Hillary Clinton: It’s Important For The World To Stand With Ukraine

I’m feeling nauseated watching this.

The single most disgusting thing about this whole episode is watching the faux humanitarianism of people like Hillary Clinton, Sean Hannity and Lindsey Graham who have spent the last twenty years soaking foreign countries in the blood of millions of people and creating massive refugee crises from Serbia to Iraq to Afghanistan to Syria to Libya to Yemen and now to Ukraine.

Hillary Clinton is on record saying on Rachel Maddow’s show that the goal is to create an insurgency in Ukraine that drags on for years. She wants to transform Ukraine into another shattered failed state like Syria or Afghanistan. This strategy was just openly announced by Eliot Cohen, the co-founder of the Project for the New American Century who gave us the Iraq War, at The Atlantic.

If this whole episode rings a bell, it is because you have seen this playbook used to destabilize foreign countries over and over again down to Sean Hannity doing his evil dictator act.


  1. Killary knows that the Khazar-krainian terrorist insurgency (I call it “the White ISIS”) was created by the U.S. long ago, but she says it “should be” or is “going to be” created soon.

    The U.S.’s “WHITE ISIS” that terrorizes Khazar-kraine is using the population as human shields now, among many other terrorist acts. It was preparing to use dirty nuclear bombs and biological weapons such as Anthrax. Unspeakable evil but the Almighty Dollar protects it, stands behind it, makes it alright, pays the media to whitewash over it.

  2. If Ukraine is so important then Hillary can suit her sickly a$$ up in kevlar, grab a rifle and actually fight for her goals. Besides, us deplorables need her to lead by example.

  3. Hillary Clinton

    An old farting hairy bulldyke with a mole on it’s lip

    White Boomer….the apex of the Woodstock Generation

    Peace Man…Nuke Slavic Russia…GROOVY MAN

    POST-1965 Nonwhites voted her…..or should I say It….into power….THE BLESSINGS OF DIVERSITY!!!!!….Lesbian Farting Power and AOC=LA RAZA RACE POWER!!!

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