1. Many corporations are NOT leaving, because If they do they can never recover what they left behind. The people’s government will confiscate, and it will all be nationalized.

    The fewer capitalists and capitalist corporations left in Russia the better! Russians may re-learn that life is better without global capitalism. Maybe the message of the old Russian folk song “Ekh, yablochko” (“Hey Little Apple”) is coming true again. Some of the lyrics: “A huckster (or speculator, bourgeoisie, or kulak) is huckstering, but the people’s government will confiscate (…) Hey Moneybags, come closer. I’ll poke your eyes out! Capitalism will not be coming back! (…) Away with the landlords (or kulaks)! Claim it all as the working people’s property….” A catchy tune it is: https://www.bing.com/videos/search?q=otava+yo+little+apple+lyrics&docid=608049038722954132&mid=237D1F1292C32097FEFE237D1F1292C32097FEFE&view=detail&FORM=VIRE

  2. American and European companies are all parasitic entities. Why anyone would allow them in their countries in the first place is a mystery.

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