Jewish Neocons Announce Russia War Strategy

Eliot A. Cohen, co-founder of the Project for a New American Century, Iraq War chickenhawk and World War IV advocate, confirms what lots of people have suspected which is that Ukraine was cynically used as a pawn by the West to bait Russia into a super-Syria or super-Afghanistan situation.

The Atlantic:

“The means at hand are obvious, even if the manner of their exploitation is not. The most obvious is the armament of Ukraine, which has already begun. It is a moral imperative. When people are willing to fight for their freedom against an enemy whose methods and aims are so clearly evil, the West owes its effectual support to those taking up arms. But it is also a strategic imperative, intended to hamstring the Russian military and weaken Putin’s position.

Support to the Ukrainian military and, should Ukrainian cities fall, to the continuing insurgency has the prospect of exceptional success. A country greater in size than France and only slightly smaller than Texas, with built-up areas, forests, and, in the west, mountains, hundreds of thousands of armed men and women, a potential supply of thousands of foreign veterans, and a will to fight born of patriotism and anger, is virtually unconquerable if adequately armed. The key is to think about that on the right scale.

Michael Vickers, who was the mastermind of the CIA program supporting the anti-Soviet campaign in Afghanistan, lays out the lessons of that campaign in his forthcoming memoir, By All Means Available. A well-armed and determined population, Vickers contends, can defeat even a brutal superpower—and Russia is no longer that. The important thing is to move at scale and with urgency in support of such an insurgency. The tide turned in Afghanistan in a relatively short period of time, when the Afghanistan Covert Action Plan went from $60 million in fiscal year 1985 to $250 million the next year, a sum doubled by Saudi support. Remarkably, the CIA did not ask for this increase and may have opposed it, but congressional supporters led by the redoubtable Charlie Wilson carried the day. In less than a year, the program went from supplying 10 metric tons of weaponry to more than six times as much. Within another year, the sum of money and resources was doubled.

Not just the sheer quantity of support but its breadth made a difference—including man-portable air-defense systems such as Stinger missiles, heavy machine guns, sniper rifles, and secure communications technology. And with it went a change in objective from bleeding the Red Army to defeating it.

The conditions in Ukraine are, if anything, more favorable than in Afghanistan. In Poland and several other frontline states, the West has allies infinitely more reliable than Pakistan was during the Afghan War. Poland’s border with Ukraine alone is 330 miles long and would be impossible for Russia to seal. In Ukraine, the West has a technically sophisticated population that can handle whatever advanced weapons are needed. And in the Russian army of this moment, it faces a force that has already been badly bloodied, proving itself logistically incompetent and poorly motivated. As the Russians conscript civilian vehicles to supply their stranded forces, including the 40-mile “convoy” north of Kyiv, which has been better described as a linear prisoner-of-war camp to which the captors are not obliged to provide rations, the invaders find themselves in logistical difficulties that appear well-nigh insuperable. The resources to equip the Ukrainians are there; the task is to do it on the largest possible scale, and fast. That is the lesson of Afghanistan: scale and urgency. …”

Elliot Abrams, the king of the neocons, infamous Iraq War chickenhawk and George W. Bush’s Deputy National Security Advisor for Global Democracy Strategy, lays out The New Cold War.

National Review:

“Only the oldest Americans have memories of the 1930s, when German and Japanese power threatened war in both Europe and the Pacific. In those years Americans well recalled the earlier “Great War” and wanted no repeat of it. Isolationism was strong and the Roosevelt administration trod carefully in building American defenses and offering help to allies. Even when war began in Europe in 1939, America stood back until it was directly attacked.

The coming decades may resemble the 1930s more than any other period since. Whether they will lead to a peaceful contest or a conflict that tests the nation as much as or more than did the Second World War is the awful question we now face.

We are not ready — militarily, politically, or psychologically — for the prolonged crisis ahead of us. Vast American productivity, wealth, and power overwhelmed Germany in both the First and the Second World War, and Japan in the latter. We were certain of victory, and our allies knew that once we entered the war, the outcome was not in doubt.

In what will now be a dangerous and lengthy struggle with Russia and China, one that may last for generations, as did the Cold War, there will be three temptations the United States must avoid. The first is to seek relief by putting our heads in the sand.  …”

These people are like syphillis.

They never seem to go away no matter how many disasters that they cause. We last saw Elliot Abrams during the Trump administration when he was ZOG’s “special envoy” in charge of dealing with Iran and Venezuela.

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  1. Everything with the baby blood drinkers is projection. Even mainstream historians are starting to admit Hitler did everything possible to avoid war with the UK. FDR did everything he could to provoke Japan to find a back door into war with Germany.

    • I was watching the Hitler channel the other day to listen to the propaganda from those days to the present. I forgot the episode name but one of commentators admitting Churchill used propaganda and fake news (his words) to get the US into the war against Germany. He needed the support of the US so he lied and scammed the Roosevelt administration. He also said we can blame the Nazis” for a lot but in this case they were set up by Churchill. I bet he lost his job.

  2. BTW, arming the “Freedom Fighters” like Osama bin Laden led directly to 9/11 then two, not one but two, two fucking wars in Iraq and one in Afghanistan for Our Greatest Ally. They are risking nuclear war this time by their evil schemes and using the corrupt politicians they have purchased to accomplish this. That is their ultimate goal.

    • As insane as it sounds after the tsunami of psy-ops and propaganda I no longer believe there were hijackers on 9/11 nor did any desert goat lovers have anything to do with it.

      • It’s not insane. 9/11 was the greatest example of the classic “Jewish Lightning” scam ever pulled off in history. Not only did WTC owner Silverfish or whatever his name is get paid 4 billion for a 2 billion loss, Greater Israel got paid even more than normal and got to have their favorite song (Onward Christian Soliders) play in Iraq and (even now) in Syria. Another benefit was having the Imperial Rainbow legion kick out the Goat-men who’d shut down the poppy fields. The Sacklers thank all the chumps for their service in keeping them rolling in the cash from the sales of opiates.

        • The Muslims did it…and they did it because White Males were more interested in negro ball than paying attention to what was going on around them here and the Middle East…Bin Laden’s second in command was laughing about how easy it would be to attack the US because “America is berry bery open…no problem”…on CBS News one year before 9/11…..So this makes you a moron…

      • of course there were, you transparent hasbara tinfoil-dealer. But

        they were patsies recruited by Saudi Intel and Mossad.

    • Our opinions really don’t matter but if Putin takes down the Petro$hekel and I still have a wall I will put his portrait on it.

    • Every. Single. Effing. Time.

      “His blood be on us, and upon OUR CHILDREN, forever.”


      God has damned them, eternally. They do not deserve to live.
      They are the ENEMIES OF GOD.

  3. Maybe I’m not the only one who’s noticed that members of a (((group))) in which gratuitous disrespect of other groups is hardly rare become instantly respectful of others when they need them, as allies.

    • Absolutely. There is zero guerrilla activity even now in the Russian controlled territories.

      Only thing what happens, is the armed criminals coming to Europe as refugees.

      Ze emptied his prisons and called foreign fighters because nobody in Ukraina does not want to fight for the regime

    • Ukraine is poor and what everyone there understands is that, war ending soon or not, this is a maybe-brief chance to get an EU citizen meal ticket. Nearly 2 million already over the EU border, millions more coming …

      Including a whole bunch of Africans and Muslims, some of them already in Ukraine … plus all those African & Muslim migrants that Belarus was trying to push into Poland the other month, well after a bus ride into Ukraine they are now ‘Ukraine refugees’ and can go into the EU with ease as well … here’s a Polish border guard welcoming some black people as ‘Ukraine refugees’

      Hard to get good info on the war situation, but some are translating Strelkov’s posts on Telegram (the 2014 military hero of the Donbass rebellion, whom Putin eventually sidelined because Strelkov was winning too much)

      Getting slowly bad for Russia, momentum breaking down, supplies short and of low quality … it’s getting to be a quagmire, Putin’s attack on all of Ukraine starting to look like a bad gamble … Putin probably should have just defended his Russian co-ethnics and left it at that … but maybe ‘Putin being smart’ was not the plan

      • “here’s a Polish border guard welcoming some black people as ‘Ukraine refugees”:

        This is a dramatic shift. It seems to break Polish resistance to immigration. Just a few weeks ago, Polish border guards were still murdering immigrants who try to slip across the border in secluded places.

        • Yes, the west seems to be solidifying around the narrative of defending “Our Values” from the despotic Asiatic horde, represented by Putin the Hun.

          Our Values:
          -neo-liberal economics
          -open borders
          -anti-Whiteness (in practice only for Whites who are not wealthy/connected enough to buy their way out)
          -“democracy” (unquestioned rule by wealthy White/Jewish oligarchs and their multiracial
          woke PMC royal guard)
          -worshipping subsaharan Africans as demigods
          -worshipping Jews as gods

          Some, like Richard Spencer, have decided that all of the above is implicitly White and that Whites have a sacred Apollonian duty to defend it. Those who are not on board with all/part of the above are members of a “traitor’s coalition,” according to him.

  4. The blood is all that matters Matt, not the color of the skin, there are certain flaws inherited genetic imperfections in all of us and the only way to over come these flaws these sinful ways is through Christ. There is no hope for the Jews, they are doom by the hand of God. It is in the blood. And the Jews are too blind to see it. Muslims, Russians, Chinese and White Christians, (excluding the Irish and the queers of course) are all on the Jew hit list. How in Gods name are the Jews chosen to be anything other than damned for eternity? How?

    • The chances of that increase every day that this drags on. I predicted the Ukes would last for a month. We shall see.

  5. Whoever the jews support you support the other side. Than again, they control both sides so there goes that option.

  6. It seems these Neocons have an insatiable appetite for blood, destruction and human suffering. This doesn’t excuse our traitorous psychopaths who go along with it and make it happen.

  7. Although there appears to be a vocal minority of anti-war Jews like Glenn Greenwald, they are really treading on thin ice here.

  8. “It’s almost like bigotry is okay as long as the targets are perceived to be white”:

    Since they fell out of favor or were no longer needed, Russians are portrayed as the White untermensch, wild, crazy, stupid, barbaric, etc. even though they excel in technology, science and mathematics, and were first in space (Sputnik) and built their own atomic arsenal so quickly that the U.S. had to abandon its secret plan to atom-bomb Russia out of existence after WW2.

    • Jews now call Russians “snow-niggers” now. They call the Ukrainians (who they’re supposedly trying to save from Putler) “steppe-niggers”. A goy is just a goy to the Jews. Two-legged cattle put on earth by their ‘god’ (Satan) to serve them. Even if a Jew holds to a Talmud interpretation that says to obey the ten commandments found in the Torah, this does not apply to any interactions with goyim – who are not human. One can tell lies to a cow all day, rape sheep and goats at will, steal their food, kill them and drink their blood. No problem, all perfectly legal under the Talmud. 109 countries so far. At one time in its history, Russia did not allow Jews in except certain towns in the borderland. The tsars got soft though so by 1918 they could slaughter goyim at will. The slaughter of Nicholas II and his entire family might have even been a Jewish ritual killing. Here they are now leading a bunch of idiots into WW III. Their hands must be rubbing so fast it sounds like a Mississippi swamp on a steamy summer night.

      • They, the Jews are the ones who are not human.

        It is our ability to reason that separates the civilized man from the animal.

        Why did the Jews kill Christ and why oh why do the Jews reject Christ and his teachings?

        They can’t reason with us, can not explain themselves to us because they are not human.

        In every way they are what they accuse us a of being. And are too blind to see it.

  9. Don’t these Jews know they have to consult with the Yankee PMCs who are actually in charge?

  10. Putin should start snuffing these god damned war-mongering kike scum who are forever screaming for the killing of others. Pissrael & itz DC golem have no qualms about murdering enemies, why should the Russians? It could be done in untraceable ways by experienced professionals, made to look like “accidents”, whatever. Killing even one or two would have a chilling effect on the rest because they’re physical cowards who only run their liver-lipped mouths when they think they’re safe thousands of miles from their victims.

    I’m not just talking about the kikes, but also their goy whores.

  11. A month or so ago, Identity Dixie raised the question about whether Southern Nationalists needed to focus on the JQ.

    Of course, imho, it is of utmost importance, as demonstrated by every major occurrences from the world wars to the Great Depression and subprime mortgage Wall Street meltdowns that gentiles paid for in blood and treasure.

    How there could be any doubters left with current events punching you in the fave in regards to the urgency of addressing the JQ both domestically and eventually internationally.

  12. When they killed and rejected Our Lord I believe they fell under God’s curse. Hence they can only destroy. Everything they touch turns into a disaster and instead of repenting for their crime, they keep rushing headlong to destruction. They can’t create they can only destroy. They can’t run far or fast enough from themselves and their crime of deicide. Only it won’t work because we can’t escape ourself. Or they will attempt to entangle Gentiles in their crimes and debauchery. They are an accursed people who should be shunned but evangelized. Why any society would allow these people who aligned themselves with Satan to participate in their society is beyond me. The mystery of wickedness as it says in the Apocalypse, I suppose.

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