1. Nimrata Randhawa lies without shame. The U.S. was EARLY to the “game” and in fact, Khazar-kraine is the U.S.’s own “game” (creation) from the beginning since WW2 or the 1980s at least. What a dangerous woman! She may be the next Vice President.

  2. And why? Ask yourself why? The globalist need to take control over Russia and China, and tame rebellious white Christians to complete the Moshiach project and usher in the messianic era of rule by the anti-Christ. The Jews must have their Moshiach but nobody can tell us why. Except yours truly, the loser, tinfoil hat wearing mommies basement dwelling truth teller.

  3. So Putin was smarter than they and fooled them long enough to properly prepare Russia for taking down Empire.

    Eastern Europeean latest conspiracy theory claims that Russia deliberately slowing down it’s advance to milk out more sanctions and with this cause massive economic crash to collapse USD based financial system.

    • There could be some truth to that one. Russia and China have been at work on an alternative to SWIFT for a while now. Ditto for an alternative currency to replace Schlomo’s fav – Petrodollah$ for Pedo$. If (big if) they are both well-prepared enough, this war could indeed have the effect of collapsing the dollar and Uncle Schmuel’s ability to use as a cattle-prod for goy countries who get out of line. If the banksteins’ great Tower of Coprolite came crashing down, both NATO and EUSSR would fragment, with some countries deciding to join China, Russia, India, Iran, etc. I did read only today that Russia has dropped their VAT on gold and will be introducing a gold-backed currency. Maybe just propaganda but maybe not. We’ll see… As for Putin he’s already earned the Nobel Prize in Medicine for curing the Pandemic of Hysteria (and bombing Globopedo’s biowarfare labs in Country 404).

  4. For anyone who wants a clue to who really runs the country, consider what both parties in our “democracy” always agree on. This makes it quite clear, because that’s usually hardly anything.

  5. Could the political class, either party, be any worse, than what we have, at the moment……..we actually rely on these people, for direction and governances……….

  6. Republican rhetorical strategy is to always accuse the Democrats of being “soft” regardless of what they are actually doing. Biden could nuke Moscow and Republicans would accuse him of appeasing Putin by not nuking St Petersburg too.

  7. Haley is certainly looking witch like these days. Shlomosperm must have mutagenic properties.

  8. Boycott Republicans come next election cycle. They’re worse than democrats when it comes to warmongering and they also put foreign interests ahead of domestic issues. They’re also antiWhite.

    • Best thing to do is just stay home. Stop playing by their rules. Let the programmed voting machines determine the winner by themselves. Whichever lever you pull you will get a warmonger and a treasonous piece of scum who serves the (((owners))) of the great zek plantation.

      • “Best thing to do is just stay home”

        I have been doing that for 5 presidential cycles and the with the congressional and senate seats. I will refuse to vote for the two party oligarch that doesn’t have my White peoples interests at heart.

        As far as I am concerned both treasonous parties can both go to hell.

  9. Why is Nimrata Haley even in this country? A: The Indians (dot, not feather) are here to drive down the wages of White, middle class people and ultimately displace Whites. This is what both the Democrats and the traitorous Republicans agree on.

    • This is what both the Democrats and the traitorous Republicans agree on.

      They agree on most things really. Including starting wars when Schlomo says so. Then agitating to get YOU to send YOUR KIDS to kill some goys for the enrichment of their (((donors))). It’s really just a single party with folks wearing different uniforms.

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