Breaking Points: Oliver Stone, Abby Martin Deplatformed From YouTube

If this isn’t a gigantic red flag that reveals what is really going on here, I don’t know what to say to you.

Matt Taibbi:

“YouTube flagged* Oliver Stone’s documentary Ukraine on Fire, while Netflix is going so far as to shelve a production of Anna Karenina. In what might have been the craziest move of all, Meta reportedly followed up a decision to un-ban the neo-Nazi Azov Battalion with a mind-blowing decision to alter its hate speech policies to “allow Facebook and Instagram users in some countries to call for violence against Russians and Russian soldiers in the context of the Ukraine invasion,” according to internal emails seen by Reuters. …”

Did you hear about this?

Facebook unbanned the Azov Battalion while changing the rules to permit calls for violence against Russians!


  1. I have always said that the mistake of certain people on the right is to believe that globalists-leftists are simply ignorant or naive who do not understand our thinking. Instead globalists-leftists are evil people who hate us and knowingly and maliciously hate us. I don’t believe to conspiracy theories who claim that there are satanists or pedophiles but i believe (as graduated in history with Ba and Ma) that history has always been an ideological struggle from the ancient empires until today. Today we are facing a new ideological power which is globalism (more leftist than right) and this power is doing the same thing that powers did in the past: persecute dissidents to establish itself as the dominant and unchallenged ideology. That’s all, without conspiracy or whatever. We have to fight for our ideology against globalism, to defend our democracy or what remain of it.

    • Marcel, we don’t want democracy, we want our constitutionally limited republic, we have heard enough of this mobacracy tripe, in spite of what you think, satanic pedo’s, not only rule this country, they rule them all, if not not for the restraint of the holy ghost, these satanic pedo’s, well , you figure out………Our republic will be restored, whether it flies the american flag, or the cross of st.andrew, time will tell, either way, the republic is coming………God willing…………

      • And i hope that your southern republic or ethnic republic will rise again. I’m on your side but rationally we are fighting against an ideology which is woke-globalism and as i said before we have to fight against this. I said democracy because these wokes are destroying our freedom and i’m tired of this. I want be free to think what i want, to believe what i want and don’t apologize for being white and be proud of my ancestor.

  2. Among other silver linings of the current Ukraine affair, the reaction of so many in the West reveals the truth of Progressive thinking to all those who hadn’t figured it out yet.

    • @Eric,

      Most normies aren’t astute enough to comprehend that. They see all liberalism as the same beast.

  3. Tulsi Gabbard is probably next, at this rate. Oliver Stone’s three Oscars and woke bona fides couldn’t even save him from neoliberal cancel culture deplatforming.

  4. Oliver Stone and Abby Martin aren’t exactly “right wing extremists”. Globohomo really wants to maintain their foothold in the Ukraine! Amazion allows Azov Battalion t-shirts to be sold on their site, something which I should have thought was in violation of their ban on the sale of ” neo nazi” products.

  5. The zionists have held a grudge against Abby Martin for exposing the atrocities committed by the IDF against the Palestinians for years, add to that her lawsuit against the state of Georgia for suppressing speech critical of Israel on state property (backstory is that she was going to give a speech and Q&A at a Georgia state university).

    In regards to Oliver Stone, the chickhawk warmongers and their tech allies find Oliver Stone’s illumination of the Deep State, and relationship with Putin intolerable to their hegemony.

    • Oliver Stone is a Vietnam War veteran and Abby Martin is one of the very few real journalists left. I don’t necessarily agree with everything they say but I do respect them.

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