Tucker Carlson: Saudi Arabia Considers Ditching the Dollar for Chinese Oil Sales

Is populism over?

Is that what is happening here?

It looks to me like Americans are unable to adjust their expectations to the brutal reality of America’s diminishing power. The world order that populists have long anticipated is being born. We’re just not willing to let go. We’re in denial about American decline.

Liberals have never listened to anything we have to say about foreign policy. We’re not represented by either party. They are drunk on ideology, oblivious to the limits of their own power and blind to their own decline. They are openly being downgraded on the world stage. When the crash finally comes, it will be a hard landing because our leaders never prepared themselves or the public for it.

Look at Afghanistan. There could have been a gradual and controlled withdrawal from the conflict. Instead, we got a rapid collapse.

Note: The question now is how much of a role Twitter will continue to play in accelerating the demise of the Empire. I wasn’t expecting these big dominos to start falling until the late 2020s.


  1. India is talking about buying from Russia. It’s really funny, because when covid started, and conservatives were still trying to blame it all on China (this was before they moved on to denying its existence), they were talking about trying to break America away from China and move American supply chains to India. But now India is openly ignoring western calls for sanctions and siding with Russia and China.

    As an aside, it’s also really funny, and typical of conservative ineptitude, that their proposed solution to overreliance on China was to become reliant on India instead. In the rare instances when conservatives bother to offer a solution to a problem, it always ends up being as bad as or worse than the problem it’s meant to solve.

    • Conservatives are fake and gay. They couldn’t even conserve the ladies’ room. They are in fact our enemies and should be regarded as such. Mitt Wormney and Lady G are worse and deadlier enemies than Shitpants Joe is.

  2. Shlomo is not this stupid. This is still part of the planned destruction I’m afraid. Everything our grandfathers created has been purchased and sold off with fake money. At least the Indians that sold Manhattan got some cool trinkets. We are just getting debt and starvation and maybe radioactive fallout.

    • Why would western oligarchs plan to disempower themselves? This “all part of the plan” theory is nonsensical.

      • KT-88 is right.The Jews work for their father Satan.They want to create Hell on Earth and force Christians to take the mark of the beast.Jews run all governments and work to create a one world Satanic system.The Bible tells us exactly what is happening.They love murder and death and suffering.The system is only crashing on our heads and our lives will get worse,they will hold more power than ever.Events aren’t going to save us.Only God can.And he tells us our home is not here but in Heaven.Though do take comfort in knowing our true enemy the Jew is most assuredly bound for eternal Hell,just make sure not to join them.

        • Great truth in this comment. We can and should prepare ourselves and do our best to win, but the reality is that God’s will shall be done.

  3. “Is populism over?”

    Well, that question is easy to answer, isn’t it? If populists lose the elections in Hungary, the Philippines, and Serbia, it’s over. If they win, it’s not.

    • Yup. Gold, silver, bitcoin, capital equipment, land are alternatives. No guarantees on any of it!

  4. The Empire, like all empires is an albatross around the neck of the country that is intensely popular with a small, narrowly focused group of political insiders and their hangers-on like the Lügenpresse, big bidness, the NGO racket, university hacks, the MIC and of course, The Usual Suspects.

    For these people, wealthy, few in number but controlling the levers of power and influence, The Empire is their daily bread, their meat and drink, there is no alternative. Life without The Empire is simply unthinkable. They are prepared to burn everything down rather than let go of The Empire that gives their miserable, corrupt little lives meaning, purpose, wealth, status and power. War is indeed the Health of their state.

    They are parasites however. They need a healthy, productive country to exploit for their power particularly their military adventures which they will start but never fight. Their Vietnam War, which stalwarts like the loathsome Mitt Romney, GWB II, Dickhead Cheney, Rush Limbaugh, Trump, John Bolton et al. avoided like the plague caused a populist reaction which ended conscription which had been in effect since 1941.It has never been brought back even after 9/11.

    The so-called “Liberals” with “Conservative” allies always three feet behind them have ruined the great country they inherited until their is nothing left now. Families that taught God and Country have been vilified until normal families are a minority now. White, peaceful, productive areas have been taken over by wogs with the full support of The State. Productive businesses with decent jobs have been sold off to enrich Wall Street. The country, such as it is has been running on empty for decades, there is nothing left to fall back on in a crisis.

    The dollar is teetering now, ready to fall off a cliff. This is a self inflicted wound going back decades, long before anyone heard of Vladimir Putin, long before the fall of the USSR. When the Dollar goes bad, all bets are off. Social programs will fail, military adventures become unaffordable and the public will fall back to trusting their own kind only, especially Whites who have been the victims of the Left since at least 1945. The colored folk will become enraged as they burn the bitch down.

    It’s too late to stop this process now. The corrupt, venal, incompetent elites have rolled the dice too many times and like all degenerate gamblers who can’t stop themselves, they have busted out. Ironically it’s the Ruling Class itself which deserves credit for ending The Empire. These idiots believed their own propaganda and acted upon it ultimately wrecking the Country they were feasting off of. Good, fuck ’em. We will have to start over but this time without them, both “liberals” and their hideous “Conservative” allies.

    • Other “long commenters” take note: paragraphs, punctuation, and a clear narrative of ideas made this long comment a genuine pleasure to read. HW should copy-pasta this comment into the main body of the article.

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