CBS News: The Hit To Your Pocketbook From Higher Gasoline Prices: $2,000 a Year

It is a new progressive era.

These sacrifices are necessary to protect Our Democracy.

CBS News:

“American consumers are already struggling with the highest inflation in four decades — a phenomenon that is eating into buying power and eroding wages. But more economic pain may be in store, with one analyst estimating that the recent surge in gas prices following Russia’s invasion of Ukraine could add up to $2,000 in annual costs to the typical household budget.

The average cost for a gallon of regular gasoline has surpassed $4 per gallon for the first time since 2008. Many consumers have seen prices at the gas pump rise swiftly, with the price of regular gas jumping 41 cents during the first full week of Russia’s war in Ukraine, according to AAA …”

Thank you, Secretary of State Anthony Blinken:

  • Natural gas has hit an all-time high in Europe
  • Gas prices are hitting an all-time high in the United States
  • The stock market is getting wobbly
  • Something like 2 million refugees have already poured out of Ukraine
  • Ukraine has been turned into a meat grinder for Russians and Ukrainians
  • We’re closer to World War III than at any point since the Cuban Missile Crisis
  • The cancellation of Russia’s currency and economy has opened Pandora’s Box with all sorts of unanticipated consequences
  • Ukraine has been successfully turned into Syria
  • Russia has been permanently driven into the arms of China
  • The petroshekel has probably been fatally undermined by these sweeping moves

You’re doing a heckuva job, Tony.

This is certainly a far bigger disaster than Afghanistan.


    • Is Our Greatest Ally buying verboten Russian oil? Why not? They can get a great deal on it now and it’s not like the U.S. Government is going to sanction them, they own the U.S. Government.

      • Hell they’re probably buying it with our tax dollars. I known damned well the oil being stolen by our military in Syria is going to OUR GREATEST ALLY. It would come as no surprise whatsoever if we were shipping oil from the US Strategic reserve to them for free so they can resell it at the going price. You should actually see the scene in Congress whenever the Israeli PM shows up to give the uniparty a pep-talk: It reminds me of this passage from Solzhenitsyn describing a visit from old Koba the Dread to a paper factory:

        The director of the local paper factory, an independent and strong-minded man, stood with the presidium. Aware of all the falsity and all the impossibility of the situation, he still kept on applauding! Nine minutes! Ten! In anguish he watched the secretary of the District Party Committee, but the latter dared not stop. Insanity! To the last man! With make-believe enthusiasm on their faces, looking at each other with faint hope, the district leaders were just going to go on and on applauding till they fell where they stood, till they were carried out of the hall on stretchers! Then, after eleven minutes, the director of the paper factory assumed a businesslike expression and sat down in his seat. And, oh, a miracle took place! Where had the universal, uninhibited, indescribable enthusiasm gone? To a man, everyone else stopped dead and sat down. They had been saved!

        … That same night the factory director was arrested. They easily pasted ten years on him on the pretext of something quite different. But after he had signed Form 206, the final document of the interrogation, his interrogator reminded him: “Don’t ever be the first to stop applauding.”

        — Alexander Solzhenitsyn, The Gulag Archipelago

        Kind of like Manchin today…. Pedowood should make a new reality-teevee show: Dancing for the Shekels 50 solid minutes of R-jerseys and D-jerseys hopping around like little monkeys while Schlomo cranks an off-key organ-grinder which plays only Klezmer tunes. American politics summarized in one short reality show.

  1. “Something like 2 million refugees have already poured out of Ukraine”:

    Four times as many had already fled from the fake, made-up “nation” in the last ten years, mostly since 2014 – and most of them fled to Russia, NOT to the West! Khazar-kraine had already lost a large percentage of its population before 2022.

  2. What remains to be seen is what the instability caused by these prices increases will look like, I look for some massive new “stimulus” checks coming soon to keep the lid on.

  3. I think the Cuban missile crisis was a gay op but yeah. If NATO doesn’t escalate in Ukraine I think it will get back to normal quickly. It could be Shlomo wants a nuclear war. Part of their parasite life cycle. Seed the ashes with Shlomospores and hope they can win the next time around.

  4. Biden and the Democrats want the oil prices to be high so they can force their green agenda down our throats. They want everyone to buy an electric car. Not going to happen with me, I still owe 6 years of payments on my gas powered Toyota. If gas goes up to $7 a gallon, there will be a lot of pissed off people who can’t pay their bills and something will have to happen. That is not sustainable.

    • “Biden”, (whoever “Biden” really is and not the cadaver put on display as President), wants, I think, a situation that makes the imposition of martial law a necessity. Time to do away with any semblance of representative government and impose governance by “elites” instead.

      Moreover, The Clinton Global Initiative is back in business. It’s 2016 again and Hillary will expect her bribes.

  5. The U.S. needs Venezuelan oil now, but still intends to overthrow the Venezuelan people’s republic. Of course the U.S. believes it can do both, with the right deception and enough bribery.

    “Some U.S. refineries at the south coast are designed to only process heavy oil variants. Since 2019 the U.S. has blockaded heavy oil imports from Venezuela and replaced them with imports of heavy Ural variants from Russia. It has now sent officials to Caracas to try to get Venezuela’s oil flowing again. That would of course require lifting all sanctions off Venezuela and returning all confiscated companies and the gold that is owned by that country. It is not going to happen anytime soon”:

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