Infowars: Putin vs. NWO

Wow, that escalated.

I didn’t think this was going to happen in 2022.

It is what it is though. I was wrong. Russia is now in a full blown war with globalism, Atlanticism and the New World Order. George Soros is calling for regime change in Russia and China and wants us to fight World War III.


  1. Release the Auschwitz archives if they have not been destroyed. That would crack the post WWII order wide open.

    • Putin made Denial of the Holocaust punishable by up to 5 years in prison in 2014 – but, don’t worry – Comrade Brad wants to assure the Putin Simps that he is TOTALLY fighting against International Jewry and the “NWO”

      • Shlomo is calling for Putin’s execution. Not much to work with there anymore I don’t think. I thought Putin was an NWO shill myself but fate can make strange bedfellows.

        • You must be getting paid handsomely by the Mossad to come on every Putin article on OD and shill your JIDF talking points. No one is buying them. Get lost troll. Also, Jewish children are all ugly.

          • I had a crush on a Jewish girl when I was a kid. Looked like Natalie Portman a bit. They hit the wall at like 12 though. She was all used up by the time we were in college. The girls especially take their own tribal poison. The secondary Jew genes seem to activate in their 20’s and by 40 they all look like RBH or Debbie Wassermann-Shultz.

    • Putin has passed laws to show he is fully on board with his Chabad rabbi friends that shoah sceptics need to be slammed

      Putin’s reckless invading all Ukraine, instead of just protecting its Eastern minority, is actually helping advance the New World Order

      Nationalists are further demonised now … LGBT-sceptic, pro-family traditionalists, like Russia has been, are being rubbished cuz ‘trad makes you bad’

      By linking anti-NWO people with ‘Putin the invader’, anti-NWOers in general will be stigmatised

      Putin could have just moved in to defend attacked East Ukraine Russians, and loudly reminded everyone of 13,000 of those Russians killed by Zelensky and predecessors

      But no, instead Putin made a foolish, perhaps failing, full-country attack with silly-sounding ‘de-nazifying’ pretexts

      Putin was praising Soros’ friend Klaus Schwab and his ‘Great Reset’ New World Order for years … his extremist military action is furthering their cause now, as world food prices spike upwards

      Putin is anti-‘9-11-truth’, and finished up the war to stop Chechnya secession, a war with what were said to be ‘false flags blaming Muslims’ – the model for 9-11? … and now the West keeps quiet about Chechnya, Putin keeps quiet about 9-11

  2. The denazification is brilliant. Shlomo hires Nazis as a cover and it’s now the pretext for invasion.

  3. Anyone that is against the NWO and is against the degenerate west and the spreading of their filth can’t be all that bad.

    • Indeed. And from what we see in this, the head of the yid rathole is trying to get the performer jew, the jumped up Borscht Belt comic, the filthy dictator Zelensky to pull his head in because he doesn’t want to see Russia getting out of their clutches.

      Let us hope that the zionist murderer, Bennett, continues to have many bad days until his last and worst.

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