Ukraine’s Only Hope Now

Sad, but true.

Apparently, he was recently on a Zoom call this weekend with hundreds of senators and congressmen in Washington. It is important to understand he ISN’T their puppet though even though literally all he does is address his masters in Washington and Brussels.


  1. Jewperson Zelensky was on TV Sunday morning wearing a tee shirt with a cross on it! Zelensky is the character who does transvestite/homosexual dancing on TV and plays the piano with his penis.

  2. Re: “It is important to understand he ISN’T their puppet”:

    I disagree. He really IS a total puppet – with a gun to his head and drugs for his addiction, instead of literal strings to make him do what he does. He is just a momentary, expendable, replaceable puppet-figurehead working for the REAL powers that run the Khazar-krainan show, who want to destroy Russian sovereignty, steal the people’s natural resources and other wealth, fully enslave the people, and take ownership of beautiful Crimea to finally make it an alternate Zionist homeland, like Palestine, as they had planned all along.

    The Plan to make all of Crimea and the coast of Novorossiya a Jewish homeland goes back at least to the 1920s. But Joseph Stalin recognized that the so-called “Crimean project” would be “used as a springboard to undermine Soviet Russia, and as a bridgehead for direct military aggression by the imperialists. In the beginning of 1948, Solomon Mikhoels was mysteriously murdered in the night on a street in Minsk, dying just four months shy of the declaration of the state of Israel. In 1949, Stalin forced Molotov to divorce his Jewish wife, who was arrested and sent to exile to Kazakhstan still wearing her squirrel-fur overcoat. All the members of the JAC involved into the project of Jewish Republic in Crimea – 125 people – were arrested in 1948, and 23 of them were shot in 1952, the rest were sent to the GULAGs.”

    Then Stalin himself died, suspiciously, and one year the revisionist, fake-communist traitor Nikita Khrushchev reversed the decision on Crimea, and “The Plan” was revived.

    • Another explanation why Stalin still is admired by so many Russians in Russia. Unfortunately, Putin, who may not be a choir boy is no Stalin. What a pity.

  3. With Alt-Liters like Anglin and (insert name here) backing Putin let’s all pause to remember the last time they went balls-deep in their support of a (supposed)Tough Goy Leader and how well that worked out for them.

    • Americans took a punt on that windbag Trump because, in our heart of hearts, we knew he was the last chance for the Republic. We were willing to overlook his obvious flaws because NOBODY ELSE was stepping forward and voicing our concerns! Alas!

      Putin is not our enemy. Our enemy is here, inside the gates. Trying to turn our children gay and trans, our public schools into dumbed-down, indoctrinated hellscapes, our cities into violent African chaos, our economy into a hollowed-out ponzi scheme, our stock market a rigged game for ethnically-connected bilionaires, a synthetic flu outbreak into mass incarceration…you know the score.

      We don’t need to go to Russia to seek out the enemy.

  4. The Z-man wants to surrender so bad but Joe and his cadre of kyke will not let him. Joe wants an insurgency to weaken and degrade Russia to the point of collapse and a surrender by the Ukies and peace agreements ends the fighting. Putin has got to know their game, he has seen it before.

  5. “… literally all he does is address his masters in Washington and Brussels.”

    No–he’s just conferring with headquarters.


    Nothing like admitting what you did in the first place. These people don’t even try to hide what they’re doing. Why would they? After the “long march through the institutions,” the dumbed down public will lap up whatever it’s told to drink.

  7. Where is that villainous little jewish rat? I hope it’s in a place where he can’t be rescued by ZOG mercenaries!

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