House Majority Leader Steny Hoyer: We’re At War

I hate these people.

I don’t know what else to say.


  1. A terminally stupid society of comfort whores drenched in the unreality of rainbow poop emoji social media gets the “leadership” and government that it deserves.

    • THIS IS ALL THE GOD-DAMNED CONGRESS CARES FOR- Twerking faggots in drag.
      SO much so, they paid out BILLIONS to him, to ‘get off’ on their faux moral Talmudic high horse.

      THE US/BIDEN COUP IS A WHORE. Zelensky is their drag pimp. Typical JEW.

  2. Once again this is how you know picked the right side and i get more sure day by day

    “Z” for Zorro

  3. “We’re at war….”

    The Empire has always been at war, always will be. It is essential, integral, like for an obligate carnivore to eat meat.

  4. Great. Send the old fool to Mariupol, Lviv or Kiev and some Russian can tear him a 3rd corn chute.

  5. I think I may have been wrong about Joe Biden.

    Look what’s happening to his son Hunter Biden. This is obviously blackmail. They’re putting the squeeze on him over his unwillingness to go nuts and push this insane war. Same thing pretty much happened to Trump.

    What was misinformation 2 years ago is suddenly fact to suit current needs. The need to BLACKMAIL THE PRESIDENT OF THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA.

    This is the perfect time for any politicians who do not want to face the wrath of ordinary Americans to switch over to populism.

    I think alot of these gangsters are going to hang before this is over.

      • Jews forcing the POTUS to do whatever they want by any means they deem necessary, is business as usual and has been the case for well over a hundred years.

    • Biden bears a lot of responsibility for the current shitshow, from his time as VP in the Obama administration. He waded in too deep…blackmail for his and his family’s corrupt activities in the Ukraine? Who’dda thunk it?

  6. In order to maintain the banking monopoly/cartel Shlomo has to take out either China or Russia. Looks like Russia was the choice.

  7. The never ending lust for power is the problem. The US is a large country with 50 different states…so called United. We know that’s not true. However for the sake of comment I’ll let that one pass. Think of China and Russia being large countries. So on. However no country is large enough in the eyes of the rulers. So we have this problem. Uncle Adolf wanted a greater Germany aka invade Europe. President Bush wanted control of the Middle East for the benefit of the Jews and the Oil companies. On and on. The establishment makes big money off Wars. They blame is on Nationalism but that’s not really true. Plenty “nations” act right. We solve the problem with respect for our own Nations, Peace, Trade, and so on. War just gets people killed….fact. Deo Vindice !

    • Ecclesiastes 1:9

      “The thing that hath been, it is that which shall be; and that which is done is that which shall be done: and there is no new thing under the sun.”

      From Egypt to Babylon to Alexander to the Romans to the British Empire to the USSR and USA…the names and faces may change, but man’s nature remains the same.

  8. >Steny Hoyer


    In his early years at the University of Maryland College Park, Hoyer held a 1.9 grade point average.

    In Congress for four decades; his first term coincided with the first term of Ronald Reagan — ran again in 2020 when he was already 81 y/o — he’s been inside the Beltway for so long that he’s completely out of touch with the lives and concerns of ordinary Americans — he’s perfectly emblematic of America’s decrepit, corrupt, and entitled gerontocracy.

  9. “I hate these people.”

    I’ve hated these people since they opened the borders to, all white countries and only white countries, starting in 1965, while repeating the slogan it won’t alter the demographic balance, and calling any white who objected to this policy “nazi”.

    I’ve hated these people since they started shipping all our industry to a massive but poor country they were enemies with, and are still enemies with, who is now repaying that massive wealth transfer with threats of war and invasion.

    I hate these people who at the last ebb of our civilization are siding with the barbarians, who are itching to invade our territories, and murder every last white male that they can find.

    • No Russian ever called me cracker
      But a lot of guys like him surely did

      Hate is good we should embrace it even more

  10. Has anyone heard of Ukraine’s new digital currency system thats supposedly being created in the midst of all of this?

  11. Has anyone heard anything about Ukraines new digital currency system ??
    Seems like this all makes sense now..globalism isn’t being ‘fought against’ by the likes of vp…he is just another horrible actor bought and paid for by the child raping , bloodthirsty spawns of satan

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