Revealing Ukraine

I don’t know much about Ukraine.

I have a degree in political science with a focus on international relations. I love European history and avidly follow the news. Even I don’t know enough about Ukraine to make black-and-white judgments about the country. The vast majority of Americans know virtually nothing about Ukraine. Obviously, it is sad that there is a war going on there, but do we know anything about what caused this war?

I know enough about Ukraine to know that the situation on the ground there is complex, the “journalists” are lying and that our relentless meddling there is both unnecessary and extremely unwise. Ukraine is reminiscent of Iraq except with large ethnic and cultural fissures featuring a Russian minority. Vladimir Putin believes that Ukraine and Russia are the same nation. He strongly believes this.

Why would anyone with good intentions want to meddle in the internal affairs of this country, stack it full of dynamite and light a match? Again, if you take Putin at his word that Ukraine and Russia are the same nation, then trying to wrench Ukraine out of the Russian orbit and bring it into NATO and the European Union and arming the nationalists there and turning it into an “anti-Russia” which can be used by Western liberals to antagonize Russia was all but guaranteed to invite a devastating Russian response.

Ask yourself … how was any of this in our interest? Do we have strong cultural and historical ties to Ukraine? Is Ukraine a vital interest of the United States? Do we have an important economic relationship with Ukraine? Is the status of Donbas worth stumbling into World War III? If the answer to all of these questions is “no,” then what in the world is our foreign policy establishment doing there?

Note: This assumes our elites have good intentions which is far from obvious in light of how Iraq and Afghanistan were used to launder money out of the American taxpayer.


  1. The govt media complex is pushing this war harder because it’s Russians and the people going to die are White. Anytime Whites die, it’s time for celebration for ZOG.

    • Russia is the last real white nation. Every other first world nation that was majority white is just gone over the cliff. Only Russia is really holding onto itself. Everywhere else is being overrun by savage nonwhites.

  2. Oliver Stone? The same dipshit that did a movie on the JFK assassination and never once mentioned the Israeli kikes and JFK blocking their nuclear program? Or ultra-Zionist Meyer Lansky and the mossad’s involvement?

  3. Agreed. And how about all these retired military officers, whose wars consisted of shooting wogs in barrels, telling us how to kill Russians? Disgusting.

  4. I just bought that one and his previous Ukraine documentaries before they slip down the Orwellian memory hole. Yes, the issues between Russia and Ukraine are complex and highly personal. Think of them in this way: If your married neighbors start to fight, do you really know enough about their marital problems to take sides? Even if they were related to you, and you see them on holidays, you do not share their marriage bed or are privy to the intimate emotional problems that married couples have. The conflicts are emotional, personal, and can only be solved by the two parties. Every cop who has ever gone to a domestic violence call can tell you that it is often not “black and white” or clear cut as to the root issues and causes of the violence. Russia and Ukraine are like that.

    Both nations have a shared border, a shared history, and a shared racial and cultural history. Both nations have Jews, Muslims, and a Christian majority, along with both suffering invasions from the West and the East. At one time, Kiev was the capital of Russia in the early days of the Tsars. (Kiev Rus)

    For the US to play the role of a cop responding to a domestic call, is a bad idea. Even worse, the “abusive husband” in this case has over 6,000 nukes and a strong dislike of outsiders trespassing into his home. Ask any cop, you never want to break up a domestic fight: it is way too risky for all involved.

  5. I have a degree in political science/economics and a minor in philosophy. No wonder we are both so opinionated. BTW, so far Brandon has resisted pulling the military trigger on WW III, just as he resisted lingering in Afghanistan forever. So maybe it was divine intervention that the Establishment stole the 2020 election from Trump. He would not have been able to resist the War Machine.

  6. Americans rarely let ignorance stop them.

    Captain Renault: What in heaven’s name brought you to Casablanca?

    Rick: My health. I came to Casablanca for the waters.

    Captain Renault: The waters? What waters? We’re in the desert.

    Rick: I was misinformed.

  7. CPUSA cookie jar, bioweapons labs in foreign lands so they aren’t on former USA soil, Burisma checks for adult children of American politicians with zero background in energy or gas.
    The Deep State/MIC/Uniparty said no more NATO expansion back in 1990 and since then multiple nations have been added, this cabal also sponsored the 2014 color revolution. Ukraine is the best invasion route from Europe.

  8. “I don’t know much about Ukraine”

    Neither do i,
    But I know that idiots who can’t solve domestic problems have no business meddling in affairs on the other side of the planet.

    • @Arrian
      Yes they have a hissy fit over Russian invasion, without lifting a finger to prevent Mexican invasions into America. Bidens in DC to manage America, not the entire world.

      • @Goose Because the Mexicans are supposed to replace us. You know, become engineers, accountants, software scientists, doctors, etc. and keep the US going like it was. What a joke. Look at Mexico. If it weren’t for drugs and the tourist trade, it would be even worse.

  9. I know nothing about Ukraine either. That’s why I was slow to form an opinion on the invasion there, other than to state my disgust at whites bombing whites. Their leader is Jewish. Is that a valid reason to support killing the white population? Zelensky is holed up somewhere whilst the white Russians and Ukrainians are knocking each other out.
    I support Putin and oppose Western meddling, but hate seeing ordinary Ukrainians being killed, disfigured and displaced. I didn’t want it for Iraqis. Why would I want it for Ukrainians?
    I just want what’s best for both nations.

      • So far, the evidence shows Putin to be scrupulously avoiding casualties, while disarming the Ukrainian NATO nuclear threat.

        Putin must make certain that Ukraine does not become a NATO nuclear surrogate, otherwise Russia will be in an irreversible stranglehold.

  10. Yeah we’ve all heard about the Holocaust, but what about the Holodomor? That might be reverent given Ukraine is at war with the USSR yet again.

    • When Stalin was starving millions of Ukraine people to death in the 1930’s no one in the West gave a damn. Soviet apologists denied it. Now Ukraine is worth restarting the Cold War and risking WWIII? Our leftist overlords never forgave Russia for throwing off the Dream Economy 30 years ago.

  11. The shitlibs are all gung-ho for this war simply because Putin doesn’t allow filthy faggots to prance down the boulevards & brainwash little children with drag queen story hours. He’s the main impediment to their beloved Globohomoshlomo, and so they hate his guts, and those of the Russians who overwhelmingly support him.

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