Crude Oil Surges To 13-Year-High

UPDATE: It bounced up to $130 before easing down a bit.

This morning:

This evening:

Meanwhile in Russia, the price of gas is $1.80 to $2.00 a gallon. It will probably go down because of all the virtue signaling. We’re punishing American and European consumers.


  1. I must be really lucky because my workplace is only 1 mile from my house and my wife works from home. It must really really suck to have a 30 to 40 mile commute to work right now.

  2. Gas in Russia is 1.80$ a gallon. Who;s winning? It sure isn’t the US and it citizens. The US has the most corrupt and greedy govt by far. Power corrupts and absolute power corrupts absolutely.

    This is what happens when you don’t use your own oil reserves and rely on foreign govts to supply the oil. Money and greed is going to be the US downfall.

  3. Car ownership should return to like it was in the early-1900s – only the wealthy like myself should be able to own personal vehicles and the serfs should have to walk/take public transportation at which point I will drive by and look down my aristocratic nose at them.

    • Thanks to integration , ppl live 40 to 80 miles out, in order to be safe.
      Cant take public transit, too damn dangerous.
      Integration causes massive over consumption of resources, gas , oil, rubber etc.
      Integration has caused massive environmental harm.

      The average American consumes 3 to 4 times as much oil as other industrialized nations.

      If America wasn’t multicultural heaven, instead of consuming 20 million bbl per day, America would consume 5 to 7 million bbl/day.

      We pay a very high price for these racial fantasies of equality, in many ways.

      Just wait, wheat prices are skyrocketing, your food costs are ready to surge.

      • No matter how far Whites flee to get away from “Diversity” it just keeps chasing them down. An all-White anything is against the law in America. “Diversity” is a code word for White Genocide.

  4. Stupid America last RINO’s are on Fauxnews scoring political points against Biden by demanding the US ban oil purchases from Russia to stop US funding the Russia war. No concern at all for the American worker having to budget more of the family income for gas.

  5. Biden and the Democrats are an unmitigated disaster. Since they and the GOP are the same on foreign policy, I will vote straight GOP down the ballot going forward. Never again will I vote Democrat.

  6. I was listening to Cossack folk music tonight, and then ended with Red Alert, the Soviet March.

    The sheep wander aimlessly, without any cause, but the Soviet bear is on the hunt.
    Our brotherhood is a good life, our generosity is without compare, and all those who are with us are strong (…)
    To all those who are against us: It is not worth your while, if we were to turn you to ashes!

    The Red Alert march scene on Victory Day in Moscow, last year:

  7. Still listening to music. ????? ?? ???? ?? ?????, an old Russian folk song, excellent version here: Lyrics: “When we were at the war, everyone thought about their beloved or about their wife (…) I am just waiting for a bullet, faithfully (…) When we will be at war, to meet the flying bullets…”

    • “I was listening to Cossack folk music tonight.”

      Amerimutt cuck is fellating Cossacks no less. The ridiculousness and infantilism of this people is really something

      • No. I’ve always been a fan of Russian folk. They sing almost as well as the Welsh. The Russian folk group Otava Yo’s rendering of “Hey Little Apple” is a favourite: “Hey little apple…hey Moneybags…the people’s government will confiscate, capitalism is not coming back” – but I see the video with the English lyrics is blocked or restricted now.

  8. They built the Texas refineries to use a mix of Texas sweet and the sludge (sour) from Venezuela. Then they destroyed the Venezuela oil industry and sanctioned it.

    So they went from the Venezuela sludge to Iranian sludge. But then they sanctioned Iranian oil and began importing Russian sour.

    Now they want to ban Russian oil and go back to Venezueluan sludge.

    We need a new country.

    • We truly have the jews we deserve.

      Now the goyim are getting whipped into a war frenzy. Where were these people the last 20 years?

    • Agreed. Congress, state legislators and other civil servants need to have their citizenship stripped with maybe a handful of exceptions. There is no repairing this.

  9. Republicans were poised to hand the Democrats big losses in November. But with both parties ramping us up to WWIII; handing us skyrocketing energy costs; imposing more censorship and ignoring or shunning anyone opposed to this madness; what’s the point? The mask is off. As the governor said, there isn’t a dime’s worth of difference between them.

  10. As the governor said, there isn’t a dime’s worth of difference between them.

    Wallace spoke the truth. I think he made that observation back in 1968 too. Very few people saw the reality back then. Most southerners were fleeing the D-jerseys for the R-jerseys then, which is how Richard Nixon became popular. Like all Repukes, he stabbed them in the back and installed some Jews in his Justice Dept. who set up affirmative action and created the fake-race of “hispanic”. Despite serving them as a useful shabbas-goy, they took him down anyway. Poetic justice.

    • They took down Herr Trump too, and after all he did for them, more even than Nixon. Poetic justice strikes twice, both times against Republicans. They deserve it a thousand fold.

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