Ukraine On Fire

Americans don’t care about Ukraine.

We need to be honest with ourselves about this.

Six months ago, Americans had zero interest in the conflict in Donbas. There was no coverage of the issue. Few Americans can identify Ukraine on a map, have ever visited Ukraine or know anything about the country aside from the fact that it used to be a part of the Soviet Union and that it has shady ties to Hillary Clinton and Joe Biden which came up in the last two presidential elections. Most Americans are kind and good hearted people who feel sorry about what is happening to the Ukrainians. We don’t know what is really going on there or how this conflict seemed to erupt out of the blue.

The idea that we should be willing to plunge into World War III with Russia over a country that has never been a vital interest of the United States and which Americans know so little about because we have such weak strategic, economic and historical ties to it speaks volumes about the foolishness of our ruling class. We have nothing to gain and a lot to lose by inserting ourselves into this conflict. We could forget about it tomorrow and walk away from the cliff. What on earth is our ruling class and foreign policy elite doing creating biolabs in Ukraine where experiments are being conducted on deadly viruses?

Once again, Ukraine is not a place which we know much about like Britain or France, but it has deep and complex historical ties to Russia and Poland. The country is pulled between East and West. Getting into a tug of war with Russia over Ukraine can only result in disaster for Ukraine.

The truth is that the usual suspects – a coalition of neocons like Lindsey Graham and Russiagaters like Adam Schiff – have been quietly pumping Ukraine full of geopolitical dynamite for the last eight years. These people love war and hate Russia and have conspired to drag us all into this manufactured crisis. This has been going on under the radar while our attention has been focused on COVID.

Washington Post:

In addition to deep cultural and historical ties to Russia, Ukraine has also historically been the interstate between East and West. Ukraine is a vital interest of Russia because of its geography.


  1. Poland was part of Russia up until the First World War. Southeastern Poland was part of the Ukraine. Looks like the Ukrainian’s are going to get Southeastern Poland back via immigration/migration.

  2. Slavs are weird looking too. At first I think the women are kind of hot but the longer you get to know them something seems off. Not really our people I don’t think. There was a reason there was a border there.

    • I would remind Nordicists like you that most of Germany’s original Teutonic/Nordic stock has long since been replaced by shorter, darker Alpines. Like Hitler, for example.

    • This is not true, 88. Hitler made a dumb mistake by dismissing them. They are not the same, but they originally came from the same root. They are our people. The main problem is, Genghis’ genes did in fact alter the gene pool of the area the Mongols conquered. You can easily spot the Eastern Europeans that have a good deal of Mongol DNA.

  3. Anecdotally, I haven’t heard a single person IRL complaining about Putin bombing babies in hospitals or whatever the atrocity propaganda of the day is. Haven’t spoken to anyone frothing at the mouth wanting to genocide Russians like politicians and TV talking heads have been. But just about every person I have spoken to has complained about gas prices.

  4. Until the fall of the Tsarist empire, there was no people who called themselves “Ukrainians” (which means “borderlanders” in Russian). “Ukrainian” was a label applied to anti-Russian (anti-Tsardom) separatists, who lived and operated mostly in Galicia and other western parts of what is now called Ukraine. These mixed areas were Romanized (Papist) and fought over by Poland, Austria and Russia for centuries. There was a small population of non-Romanized Galicians, the Russian Orthodox Carpatho-Russians, remaining in the far west – the Russo-philic Galicians. So it is not true that the entire population of Galicia was anti-Russian. Furthermore there was no genocide by famine in Galicia. The center of the post-Civil War famine was further west, and it was not intentional. The Holodomor myth of Ukrainian genocide and replacement by Russians is the foundation of Khazar-kraine just like The Holocaust is the foundation of the Zionist’s REAL genocide and population replacement of indigenous Palestine.

    Be discerning! Beware of ubiquitous “Ukrainian history” propaganda:

  5. Oliver Stone. The same guy who made Born of the 4th of July and lied to his audience by showing riots at the 1968 Republican convention. The riots occurred at the Democrat convention. And dont even get me started on the pile of crap movie called JFK. Oliver Stone can kiss my ass.

  6. These facts will be common knowledge in the future, when the TRUE history of this period is written:

    The Russian special operation was purely defensive:

    The U.S. was preparing for biological war: “The Russian Ministry of Defence continues analysis of documents provided by employees of Ukrainian biological laboratories on the secret military biological activities of the United States on the territory of Ukraine. Russian specialists of the NBC protection troops have studied documents on the transfer of human biomaterials taken in Ukraine to foreign countries on the instructions of US representatives. Detailed information about the implementation of a project by the United States on the territory of Ukraine to study the transfer of pathogens by wild birds migrating between Ukraine and Russia and other neighboring countries was of particular interest. According to the documents, the American side planned to organize work on pathogens of birds, bats and reptiles in Ukraine in 2022. And further study of the possibility to transfer of African swine fever and anthrax by them.
    According to the documents, experiments with samples of bat coronavirus were carried out in biological laboratories created and funded in Ukraine. The purpose of these and other Pentagon-funded biological researches in Ukraine was the creation of mechanism for the covert spread of deadliest pathogens”:

    We will know that the land of the Rus is completely healed when all the Papist, Banderite (fascist) anti-socialist public monuments have been destroyed, and many socialist public monuments that were destroyed by the fascists have been replaced. All Slavic brothers will be united then, and privatized (capitalist) Khazar-kraine with its U.S.-directed Zio-“Nazi” terrorist forces and bioweapons labs will be only a bad memory.

  7. I think it was Reichsfuhrer Himmler who once said that if a German moves to the Ukraine he remains a German. But if he moves to Miami Beach he becomes a degenerate.

  8. The Oliver Stone documentary is fascinating. No wonder ZOG and Big Tech want to suppress it!

  9. I started watching it but when it went into evil Germans and poor victimized jews I turned it off. I understand he didn’t mention the Holodomor the jews committed against Ukrainians. Stone is a jew.

    • As I recall he did mention it, calling it “an intentional famine.” University students would have been flunked for submitting essays with this nonfactual “history” that many history professors in western universities such as Harvard are teaching now!

  10. Just watched this documentary and to be honest it didn’t tell me a great deal I didn’t already know. Hopped around a bit too much, lacked cohesion – had some promising leads with Victoria Nuland, John McCain and Right Sector which it then mysteriously dropped. Tantalizing starts down pathways that were abandoned too early. Too few interviewees. Best and most clear-sighted parts were the Putin clips. Also, a bit too “NAHTZEE”-sensationalist with dramatic music and over-emphasis on NAHTZEE-ism. Needed a proofreader as some subtitling was misspelled (e.g. “TRAIL” instead of “TRIAL”). Overall worth seeing, but milk for beginners rather than meat for those who want to delve deeper.

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