Vladimir Putin: Implementing No-Fly Zone Will Be Seen As Participation In Ukraine Conflict

In the last 48 hours, there have been lots of people on FOX News, especially retired generals who are mouthpieces of the military-industrial complex, suggesting that we can get away with implementing a “no-fly zone” above Ukraine (i.e., shooting down Russian aircraft and attacking anti-aircraft systems) WITHOUT getting ourselves in the war.


  1. Well duuuh!

    a “no-flyzone” also mean the destruction of counter-measures to the “No-flyzonees” ie AA,Radar etc

  2. If a third world war is what it takes to destroy those evil globohomo corporations and ZOG’s imperialist aggression then so be it. Our present situation is intolerable.

    • Absolutely agree! It is time to end ZOG or end it all

      Send the coroprate military to fight Russia now if that is what it takes bring it on

      i rather see all burn than our Race go extinct, let ZOG rule the ashes

  3. A no fly zone is the reason why I voted against Hillary Clinton. She wanted to impose one on Syria, which would have led directly to war with Russia. Being a Democrat, she would have done exactly what Biden is doing to our economy.

    Every time the Democrats soak the rich, the working folks drown.

    End Reconstruction. End the War.

    • If by “soak the rich” you mean “give the rich trillions of dollars for nothing,” then you’re spot on.

  4. There is already a no fly zone over Ukraine, enforced by the Pantsirs and s-400s. If it ain’t broke don’t fix it. Probably why the Biden already ruled it out. Already got one. But zogbots gonna zog, if it gets them on the talmudvision.

    Odessa, Jew Central of Jewkraine, is now under attack.

    • “Odessa, Jew Central of Jewkraine, is now under attack”:

      It has been ringed with sea mines and land mines, a very dangerous situation. Khazar-krainian artillery and missile launchers are placed in civilian infrastructure using the people as shields.

      Odessa is the site of the burning-alive of up to one hundred Russian people!

      Odessa was never part of the real, historic ethnically-Ukrainian Ukraine (Galicia). It was always part of Novorossiya, until a greatly expanded Ukraine was created by the Bolsheviks. It is an important Russian seaport.

  5. The West delivered large quantities of Stinger anti-air missiles to Ukraine, with more supposedly on the way. If Russia could capture them they could be useful to the DLPR, Syria, Hezbollah and Iran.

    • Russia blew a lot of them up in a strike against a warehouse yesterday, a vital part of the mission is to destroy NATO infrastructure in Ukraine including BIO-labs and the CIA black sites moved there from Poland, fear of having these exposed is why the west have gone overdrive

      The evil empire have already taken a huge blow in this war and the rethoric and desparation show it, the support for Ukraine is only there to forward the war aims of liberalism, they could not give less of a shit for the people there as always

  6. No fly zones, US govt sending weapons to their puppets is an act of war. The govt is fully committed but pretending they’re not getting involved. I’m sure military special forces are over there conducting operations.

    • “US govt sending weapons to their puppets is an act of war”:

      It’s been doing that same act of war against Russia for many years, not just recently. Like it supplied arms to Britain to be used against Germany, for years, before it formally entered WWi and WW2, and like it supported the terroristic White armies for two years against Russia in the 1920s.

      • America’s policy since at least the early 20th century has been to wage undeclared war against others until the enemy eventually responds, then call the response an act of aggression and cause for further warfare. And if the enemy never does respond, then the US military will just fake the response themselves, like the fake Gulf of Tonkin attack.

  7. It’s weird that Russia would even have to clarify that shooting down their planes would be considered participation in the war. But I guess many Americans don’t really understand that or the implications of what that would mean. They believe it is the US military’s God given right to just go around shooting and bombing whatever they want (none of which is considered “evil” or “aggression”).

    • The idiocy and lack of self-awareness of the American population and ruling class is truly pathetic.

  8. I lasted less than one minute watching tonight’s CBS evening news. Lie upon lie.

    They claimed that Russia expected a quick victory but now “Russian planes are falling from the skies.”

    Why would Zelensky beg for a US no-fly zone if the Ukrainians are shooting down Russian planes by themselves? The US news media are shit.

    • “The US news media are shit.”

      NEWS ???
      When did that happen?

      They’ve been propagandists since inception, only the volume has changed.

  9. If imposing a no fly zone leads to conflict with Russia, which in turn leads to nukes being used and New York, L.A., D.C., Chicago and San Francisco being obliterated, call me on the fence.

  10. Putin told this to a bunch of “Russian female pilots” – he was just trying to get laid.

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