John Mearsheimer: The Russia-Ukraine Disaster


This is an unambiguous disaster for the world economy, a disaster for the American worker and middle class, a disaster for Europe, a disaster for Russia, a disaster for Ukraine, a potential disaster for humanity. The only people who wanted this were the neocons and Russiagaters who instigated it.

Note: Far from cheering on this war, I didn’t believe this was about to jump off in December. I suspected it was a moderate possibility though. Putin was far angrier about this than I suspected.


  1. Has it ever occured to Comrade Brad and the remnants of the Army of Northern Virginia on OD that maybe Putin is just a megalomaniacal jagoff and that he was going to invade the Ukraine no matter what the West did. It’s some kind of weird psychological disorder that the Alt Lite simps for individuals/groups that could give fuck-all about them e.g. – Trump, Putin, Russia, etc.

    • No Russian leader would have acted differently faced with Zelensky’s statement about Ukraine acquiring nukes. A lot of fed trash crawling out of the woodwork, chimpin’ out over this situation that their Jewish masters contrived to bring about.

    • Are you completely f**king stupid? This war has clearly been in the works for years – as evidenced by the West’s unwillingness to negotiate.

    • @Christop1970——I’ll huff, and I’ll puff, and I’ll blow your house down.

      Whose afraid of the big bad wolf? Who kyke?

    • There hasn’t been a single person here wanting to sign up for the Russian army, so kindly explain to us why sending white boys to Ukraine to kill Russians and defend the Globopedo Jew World Order is so very important. Apart form Yeltsin the drunken puppet of Globopedo, no Russian leader after the Tsars ever got to the top of the Russian greasy pole without being a megalomaniacal jagoff. Even the most successful of the Tsars were megalomaniacal jagoffs – including Tsarina Catherine the Great. If they stopped being megalomaniacal jagoffs for too long they ended up like Alexander II or his grandson and family.

      No Russian leader would have acted differently faced with Zelensky’s statement about Ukraine acquiring nukes.

      No rational Russian government would have accepted it. Yeltsin the drunken puppet might have, though even he made statements against NATO expansion to the east. It’s not only the nukes, but the fact that Zelensky and the Nazitards had 22 brigades all lined up for a full assault on Dombass (after 8 years of shelling).

    • You’ve fallen for very basic propaganda technique that the overwhelming majority of Americans/Westerners unfortunately have fallen for whether they be left, right, center, or something else.

      It’s all “Putin Putin Putin!”. “Putin does this, Putin does that, Putin invades.”

      But Putin is so less relevant to this story than our media and policy elite would want you to believe. It’s not Putin doing XYZ, it’s RUSSIA. RUSSIA is invading. Making it about Putin, rather than more accurately about Russia is a deflection, so our elite can escape all culpability and responsibility for creating the conditions that lead to this situation.

      Listen to Mearsheimer. He’s telling you in very easy to understand language – Russia has been signaling very clearly and loudly for years now that they view our escapades in Ukraine – courtesy of the U.S. State Department, George Soros NGOs, and our wannabe-oligarchs like Pierre Omidyar – as an existential threat.

      Listen to your fellow commenters. Any competent Russian leader from the past to the present would be responding the same way to an existential threat. Only a puppet-stooge for Western power would sit back and allow further NATO expansion attempts to go unchecked, unanswered.

      Centering and framing all blame and discussion around one man, and then creating that man into an evil spooky boogie man comic book villain caricatures is an easy way to shield Americans away from the truth. It’s dumb and it’s insulting and it results in getting people killed.

      This propaganda technique comes courtesy of the same people who are willing to sacrifice Ukrainian civilians, and have previously sacrificed American men (particularly Southern and rural men) for globohomo, zionism, and weapons manufacturers.

      This war in Ukraine is about Russia, its security, its “empire” (either real or imagined), its existence. Not insane scary bad guy man with big ego set on terrorizing everything and everyone around him. That’s Hollywood smooth-brain gobbeldygook thinking.

  2. It’s not just Biden and his treasonous administration, it’s also the Republicans who are siding and supporting it. The two party oligarch system in play.

    • From Starbucks to Hollywood the $hekel dance for attention and relevance has begun. Who the fuck are they dancing for tho? Soros and Schabb are just upper management.

  3. “I didn’t believe this was about to jump off”:

    At least you had heard something about it, unlike 99.99% of the U.S. population. It jumped off long ago. This hybrid war against Russia in Khazar-kraine has been going on for MANY years, and was always a disaster for the U.S.’s intended victims (Russia). I kept harping on it for years.

    “a disaster for Russia, a disaster for Ukraine”:

    That is sophistry, and middle-of-the-road fence riding. You can say war is “disaster” and “every war is a disaster,” including Russia’s legal-under-international-law act of self-defense against the Khazar-krainian proxy forces of the U.S. Empire’s century-long hybrid war on Russia (going back to Woodrow Wilson with a very brief intermission in WW2).

    The question that we really should be asking: Is this “disaster” (Russia’s very limited, precisely targeted act of self defense) a real disaster or setback for the U. sury S. ystem, and therefore a victory for common, working people in Russia and worldwide?

    • The conflict in Donbas has gone on for years, but I figured tensions would settle down as they usually do.

      • The vitriol aimed at Putin during Trump’s fake presidency was insane. It wasn’t going away. Putin could possibly even be a Jew but it no longer matters. He’s Hitler 2.0 now.

      • I think where we got it all wrong was to think that Putin wouldn’t stand up in even the smallest way, even in the face of daily murders of Russian people, against international zionism in the form of the filthy dictator Zelensky.

        And just look at all the attacks Russia has been subjected to for defending Russians in a very moderate and humane way. If Russia had authorized their S-400s in Syria to shoot down jews bombing Syrian civilians, Biden would have nuked Moscow already.

        I think it probably made it a lot easier for him that the American empire was threatening to impose all these sanctions anyway over nonsense like some supposed ‘hacking’. But it is rather inspirational that, even in a very moderate way, Putin did fight back against the international jew.

  4. A very good analysis by Peter Hitchens of the Ukrainian crisis originating the West’s double-speak, lying, and treachery:

  5. The propaganda this morning is William Randolph Hearst levels. It is exactly how Al Jazeera reported the US attack on Iraq back in 2003, focusing on every stray bomb that killed a civilian. A military analyst was on yesterday on the radio (who I doubt will get invited back) who said that like with the asymmetrical warfare between the US and Iraq etc, the Ukrainian military is pulling back into the cover of urban areas daring the Russians to hit them. He also blamed Hillary and crew for creating the mess, basically emboldening the Ukrainians to go out and threaten the Russians knowing full well what would be the response. Like telling you neighbor to go up to Tony Soprano’s front door, ring the bell, and threaten to call the cops on him. He said 30 years ago the type of people in Washington never would have done something so reckless. In other words boomer led America sucks and the now deceased Silent and WW2 generations were a lot wiser and sorely missed.

    There is a big character flaw with the current crop of Americans, who is responsible for it can be debated, but the reality is that the people are rotten bums like the prodigal son squandering their inheritance that others much more capable than themselves built up for them. China makes everything, these bastards just assume we are the same country that will prevail just like in the 1940s. Well how? With twitter and fake derivative financial instruments when they have the machines and assembly lines that actually generate true wealth and are poised to have their currency be the one people want for international trade? When they say we don’t care about your sharia and will do business with you the way the old anglo guard used to be practical about Saudi vs. Biden’s school marms demonizing MBS? America is about to be hurt badly in the pocketbook because the way people here think the way the world works isn’t the way it really does. Too many lies stuck in their heads nonstop, even the TV commercials have black female rocket scientists vs. the reality of the uncouth, loudmouthed welfare queen with a brood of illegitimate children and grandchildren at her feet in Walmart.

  6. Well, of course, the only people who count are the psycopathic rulers who control the corrupt Western governments and mainly the US gov. When you say that the only people who wanted this were the neocons and Russiagaters you’re speaking specifically of the jews and their useless idiot, shabbos goys. They don’t care that these events are disastrous to the common people because in fact it is their primary plan. It is what our rulers want — destruction of our economy and the elimination of as many people as it causes. The corrupt US gov reaction to Russia responding to a decade of their provocations is totally unreasonable and to do everything they can to worsen the situation, which in turn makes it worse for all citizens, and to be sure, the jews will make certain that the much, much, worse, is still to come.

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