Sen. Marsha Blackburn: U.S. Needs To “Shutdown” Russia’s Currency

If only we had a Republican Senate majority, we could have stayed in Afghanistan for another twenty years and flooded Ukraine with more lethal weapons to provoke Russia even harder into this than Joe Biden. The choice is relentless meddling (D) or even more extreme relentless meddling (R) in eastern Europe.

Note: TRS calls this the kosher sandwich. It is our stupid belligerent bipartisan foreign policy which is behind the huge surge in gas prices.


  1. Comrade Wallace and the remnants of the Army of Northern Virginia on OD should show solidarity with Mother Russia by converting all of their USDollars to Russian Rubles.

  2. Workers’ life savings, earning essentially no interest, are disappearing quickly with massive inflation. The vast majority of the U.S. population will live hand to mouth.

  3. This RINO whore should shut her hole.
    Unqualified to speak, its a traitor and a REAL Nazi Supporter.

    I’m for spinning up the Big Firecrackers and letting them fly.
    DC has earned EVERY RAD.

  4. Real conservatives, not the frauds who pass for conservatives today, knew that war is always inimical to our freedoms and prosperity.

  5. The biggest problem with politics as an occupation is it attracts the type of people least suited to lead. It should be a duty not a career.

  6. Don’t worry too much about voting. These Republicans have been lower than pigshit from the very beginning, and still are. The whole ship is going down, all of them together, in the coming war.

  7. In an earlier, saner time Marsha would have been the Madam of an upscale brothel in Memphis or New Orleans.

  8. I can’t believe they are doing this unless crashing the Petro$hekel is part of the plan. I want a chink credit card now. I didn’t know it was an option. It probably doesn’t make a difference but Alibaba is a good alternative to Ebay and Amazon.

    • That sounds like a good idea, although we must never trust the Chinks. The other Orientals hate them for good reasons.

  9. When it comes to war-mongering, the Repugs bang that drum even harder than the ‘Rats.

    Why, Biden ain’t got the stones to deal with Putler! That’s a job fer Real ‘Murcan Hee-roes like them, by god!

    They are the absolute scum of the earth. Nothing that matters will ever change as long as they continue to be accepted as the only alternative by White Normies.

    • Both squads are in contest to see who can bang the war-drums loudest for Schlomo. What would happen if nobody listened to their bullshit? We don’t need no stinkin’ war. One would think after the 20-year debacle in Trashcanistan that this would be obvious but there are some folks who are truly stump-stupid and pay no attention to their lyin’ eyes. The Russian rhetorical response has been very poor overall but one good and true phrase has emerged: The Empire of Lies is dead on target.

      Follow Solzhenitsyn’s anitdote to it: Live not by lies.

  10. These hypocrites would cry if the situation was reversed and it was their money being put on hold. They would be going on about hows it’s illegal and against the law.

  11. Both democrats and republicans are a scourge. I am so sick and tired of republicans because they are warmongering scum. So the question for JB and I becomes again… What is best for OUR family and grandchildren? Bring back the GD 300/month. Call me a socialist or communist or whatever. The republican party is for the rich & donors & the military industrial complex- just like we knew they were.

    But they were the “White Party” and we continue to eat the same garbage as sustenance.

    Vote for the party that supports your family economically then let’s pool and regroup. This experiment of America is a fail. Let it Burn. But not to spite our own GD people. “Owning the Libs” has been co-opted. It’s Weak.

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