1. These satanist will go nuclear, too preserve the supremacy of the dollar, the only thing they have too lose, is our lives, the lives of the people………….the devil plays both sides against the middle…………so saith the southern sage…………

    • That is why Trump and Putin and many others working so slowly and carefully to uproot the Jew and remove red button out of Jew hand.

      Israel has also nukes and this is the reason why Iran Hamas and Hezbollah are also not hurry. And then we have Cuck Island and France with their nukes.

      So only careful and well coordinated Jew removal quarantees that they can not use the Samson Option

  2. We are the winningest winnarz evarz and the Sauds will never win the hearts and minds of the rainbow poop emoji collective.

  3. The US dollar has always been seen as safe in the eyes of the countries of the World. Yet our politicians think OMG Debt Uhhhhh. It’s just paper….like other currencies. It’s paper. Fact. It has no real value but the country that’s printed on it. Even with the FED printing fake money…..people still thought the US wa a great Super Power and that paper was worth something. Now it’s worth less and less….not just on paper but with the country being so divided between the D and the R….people no longer see us as the Super Power of the World. Why don’t our Southern states print our own money? Think about it. Deo Vindice !

    • Money simply represents human effort, i.e. work. It could be anything – the only thing holding it up is human confidence. Right now, confidence in the US government is severely lacking!

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