Jimmy Dore: Unhinged Officials Push For No-Fly Zone and World War III

Joe Biden is going to keep us out of World War III. Woodrow Wilson and FDR were both elected to keep us out of World War I and World War II.

We’re currently at the Lusitania or Lend Lease Act stage where the political establishment is doing everything in its power short of open violent conflict to escalate a regional conflict in Ukraine into a broader war between NATO and Russia.

Liberals pushed us into both World War I which began over ethnic conflict in the Balkans and World War II which began over an ethnic conflict in Poland. They are flagrantly trying to do the same thing all over again with Russia.

Note: Democrat warmongers are unwilling to defend their own country!


  1. Biden is Obama’s third term. Obama started this mess with maidan in 2014 in Ukraine. Biden escalated it by having the Ukrainian government shell the Donbass region with artillery repeatedly. Obama is probably directing everything in the White House remotely from his 13 million dollar mansion in Martha’s vineyard.

    Now the left is making a human rights issue over the parental rights law in Florida which bans talk of sexuality from grades kindergarden to third grade. I mean it’s pretty clear what the left wants. A gay world at war with Russia that gives up meat, fossil fuels, and surrenders all their rights to the New World Order.

    I saw a meme recently that perfectly describes the situation we are in now. The meme says: “Daddy, what did you do when the government took away all your freedoms and rights?” The father responds: “I called everyone a conspiracy theorist and clapped like a monkey.”

    Now that I think about it, maybe the internationalists want a world war with Russia because it serves as a catalyst to start a proper New World Order, the entire world under one single tyrannical planetary government. Science even promotes the idea of a New World Order describing it as more advanced than nation states. Even science is political now. Give up your car and eat bugs so you can change the weather…

    • This absolutely started with Obama (nigger). He was offended by Putin’s racial tauntings levelled at he and his baboon wife. The thin skin of Obama may actually lead to world war three.

  2. Ukraine is doing just fine with what they have, Russia made no advances today that I am aware of. Putin massively undersupplied the war and is losing. See also the Rumsfeld Doctrine.

    Can he still win? He would need 2 million men and a thesis of conquest rather than silly “denazification” and imposed neutrality. Then he would win comfortably.

    • Losing? The bulk of Ukraine’s forces are surrounded, they’re not getting resupplied, and they’re slowly running out of ammunition and civilian support. The only scenario in which Russia loses is if an outside power intervenes – and then we all lose.

      I wish Putin had gotten this done faster; more time means more time for the Mitt Romneys of the world to try to insert the US into the conflict – but unlike the US in its wars, Putin is trying to minimize civilian casualties.

    • Russia got what they wanted. West went mad and launched their own self destruction. All Russians need to do is wait until sanctions work and West goes self destruct. This shit was never about Ukraine.

      Let’s say, Russia takes Kiev tomorrow . US took Kabul and Baghdad. What they got ? Nothing and because time works for Russians, they are not hurry. Sanctions work. Prices are rising and soon full economic disaster kicks in.

      And there is nobody who can stop the madness. Few brave souls calling for common sense will be destroyed as Russian agents.

      Long ago Russians gave even their own capitol Moscow to Napoleon and who won the war ?

      Napoleon was also destroyed by madness. After battle of Borodino wiser men warned about going forward but they were screamed down and silenced.

      So when Putin told that operation goes as planned, he was right.

    • “Russia made no advances today that I am aware of. ”

      How do you know ?
      They may be showing restraint, while civilians are evacuated.

      I think Russia has overwhelming firepower to crush the Ukraine, but civilian casualties would be catastrophic. They are trying a very delicate operation, to remove a government without harming the civil population.

      You’re only getting one narrative, from the side that is notorious for lying.

  3. Just remember, if you survive the initial nuclear blast you have got 15 minutes to get inside and seek cover from the poisonous radioactive dust.

  4. The reality is the grandchildren of the Bolshevik “Revolution” run our government now.

    • The last time they came to the US, they claimed they were being “exiled” by Russia as refugees, but that was an excuse to come here. They were the Soviets, and they saw the big economic USA as new fertile grounds.

  5. All wars are bankster wars and the banksters that own the banana republic of Chiquitastan still peddle the obsolete war is good for the economy.
    Don’t be a shirker, comrade, rally around the democracy of Big Mac vs. Whopper and report all unpatriotic citizens not onboard with vodka man bad.

  6. It’s not just the democrats, the republicans are right there with them pushing the Russian propaganda.

  7. Important to note that the US/UK appear to have absolutely no interest in negotiating an end to the war. They clearly want this to continue & involve more belligerents.

  8. ” got 15 minutes to get inside and seek cover from the poisonous radioactive dust.”

    Strangely, Russian hydrogen bombs have very little radioactivity.
    Czar bomba, world’s largest nuclear blast , had so little radioactive residue it was very difficult to detect. However the pressure pulse wasn’t, it circled the earth 3 times.

    • Samuel Cohen’s pitch (to Reagan) for more neutron bombs was that they maximize human casualties (very good at penetrating radiation-shielding armor) while preserving buildings and other infrastructure – the winner gets to keep all the real estate spoils, yet all the enemies are dead. Lyrics of “Kill the Poor” by the Dead Kennedys: “Efficiency and progress is ours once more, Now that we have the neutron bomb, It’s nice and quick and clean and gets things done, Away with excess enemy, But no less value to property (…) Unsightly slums gone up in flashing light, Jobless millions whisked away, At last we have more room to play, All systems go to kill the poor tonight…”

  9. I would not flee. I also would not fight. This country is simply not worth dying for.

      • Most White Americans are not worth dying for.
        Spoiled, unfaithful cheats, who care more about beer and gambling. Look at how many people go on “a vacation”, but it’s just a NEW PLACE to drink. They buy a boat to go sit on, to drink. They buy an RV to sit in and drink. Just drive it or sail to some new place, to drink.
        Most of them are looking to cheat on their spouses in a heartbeat. They don’t care, and they’re out for themselves.
        Look at all of the people packing into the stadiums. Look at all of the people so excited that their kid is going to some bastion of Marxism university. Look at all of the overly emotional people crying over the Ukraine.
        There’s nothing to save anymore.
        The MAGAs are so in love with the tribe. They don’t get it, that every time they “lose hundreds of thousands of dollars in their mutual funds”….it’s stolen. It’s not “lost”, it’s digital for pete’s sake.

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