Poll Watch: Joe Biden’s Ukraine Bounce

Before the war in Ukraine, the Republicans were drawing an effective contrast with Joe Biden on dozens of culture war issues and the economy, but now they have switched gears to out warmongering Joe and it has drowned out their previous message and is starting to register in the polls.


  1. Greasy bearded Jew cross dresser in a t-shirt addresses US Congress:

    The Holy Roman Catholics McCarty and Pelosi call for a “no fly zone”, and, more weapons for Zelensky.

    Roman Catholic Cheer:

    Fight, fight.
    Jew and a White.
    Fight Jew, fight.
    Beat that White.

  2. Yes, as republicans drop the mask and go back to their usual genocidal neoconservative rhetoric, Biden begins to once again look like the moderate in the room

  3. As a general rule, people do not vote out thieir governments in times of war.

    I tried to warn that this would happen if Putin invaded Ukraine, but my post didn’t make it through. Oh well!

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