George Soros: Putin and Xi Must Be Removed From Power

If you find yourself on the side of George Soros and David Rothkopf in World War III, you should start retracing your steps. Maybe you took a wrong turn somewhere over the past few years?

Project Syndicate:

“SAN FRANCISCO – Russia’s invasion of Ukraine on February 24 was the beginning of a third world war that has the potential to destroy our civilization. The invasion was preceded by a long meeting between Russian President Vladimir Putin and Chinese President Xi Jinping on February 4 – the beginning of the Chinese Lunar New Year celebrations and the Beijing Winter Olympic Games. At the end of that meeting, the two men released a 5,000-word, carefully drafted document announcing a close partnership between their two countries. The document is stronger than any treaty and must have required detailed negotiations in advance. …

First, I set up a foundation in my native Hungary, and then I actively participated in the disintegration of the Soviet empire. When Mikhail Gorbachev came to power in 1985, the disintegration had already begun. I set up a foundation in Russia, and then did the same in each of the successor states. In Ukraine, I established a foundation even before it became an independent country. I also visited China in 1984, where I was the first foreigner allowed to set up a foundation (which I closed in 1989, just before the Tiananmen Square massacre). …

It is far from certain that Putin will accede to Xi’s wishes. We can only hope that Putin and Xi will be removed from power before they can destroy our civilization.”

Anyway, it is people like George Soros, not Putin or Xi who are content with cultivating their own civilizations or realms, who are destroying the bedrock of Western civilization. The only form of authoritarianism that threatens us here in North America is their authoritarianism.


  1. Soros comes out from under his rock to give marching orders to our overlords. It’s all about Regime Change.

  2. George is pretty up in years. Has he chosen a successor to continue his one-world agenda?

    If we could throw him in with the deal (3 for the price of 2), I’d gladly part with Xi and Putin.

    • You would sell Putin and Xi for far too little. A more equitable deal would be to permanently eliminate not only Soros and all of his descendants and their spouses, but likewise for Satan-Klaus, Gates, Bezos, Buffet, Fauci, Clintons, UN officials, EUSSR officials, USSA FedGov officials, FBI, CIA, members of ADL, ACLU, SPLC, BLM, Antifa, etc., etc., etc. Several hundred-thousand to maybe even a million or so for the price of two. A total decapitation of the great serpent – a giant flush of the foul and reeking toilet. No human is qualified for this job of course, but the one who will come is – and he will return with a sword in hand to deal with them.

    • Lumping Vladimir Putin in with the other two leaders? Are you out of your mind? Or just a stupid American?

      I would far more trust Vladimir Putin as the “lesser“ of two evils, than any other person, including Trump.

      Moreover, I know of no American televangelist, or even the pope of Rome who is pointing out the great evil that the west poses to the remainder of Christendom, than does the Russian patriarch. Here. Read and learn.

  3. Putin beware, just five or six days to go! The “Dress like Putin for Purim” meme is ominous. Remember that Joseph Stalin had a stroke on Purim. See: A day earlier it seemed impossible that Stalin (who had put a halt to the Crimea Project) could be removed from power, because the Russian people loved him. The traitor and revisionist Khruschev who took over then made a gift of Crimea, and the Khazarkraine project began to revive.

    As for Xi, he is quite different from Deng who introduced capitalist revisionism (“Everyone get rich” taking “capitalist roads to a socialist destination”). Globalists could work very well with Deng, but not so well with the ultra-nationalist Xi. The Party itself is being reformed now, and obtaining a Party membership without self-sacrifice for personal or business advantage is no longer possible.

    Xi is like a Chinese Brezhnev who tried to bring Russia from capitalist revisionism and bureaucratic ossification back onto the socialist path, and largely succeeded. He said “Every man must be made to realize that further retreat is impossible. He must realize with his mind and heart that this is a matter of life and death of the Soviet state, of the life and death of the people of our country. But he was the last strong Russian leader, followed by two very sick old men, and the two great traitors: Gorbachev and Yeltsin.

  4. So the Vicar of Satan on Earth gives his ex-cathedra decree. With that it should be obvious that we have zero business in Ukraine to all but the legions of idiots who have no idea of who he is. Unlike Putin, Soros has plenty of heirs. Looks like grandson Alexander is the favorite to take over the financial empire.

  5. Anyway, it is people like George Soros, not Putin or Xi who are content with cultivating their own civilizations or realms, who are destroying the bedrock of Western civilization. The only form of authoritarianism that threatens us here in North America is their authoritarianism.


    • Yeah, he does the “It’s them, not me”. That’s all they do is distract people and they fall for it.

  6. Soros (Swartz), one of the head Jews, calls for the heads of Xi Jinping and Putin, a few days before Purim.

    Purim begins Wednesday morning (16th).

  7. When the kyke speaks of our civilization he is not referring to America. He is referring to the Moshiach project. Big difference.

  8. Oh really, George? I think you and your ilk need to be removed from the planet.

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