Brian Stelter: First Putin Came For The “Journalists”

My sides.

Weren’t these people crusading to deplatform Joe Rogan and OANN last month?

The Free Press™ in this country spends an enormous amount of its time crusading to destroy independent media. These “journalists” are among the most hated and distrusted people in the United States.

Note: Half of the show was about Russia censoring independent media. The other half of the show was about how Big Tech is doing it here to us.


  1. As of the time I post this, there doesn’t appear to be a video or imbedded Twitter link to the Stelter commentary…should there be?

  2. There are no more journalists, only propagandists. The hypocrisy and hubris of these people knows no bounds.

    • “There are no more journalists, only propagandists.”

      Not within the corporate framework.
      Only folks like HW and others on the net.

  3. Disinformation is a key weapon of the Empire that makes its wars by deception. The so-called “journalists” are mercenaries in the Empire’s employ. The Fifth Column of westernized, globalist Russians living in Russian cities also spread the Empire’s disinformation. These liars must be silenced and should have been silenced long ago. Human government is supposed to exist “for the praise of those who do well and the punishment of evildoers.” Professional liars (these so-called journalists”) instigating mass murder are definitely in the latter category.

  4. Someone should make that pic of Selter’s face into a punching bag. I expect many would get a great workout with one of those. It’s just the kind of face that inspires a fist.

  5. The journo laments the demise of “free press.” That’s pretty funny. Tell that to the journalism intern who doesn’t get a job for failing to be woke enough.

  6. Correct me if I’m wrong… what’s Stelter leading the charge to pressure cable companies to drop Fox News? Hasn’t he been calling for censorship of Tucker Carlson?


    And here is is breathlessly “wow just wowing” Putin censoring in a time of war. Lmao

  7. I’d love to see that fat little repulsive jew paraded around by Russian captors wearing his baby diapers and bonnet.

      • Not a religious jew but ethnically? He also married a New York jewess and they will raise their kids as jews. The Early Life on him is conspicuously absent from his bio.

          • Did he convert to Talmudic Satanism like Cheetohead’s daughter (Queen Esther) did? Would not surprise me if so. The “reform” Satanists officially accept converts more readily.

  8. The nerve of these assholes to complain about censorship and disinformation! Are they really that incapable of self-reflection?

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