Lady G: Joe Biden Has No Stomach For This Fight

My interest in the 2022 midterms has evaporated over the past month.

What’s the point of voting to empower neocons like Lindsey Graham who have nothing better to do than constantly incite wars around the world?

Note: As of right now, I plan to take a look at state and local races. I have no interest in voting for anyone who supports this shit.


  1. Never could understand how the once proud Southern State of South Carolina elected this chickenhawk, faggot as their USA Senator.

    The weirdest time was during the GOP presidential primary in South Carolina the year Viet Nam war hero John McCain was eventually nominated and deliberately lost to Barack Obama.

    The South Carolina GOP Primary was usually the first big test of who Southern “Conservatives” would support – it was launching pad for Reagan over Ford.

    In this contest John McCain was touted as THE most Conservative, strong on national defense candidate. A poll of (White) South Carolina voters was asked, which GOP candidate would be THE strongest in protecting America’s Southern border from illegal immigration and drug smuggling.

    John McCain was picked as THE Best. This at the time when John McCain was openly working with Ted Kennedy to completely remove all restrictions on the movement of people in north America from El Salvador , Honduras, Gautemala, Mexico.

    Then there was the confused, what are they doing Christian Religious Right with the likes of Ralph Read and ex Baptist Preacher Mike Huckabee – seemed like their main concern was that the GOP might someday nominate Mitt Romney who was in the Mormon LDS Latter Day Saints Church and thus not really a true Christian.

    As if Barack Obama was a “Christian” because he was in that hate White people Black Liberation Theology cult with the crazed Rev. Jeremiah Wright!

    It was about this time and later learning that South Carolina wouldn’t have a single heterosexual White guy in the offices of SC Governor, US Senate that I decided that White people in South Carolina had lost their minds or lost their souls.

    As long as the Japanese and Germans were building car manufacturing plants in the state and there was lots of military spending and talk of foreign wars somewhere, anywhere, Whites in South Carolina seemed fine with faggots like Lisping Lindsey Graham.


      • skeptic16 you are a retard.If White Southern people embraced the Master Jesus we would not be ruled by Jews and their homosexual,black and brown puppets.You mock decent people by ignoring the brainwashing and control they suffer under for over 100 years.Same with the German people who do not have free will since 1945.

        • The brainwashing is that bible they love so much. You know, the one where part 1 is written by … jews!

    • Either the so-called ‘Christian Conservatives’ in SC are neither or the ‘elections’ there have no more meaning than they do in Zimbabwe or the USSR (Stalin never got less than 90%). So which is it? Perhaps some of both? Your example of Juan McStain is a good one. How many of the morons who cast votes for this absolute treasonous POS knew of the actual military record of the “war hero” and his role in making sure the MIAs died over there when he ran in 2008 against the magic negro? As for Lady G, how can they not know he’a a flaming faggot? Either the voters there are so completely gaslighted they might as well kill themselves or the system is utterly rigged.

    • Jaye I live in SC and ask myself the same thing.I believe that elections are a shame for many reasons.Jewish money and media goes only to candidates who betray White Southerners.Tim Scott hates Whites,hates our heritage.Nikki(nimrata randhawa)Haley the same.And lisping Lindsay,as most sexual degenerates do,also despises his race and Lord.Open primaries,brainwashed White women and many factors bring us the disenfrancisement of Whites.Until Jewish control and brainwashing are removed we will be ruled by their puppets.

  2. The NYT “journalist” (presstitute) supposedly killed by the Russians today was inside a Khazarkrainian-controlled area, and was actually shot through the eye, which doesn’t sound (to me) like he really was killed by long-range Russian shelling or missiles.

    Believe NOTHING that you are told about politics by mainstream media, which includes Fox News.

    I’m expecting the BIG false flag or some other big surprise in three or four days.

    • Yep, the false flag atrocity against American citizens on American soil is coming
      The empires moves are predictable once you know their end game strategy
      In the last 120 years, war seems to be the quickest and most efficient way for the baby blood drinkers to kill off as many whites at once as possible.

    • Probably, one of the bandits the jew Zelensky gave guns shot him when he didn’t stop to be robbed. His buttbuddy apparently claimed it was ‘da russians’ who shot at them, which, if anyone was still dumb enough to believe anything the jews and their puppets say, makes one wonder why they were allowed to get away, hmm?

  3. Republicans were poised to inflict big losses on Democrats this November but now? I have no interest in voting for anyone who supports this warmongering shit either.

    • I bet all of that was for show, to pull Trump Deserters back into the fold. The Republicans have never been on our side, just like the Democrats. They want a war, so they can make more money and have fun. It’s like some football game to them, with cheering for their team, and pitting countries against each other.

  4. This weekend my youngest daughter gave me a book, “American Marxism,” by Rush Limbaugh wannabe Mark Levin. The book’s main content is turgid recitation of standard Milton Friedman gung ho conservatisms, filled with paragraph length quotes from past and present liberals designed to show that the Communist Manifesto has been alive and well throughout America history. Reading from those primary sources, I’d say Levin has a point.

    What I found interesting is that he lays out a litany of things citizens can do to fight the power over them, from full on boycotts, legal harrassment of civil authorities , to running for office. It seems the notion of resisting the inevitable has been absorbed even by normies. Fight or die, but fight smart, use the Establishment’s own rules against them, as Alinsky highlighted.

    His Rules for Radicals is simply some common sense suggestions for using force passively yet effectively. A Republican Congress could fight the Brandon Administration by, for example, threatening to not fund any Executive Branch or White House staff functions unless he agrees to their agenda. Let Jill make her own bed. Or inform the Supreme Court that they will get no funding for staff unless they rule correctly. Let those Justices draft their own opinions or fix their own air conditioning. The methods to compete are endless, if you actually want to win.

    • You know…the current events are WAY beyond anything this guy is spewing. He’s keeping you in the “Republicans versus Democrats” game.

      • Mr. Pilot, did we not have a misunderstanding on comments to Brad’s “Merry Christmas 2022” post, where you jumped to the conclusion that I was ignoring covid totalitarianism in favor of “muy economy?” Remember? Check the OD archives if you have forgotten.
        Contrary to your latest insult, I am not ignoring current events in the Ukraine in pointing out that resistance to our own Empire of Evil can be rendered effective if targeted correctly. We can do nothing about Putin’s actions, and we also cannot impact the Regime’s choices in response. What we can do is make it harder for the Empire to act by using our numbers advantage to harass, malinger, and withdraw silent cooperation.

        Furthermore, as other realistic commenters have noted, while Republicans are stupid, Democrats are evil, and literally are trying to eradicate their opponents from functional existence. Under those circumstances, placing the dumb cowards in office is a superior choice to withdrawing from the Game of Life to post useless rants on a miniscually read blog, thus allowing those who hate us to gain authority to act on that hatred. Fight or die, sir. Those are your choices.

    • “the Communist Manifesto has been alive and well throughout America history”:

      Impossible. Absurd. The course of U.S. capitalism is in the complete opposite of the direction of the manifesto. I have never read anything by Levin however (don’t want to) so I might not understand what he means.

      The U.S. keeps growing more and more consistently and uniformly capitalistic, imperialistic, unequal and unjust, until its internal contradictions will finally cause it to collapse and be replaced by the new system that is outlined in the manifesto.

      • I said the Communist Manifesto was the essence of the progressive project. I did not say it was successfully installed. And it does not matter. The Oligarchs can adjust to any socio-political-economic paradigm, even actual communism-is that not what is going on in the “People’s ” Republic of China?
        Yeah, I know, for you, there has never been true socialism or genuine collective action. Words, just words. The Game of Life is the same everywhere after the cumulative economy came into existence- the government extracts tribute from productive citizens in return for allowing them to make the coin of the realm. But you know that.

  5. NYT had not been releasing any details, but now I see BBC has reported, and yes, it was caused by shooting not shelling, probably shooting by Russians. Irpin is still full of Khazarkrainian troops but almost surrounded, along with Kiev nearby. Russia has been letting a gap in the encirclement form an escape route to the south, in addition to the humanitarian corridor to the north that the Khazarkrainian forces don’t allow the civilians to use.

  6. “””…What’s the point of voting …””

    To increase chaos and infighting inside hostile Elite to the point until Empire becomes ungovernable and collapses similar to Soviet Union.

    • EXACTLY. See my comment above, Pilot’s woe-is-us response, and my reply to that defeatism. Throw sand in the machine, force the bastards to spend all their time trying to function without help from us peons.
      Increase transaction costs for the Empire. Asymmetric warfare. It always wins in the long run.

      • Throwing sand in the gears of the machine is indeed what we need to be doing. No disagreement. That being said, I fail to see how voting for R-jerseys in any way does this. They inevitably join with the D-jerseys whenever there is a vote that counts. Even with redistricting, we have numerous state R-jersey parties deliberately playing to ensure the D-jerseys have more solid districts. The “stupid party vs. evil party” paradigm was never true. Both are squads of a single evil party. The political process is totally rigged, as are the elections themselves.

        • Cyclops, I of course concur in your overall assessment of the two parties being equally complicit in the destruction of the United States, each on behalf of a separate but interlocked set of oligarchs. However, a war is made up of a series of skirmishes, each hopefully pointing towards ultimate victory.

          Dissidents to the installed D. C. Regime have to use whatever tools exist at any particular moment. For now, the Republicans are the lesser of two evils-while they explicitly work for the moneyed interests, as compared to the Democrat’s covert support of those same interests, they do not seek actual destruction of the lighter-skinned citizens of the 99%, of which I assume we are both members. You cannot deny that the situation under Brandon is much worse then under the God Emperor, economically and even socially. Under those circumstances, stasis beats a death spiral.

          You are also right that as of now, elections are a sham, both in term of corruption of the mechanism of voting and in the choices of parties and candidates being dictated from above. However, winning the Game of Life requires participation. Involvement in all the facets of the socio-political-economic complex requires doing what we can, individually and collectively, to stop the steal of our lives and reverse the process into something that secures our ability to live free. Quitting to bitch is not an option for adults.

  7. According to the media, the Russian military advance in Ukraine has either bogged down or is resulting in high casualty rates that will eventually force Putin to withdraw or risk being toppled. The conclusion I draw are:

    1. Russia was not deterred from invading Ukraine by NATO.
    2. NATO expansion arguably provoked the Russian invasion.
    3. NATO military assets have not played a significant role in Ukraine’s apparent resistance to the invasion.

    So why is NATO necessary and why does the US need to spend as much on the military as the next 5 military spenders when our chief adversary can’t handle Ukraine?

  8. Not up to the task? Resignation is always an option.
    VP? Always worse than the corporate figurehead as a life insurance policy.
    2024? A smoking crater of socialist ruin with every man for himself at the rat kebab 55 gallon drum roasting station by the egalitarian slit trench latrine.
    What, you didn’t vote for any of it?
    How about that democracy, comrade.

  9. Not getting directly involved in the conflict between Russia and Ukraine is the right move. Even a broken clock is right twice a day.

  10. The primaries are rigged, jaye. There is no way to vote the faggot from Better Carolina out except possibly in the general election, if the demonrats protect their candidate.

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