is almost entirely Russian ethnicity and still almost entirely Russian speaking even after years of legal enforcement of the Ukrainian language, was one of the areas that tried to secede but their secession was brutally put down. When Russia removes the Khazar-krainians out of Russian Odessa it will be a liberation not a “conquest.”

    One thousand years ago, Oleg the Rus drove the Khazars out of Kiev, and it became the Russian capital. The Russian capital was only moved from Inner (“Malo”) Russia to Greater (or Outer) Russia – to Moscow – due to the Mongol invasion. Putin is correct that the Russians of Great Russia and the Russians of Donbass, Crimea, Novorossiya, and Malorossiya, are all the the same people with the same language, religion and history going back more than one thousand years. But the Galicians (except the Carpathian Russians) are a different ethnicity – because they speak a different language (the Ukrainian language) and gave up Orthodoxy to follow the Pope of Rome, thanks to being ruled for centuries by Catholic Poland and Austria-Hungary – and finally, in the twentieth and twenty-first century, they were weaponized against Russia by the Anglo-Zionist Empire. . .

  8. Ukraine is not a member of NATO yet. That’s what all the fighting is about. Harris is what happens when you put unqualified affirmative action half breeds in jobs they’re not qualified for.

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