SHOCK CLAIM: Tucker Carlson: Ukraine Biolabs Confirmed By Victoria Nuland

When I first heard about this claim, I also dismissed it as Russian disinformation. There is no way that this could be real. This is like saying Saddam Hussein has WMD. This has got to be a pretext for justifying the Russian invasion. The fact checkers also all said it was misinformation, right?


  1. This is just the beginning indeed the top of the yankee iceberg, no wonder they have been so extremely riled up over Ukraine! welp the Russians have only scratched the surface right now and you can be sure they will keep on digging

    Glory to Russia


  2. Never dismiss anything when it comes to the criminals in the US govt. All they do is lie. The culprits in the US govt that were caught with operating and funding WMD in Ukraine will claim ignorance or plausible deniability. Not a thing will happen to them and they know it. You might see more useless hearings and congressional BS but no one will go to jail.

  3. Why the fuck do we have 15 bioweapons labs in Ukraine? Seriously. At best they are subverting US laws. At worst the Geneva Conventions against bioweapons. With the baby blood drinkers you have to assume the worst.

  4. It really depends on how you define ‘bioweapons labs’. The American empire has always claimed- despite having been pretty conclusively proven to have used biological weapons against Korean soldiers and Cuban agriculture- that its bioweapons research was purely defensive and that it has never used bioweapons.

    Of course… it also claimed that the Soviet bioweapons research, that the USSR also claimed was purely defensive, was offensively oriented.

    Many of those former Soviet laboratories in Ukraine, Bulgaria, Georgia and elsewhere are now contracted as part of the TOTALLY DEFENSIVE bioweapons research program that the US conducts overseas. The Russians have been being mean to poor old America for several years now, claiming that those bioweapons labs that the US always used to say were conducting research into offensive bioweapons, are actually… still conducting research into offensive bioweapons.

    I wouldn’t be at all surprised if Russian troops securing the sites have found weaponized smallpox and anthrax strains down the back of a refrigerator, despite the best efforts of zion’s Ukranian collaborators to destroy them first. Of course, the zionists will just claim that they needed to have those for their ‘defensive’ research.

    Will they find shells or bombs intended to distribute biological agents or insect carriers of such? It seems unlikely- while there have been outbreaks of various animal diseases that the Russians have evidence could be traced back to these US bioweapons labs before, like African swine fever in Georgia in 2007, they were probably the result of lab leaks rather than dispersal experiments.

    • You need to grow them first. Typically you need fermenters/incubators and concentrators of some sort before you can weaponize. This would be obvious to anyone inspecting.

      • The 9/11 anthrax was an US research strain (ATCC) that was probably weaponized by the US or Israel. The Hatfield guy had nothing to do with it and spent 20 years clearing his name after his career was ruined. It took serious expertise to get that shit to aerosolize. Wasn’t done in a cave in Afganifuckistan.

    • The U.S. simply got around the legal ban on domestic manufacturing of bioweapons by out-sourcing its production to trusted, puppet states like Khazar-kraine, ESPECIALLY in Khazarkraine. There were at least 13 facilities in Khazar-kraine, and at least eight of them remained in operation up to the Russian “invasion.”

  5. No. We have known about these biological “research labs” built around the borders of Russia (not only in Ukraine, but also in Georgia and Khazakhstan) for many years!

    Faced with some irrefutable evidence that They weren’t able to destroy in time, now the Empire twists it.
    They will very soon TWIST it into a huge FALSE FLAG chemical or biological attack, that will be blamed on Russia, and the stupid Faux News audience, and other mainstream “news” media watchers are bound to believe every word of it.

    This false flag, or several false flags, are coming to your TV screens (to the daily Carlson-Hannity-Ingraham fake news show) probably later this month. A likely, symbolic day for the first false flag launching is: March 17th.

  6. Nothing on the Ukraine Azov Natzees, yet, Comrade Brad or is that pushing it with the remnants of the Army of Northern Virginia on OD?

    • It is a real group that has been around for years. I’ve heard it is funded by Israel. They are surrounded in Mariupol

      • In Mariupol they set up their guns in the maternity hospital, using it as a civilian shield, just like they use other civilian public infrastructure, schools, etc. and private residences for shields in the other cities. Surprisingly the terrorists (Azov) had removed the nurses, mothers and infants, and they had dispersed the doctors to other places where they were needed more than a week ago.

        • “Moon of Alabama” is a reliable source of information that will never intentionally mislead you like the star of Faux News (Tucker Carlson) does:

          The smug, pompous, lying, group-think promoting star of Faux News amplifies the U.S.’s (CIA’s) maternity hospital bombing atrocity propaganda, and he will never inform you of REAL atrocities – like when a U.S. C-130 gunship attacked a Doctors Without Borders hospital in Afghanistan for an hour or more, killing doctors, nurses and patients.

          Carlson would never tell you how the U.S. goes about “liberating” cities from its terrorist proxies:

  7. I also assumed it was some Q-tard thing. But Nuland’s statement leaves not much room for doubt. And the Chinese just coming out and making accusations backs it up. They are usually more indirect and wouldn’t come out with direct accusations like that unless they knew it would be a win for them.

    And it is not surprising. The “rules based order” has never applied to the USA.

  8. Re: the “shock claim”:

    It is reality, not a “claim,” and not a shock to those who pay attention to U.S. foreign policy. I could post dozens of irrefutable (not conspiracy theory) news references besides this one from almost twelve years ago:

    “Biolab opens in Ukraine”, by Tina Redlup on June 18, 2010:

    “U.S. Senator Dick Lugar applauded the opening of the Interim Central Reference Laboratory in Odessa, Ukraine, this week, announcing that it will be instrumental in researching dangerous pathogens used by bioterrorists. The level-3 bio-safety lab, which is the first built under the expanded authority of the Nunn-Lugar Cooperative Threat Reduction program, will be used to study anthrax, tularemia and Q fever as well as other dangerous pathogens. ‘The continuing cooperation of Nunn-Lugar partners has improved safety for all people against weapons of mass destruction and potential terrorist use, in addition to advancements in the prevention of pandemics and public health consequences,’ Lugar said”:

  9. O/T-When China takes Taiwan will the US be boycotting their goods for the big supreme war effort?

  10. I know smallpox has been eradicated, no one has gotten the disease in decades, it’s impossible for an outbreak of smallpox to happen but I’m just wondering: with all this talk of biological weapons laboratories the U.S. Government operates will there be an outbreak of smallpox again?

    Nothing would surprise me. The depth and breadth of evil in the monsters who are running the U.S. (and other) governments knows no bounds. Smallpox would sow panic around the world, most people have no immunity to it. The outbreak could be blamed on Russia if it happened in Ukraine whether or not Russia had anything to do with it.

    The last two official stockpiles of smallpox are held in the U.S. and Russia, supposedly nowhere else.

    ” . . . The last officially acknowledged stocks of variola are held by the United States at the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention and by Russia at the State Research Centre of Virology and Biotechnology. The US collection consists of 450 isolates of variola, while various authoritative sources place the number of specimens retained by Russia at ?150 samples, consisting of 120 different strains (7,8), including several selected for their increased virulence that were collected during the Cold War as potential biological weapons. The possibility that stolen smallpox cultures may already be in the hands of rogue states or terrorist organizations also remains an important subject of international concern.”

  11. Putin is proven anti-white, pro-jew, in bed with jews, a traitor to his nation and our race. He pretends not to see that it is JEW-S (not US), policies that are bothering him. He enforces the Holy-Hoax which is the Jews prime weapon of Genocide against our people.

    If some Jews running the Ukraine government did something to Putin, or had a bio-lab, or whatever, then why doesn’t he go kill those Jews? Why initiate the murder of the white folk of Ukraine (and get a lot of Russian white men killed too), for some alleged crimes of Jews?

    And why oh why would any self-respecting white man twist his mind to justify such a crime
    against our blood?

    What is this madness?

    Why must white people die, again, and again, and again… for the crimes of, for the sake of, Jews?

    And how could any loyal white man justify that?

    What is Putin gonna do for us?

    At best, nothing, in reality he does us harm, and threatens to kill us all with nukes.

    We must untangle our minds from all this jewish pill pull some have internalized and keep it simple: Those who decide to go and kill white folks, or get them killed by sending them to kill the others, are the enemy of white folks, period.

    Support such monsters and you are tainted by the white blood they spill.

    Wake up, the eternal jew is laughing at the goyim slaughter, is laughing at you.

    • You have the basic facts wrong. Putin did not initiate this war. The Globopedo Jews in Ukraine did with the shelling of Dombas 8 years ago, resulting in the death of 10,000 or more Russians (and probably zero jews). Putin – who could be at least partly a Jew-puppet (though there less evidence of this against him than there is against Zion Don, since he does not have a Satanist as his son-in-low nor has one of his own offspring coverted to Talmudic Satanism) – held off in responding to this and tried negotiating with the liars for far too long and to his own detriment. There is also a slim possibility that Putin really did not want to see another ‘brother war’ in which whites killed one another as Jews rub their hands in glee and so tried to resolve the issue without war. (Note that 20 planeloads of Ukraine’s Jewligarchs flew out on Feb.14 because they knew in advance what as going to happen).

      Screeching about Putin is pointless when every single western regime and all western institutions, including the churches, are controlled by Jews – unless this serves some other agenda. We’re not in Russia so the near-unanimous position here is to stay the hell out of Ukraine – in contrast to both nominal political parties and 100% of the gaslight media. Note also the whole ISIS-type creation. promotion and command – by Jews and Globopedo – of these so-called “Nazis” in Ukraine, who are far more interested in killing other whites than they are in something to protect whites like directing their actions against the fair number of Africans being imported into Ukraine by the Globopedo regime there.

      So what is the real agenda you’re pushing here? You’re rant stinks of hasbara.

      • Hasbara? Lol.

        My view is clear. Instead of revealing the weakness of Russian arms while killing white Ukrainian men women and children and getting many Russian white men killed and gutting Russia to be served up as a meal to predatory Jews and his Chinese “allies” Putin should have told the truth and struck a historic blow against the real enemy.

        He could have debunked the Holy-hoax and told the truth about the Holodomor and World War Jew point 2 thus gutting the Jews and serving them up for much deserved correction and justice.

        Instead he has to watch his army shredded, his power dissipated, Russian ruined and become just another loser who got a lot of white people killed or impoverished while thinking he could out Jew the Jew.

        For god’s sake he had the power, the moment, and the one weapon that could free the white and other “goyim” races in his hand: The Truth.

        In stead he is boxed in to either watch his army die or make the lie about “evil Russians” become the truth by escalating to murdering civilians, leveling cities, using chemical weapons or even nukes.

        Yeah it is so Hasbara of me to wish that Putin had listened and instead of shooting Russian and other White nations had shot down the jew-lies that rule us instead.

        He could have had a shot at doing what Hitler sadly failed to do: Free the goyim from the Jews.

        Instead he puts on another goyim slaughter for the Jews. And the jews will feed on the carcasses of Russian, Ukraine, and who knows what else white nations — Just what we really don’t need.

        But maybe, from your comments, you approve of his actions, and stand by the hell he has unleashed on Ukrainians, Russians, and god knows who else as this develops and leads to further consequences in the years to come?

        Or golly, maybe I’m just a dumb hick from America who doesn’t recognize that the “golden age” is dawning in the bleeding out of shattered Ukrainian families treacherously shot in “humanitarian corridors”, or the agony of Russian conscript soldiers burning to death in their shattered war machines?

        If we needed a war this isn’t it.

  12. Could this finally be the end of the Anglo-American world order and the beginning of the Russo-Sino world order? I certainly hope so! The USA was a sore winner in the Cold War. There could have been a period of 50 years to a century of Pax Americana. But under ZOG the USA decided to embark on a series of disatrous campaigns of imperialist aggression instead. The world will be more peaceful and stable without the American-British-Zionist axis of evil dominating it.

  13. You are missing the intended purpose of this exchange between Nuland and Rubio. A chemical weapons attacking is going to be staged and Russia is to be blamed.

    • Exactly. They are twisting the facts of the crime to shift blame and finally accuse the victim of doing it.

      The White Helmets are there already, with plenty of experience in helping to stage false flag chemical weapons attacks in Syria. Look for it to happen on a symbolic day, the 16th or 17th. Remember what happened to Stalin at that time – and he is the main villain in the Holodomor story.

    • The media is setting the stage for such an event this very evening. The amount of psychological manipulation we are assaulted with every day is truly stunning.

  14. Has that boomer faggot Sean Hannity acknowledged the existence of US government biological warfare laboratories in the Ukraine?

    • At least one of these illegal-under-international-law U.S. Department of Defense WMD facilities in Khazar-kraine was working with bat diseases and coronavirus in particular.

  15. Putin needs to stop it with the Optics Cucking and order that 40 mile convoy of Chechnans to go on a seek-and-destroy mission against the bio labs and every other dirty secret they find. They all have cell phones. Record it, RT and the Dissident Web reposts it, some of it leaks onto Twitter for a few hours before being deplatformed, boom, major PR loss for GloboPedoAnal.

    Russia is winning this war on the hardware front (the physical military itself) but losing it on the software front (media and propaganda). I’m sure that was the plan from the start on both sides, but if Russia can turn the software front in its favor, then we might live to witness the collapse of the actual collapse of the Aryan-Jewish analtrannie empire.

  16. Anytime anyone in the US government makes a statement, you must assume it is a lie unless you currently know from your own research that it is truth or you take the time to research the statement to check its validity. The people in our government are pathological liars.

  17. Whenever listening to Nudelman, Frum, Kristol, Schumer, Schiff. Blinken or any Heeb, always remember “Jews lie”. Operate with that in mind, and the world always becomes less confusing.

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