Jake Tapper: 20 Years of Appeasement Paved The Way To Putin’s Invasion of Ukraine

It wasn’t us.

It wasn’t us who brought Vladimir Putin to power in the first place. We weren’t confident that we could work with him. We weren’t exasperated with Boris Yeltsin.

It also wasn’t anything that we did there in Ukraine. We had nothing to do with this. If we had anything to do with this, the real “journalists” on CNN would have reported it.

This has nothing to do with the CIA launching two color revolutions in Ukraine in 2004 and 2014, the NGOs we inserted into Kiev to destabilize the country, the 2014 Maidan coup, the puppet regime we have been running out of the State Department for the past eight years there, flooding the country with billions of dollars worth of American weapons, training the Ukrainian Army and inviting Ukraine to join NATO knowing that doing so after being repeatedly warned for years would provoke a Russian response.

The war in Ukraine also started two weeks ago, not eight years ago in Donbas, which we have completely ignored until now. Adam Schiff also did not say during Trump’s impeachment trial that the point of doing all this was to “fight the Russians over there” in Ukraine so that we wouldn’t have to fight them here. Putin is an evil dictator. He is a madman who has gone insane like Milosevic, Assad and Saddam Hussein. We have spent years appeasing him by turning Ukraine into a battlefield.


  1. I only rely on RT for news about Russia’s liberation of the Ukraine from CIA and State Department-backed jewish gangsters.

  2. I hope it will be possible to drag scummy criminals like Mrs. Lindsey Graham-McCain, Namrata Randhawa and Jake the Jew to justice. The kind of justice that can only be dispensed using rope and shovels.

  3. ALWAYS fugly-ass kike parasites like Tappah on our screens, filtering, skewing, lying. Leading the schtupid goyeem to their doom for fun ‘n’ enormous profit.

  4. Andrei explains: “Here is what is also crucial to understand: Russia was willing, when forced, to intervene in the Ukraine. If forced, Russia will take on any country, including any NATO member country, which will assist the Ukrainians militarily. If forced, Russia will even fight all of NATO and the USA together and, if forced, she will use all her weapons, including nuclear ones. And if that means that the entire planet is nuked then, as Putin said, “we have no need for a planet without Russia”. All this is to say that Russia is not bluffing, Putin will not back down and that there is no price which Russia would not be willing to pay to prevail in this existential war. Russia will not stop until her existence is made safe again. What about the West? I believe that the West has a ‘smartass policy’: we do fight down the the last Ukie, and we get as many ‘Steppe Niggers’ and ‘Snow Niggers’ to kill each other, but then we stop just short of nuclear war with Russia”: https://thesaker.is/day-11-putins-last-warning-before-beginning-of-the-2nd-phase-of-the-operation/

    • Just think for a minute here (for muh fellow Murikans): who are the folks permitted to use terms like “snow-niggers” or “steppe-niggers” with total impunity? Note that the very same folks were previously using the term “sand-niggers” for Iraqis, Syrians, Afghanis, etc. – also with total impunity? How is this so? Where are those famous “watchdogs” like NAACP, ACLU et al? Has Pope Nosferatu made any ex cathedra announcements? (crickets chirping away).

      As always, there are just certain folks who are considerably more equal than the rest of us here in the land of equality. This is one of those Satanist things playing out also. Satanists really get a charge out of being able to use terms like this while destroying careers and even arresting zeks who dare to use far milder descriptors on themselves or on their designated pets (golem).

  5. Well said by Fuentes i concur fully with his statement

    also “20 yrs of Appeasement” more like 20 yrs of Harassment

    • Ever since the parasitic neocons encysted in the American body politic, US foreign policy has been to invade the world-invite the world. Let them all hie their Hebrew asses home to Israel, where they can play at being Jews together and leave the rest of humanity in peace.

    • Yep. It reeks of desperation. It’s still just the beginning though. The ride never ends.

  6. Putin’s Way?

    How about Lincoln’s Way?

    Lincoln is revered as a god here in the Yankee Empire, yet he started a war that caused the death of over 600,000 in both the North and the South, completely destroyed half of the nation’s economy all over money not slavery the North’s justification for the beat down of the South and the promotion of the northern Whites and Blacks over white Southerners. And the real reason that the North did not want slavery in the territories is that they did not want Blacks in the territories. Very so-called “racist” yet they hide this to this day in their fake morality all based on a false secular religion with primary doctrines of abolition, antislavery — concepts you will not find in the Holy Bible.

    This is one of the Lincoln’s Way revealing quotes:

    “…I will say then that I am not, nor ever have been, in favor of bringing about in any way the social and political equality of the white and black races, [applause]-that I am not nor ever have been in favor of making voters or jurors of [blacks], nor of qualifying them to hold office, nor to int er marry with white people; and I will say in addition to this that there is a physical difference between the white and black races which I believe will forever forbid the two races living together on terms of social and political equality.And inasmuch as they cannot so live, while they do remain together there must be the position of superior and inferior, and I AS MUCH AS ANY OTHER MAN AM IN FAVOR OF HAVING THE SUPERIOR POSITION ASSIGNED TO THE WHITE RACE…”
    –Abraham Lincoln, 4th Lincoln-Douglas debate, Charleston, Illinois, 9/18/1858.

    And of course during the War to Deny the Southern States Their Independence, he makes some Putin like moves throwing dissidents in jail, denying state officials their right to govern, etc.

    Yes, this country needs to start really looking into this “Lincoln’s Way.”

    Secede now!

    May God Save the South!

  7. Yes, yes, it’s always 1938, Munich, Hitler on the march again, blah, blah, blah. No mention of the vast fortunes some people are making off of this misery. The ruling class ultimately wants conscription for White males to make their diverse, Globo Homo Shopping Mall, multi cult military function at a high level, something it cannot do with its current diversity.

    The NGOs are collecting fortunes to “assist” refugees, the people running the NGOs tearing off a good piece of the money as it goes by. “Experts” running their grifts from “think tanks” get good pay for opining on TV about how bad Putin is, while used up, retired military officers get nice consulting fees to explain the obvious and lie through omission about the truth. The MIC of course is getting fatter than ever, that hardly needs to be said.

    It’s all unsustainable. These geniuses are not only wrecking Russia’s economy, they are also wrecking the economies where these parasites feed. They are killing their hosts through economic blowback. Inflation is roaring with gasoline prices only the most prominent indicator. Food inflation will topple Third World governments in Arab Spring type revolts later this year while disorders break out again at home, worse than 2020 too.

    As another commenter noted, this is their last throw of the dice, the Empire is doomed.

    • Empires rise and empires fall. It is a long time coming, and it is our misfortune to live in the time when the empire is about to fall…

  8. I really don’t get Richard Spencer anymore, he’s supporting Ukraine’s puppet government because he think this conflict unites and imperializes Europe. Europe is under the boot heel of internationalist cultural Marxists. This idea that Europe is rising is laughable.

    I agree with Nick’s sentiment. The state department and Pentagon instigated this war with their colour revolution in Ukraine in 2014 and installed a puppet government. The America Firsters are on point no matter what you may think of them, the right going hawkish against Russia could cost them the midterm elections.

    • I think the best way to understand Spencer is that he feels personally betrayed by the right for everything that has happened since Charlottesville.

      He is taking positions that harm our people out of spite.

  9. Imagine if Mexico organized a coup in Texas and installed a pro-Mexican government there. Then imagine Texas succeeded from the United States and flirted with the idea of joining the Latin American alliance against the United States.

    This is why I cannot take anyone seriously who supports Ukraine.

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