Jimmy Dore: YouTube Censoring Anti-Ukraine War Coverage

Give us more power.

Give us more money.

Give up your civil liberties.

Give us more militarism and imperialism.

Let us censor the internet.

Given this latest manufactured crisis, it is important for you to make sacrifices by shutting up and allowing us to do what we have agitated for years to do anyway whether it is toppling Confederate monuments, undermining law enforcement, censoring the internet, making food and gasoline unaffordable for the working class to fight climate change, fomenting war with Russia, etc


  1. I knew the effort to censor the internet was underway back in the early Obama years when all the pseudonym anonymous based comment sites suddenly were replaced by “log in with your facebook account” to post any comments. I knew Facebook was a bad thing when McDonalds stopped promoting it’s own website and instead wanted you to come to their Facebook page. Same when they made that Facebook movie and lavished it with academy awards. Seriously, wasn’t this thing a little young yet to be making biopics about it? Now it’s full on Chinese style censorship done surreptitiously through private corporations.

  2. After watching Lox News’ fair and balanced overage of Vladimir Putin’s war crimes this morning I have decided that we must now be prepared to sacrifice America’s young men and women in uniform in order to Defeat Evil and Defend Democracy™. The images of Ukrainian women crying for some reason and toys on the floor of a bombed out building made me weep exactly 6 million tears.

    #IStandWithPresidentZelensky #IStandWithSenatorGraham #IStandForOurValues

    • Re: “images of Ukrainian women crying”:

      When has Fox News shown any images of PALESTINIAN women crying?

      Fox News also shows images of a maternity hospital attacked by Russians. But it has NEVER shown images of all the hospitals and clinics, including maternity hospitals, in Palestine, that really were attacked, with doctors, nurses and patients inside, by Israel. Fox News will never be fair or balanced. It is all lying and group-think.

  3. I think the wave of censorship has even reached Amren, which is censoring pro-Russian comments. Fence-sitting, middle of the road, weasel word language is as harmful as outright lies. This is a case of those who are not explicitly against it are FOR it. Like the real pandemic, this is a test of honesty and intelligence.

    • Those intellectual nationalists never wanted nothing more than making money with their whining.

      Richard was thrown out from Eastern Europe years ago by this specific reason that he wanted to turn successful nationalist movement into boring useless intellectual BS club.

  4. Even “Different Russia” a YouTube channel that visits Russian churches, food fairs, small towns and villages in the Moscow area, thinks it’s getting kicked off of YouTube. The lady who runs, and created “Different Russia” is in tears.

  5. Prestigious Ivy League professors are teaching (actually it is hybrid war propaganda) that Ukraine’s history is “much older and deeper” than Russia’s history, and that “the Rus had nothing to with Russia.” They also make Jews the co-founders of Ukraine along with the Rus, and they demonize anti-Semitic Russians and Joseph Stalin.

  6. I note that one thing that hasn’t gone off the air is that endless infomercial about all those poor old Jews in Russia who are Holocaust victims, and need food…generously donated by Christians. That’s really smarmy, Hey Christians: give money, give money, give money…

  7. 1000 years of glorious WOKE victories on the road to Wakanda.
    WOKE is the winningest winnarz evarz and the world can’t wait for the rainbow flag to fly.
    Yes we can!

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